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Original title: OPPO Find X6 image exposure, three main cameras IMX890, self-developed chip blessing!

Since November, new flagships from domestic Android brands have been released one after another, followed by vivo X90 series, iQOO 11 series, and Xiaomi Mi 13 series. The latest news shows that the OPPO Find series will X6 is released soon, and the image specifications are finally finalized after several rounds of adjustments It has three Sony IMX890 multi-camera lenses of the same specification.

The blogger’s digital chat website broke the news that OPPO Find X6 has three Sony IMX890 sensors at the back, which are used for the main camera, ultra-wide-angle telephoto lenses, and a periscope. In order to get better shooting ability, Hasselblad jointly tuned the image style, added the self-developed Mariana X chip, the body thickness reached 9.2mm, and the weight was more than 207 grams.

It is understood that the image specifications of Find X6 have been modified many times. It has used three Sony IMX989 and Sony IMX766 sensors for testing. In the end, the standard version still chooses the IMX890 main camera lens. Here is a brief introduction of the differences between the three lenses:

The IMX989 is jointly developed by Xiaomi and Sony. The Xiaomi 12SUltra has a world premiere and has a quarterly exclusive period. Now it has become a public version of the lens and any manufacturer can use it. For example , the vivo X90 series is equipped with this sensor The amount of light that enters the one-inch outsole is very impressive.

The IMX766 was released in 2020. It is also a public version lens widely used in the industry. It has been used in Find X3 series and Find X5 series. Although the overall performance of this lens is not bad, it cannot compete with the best competitors in the industry after all, therefore, it has been reduced to the low-end price and is not suitable for use continuously in flagship phones.

The IMX890 is the world premiere of the OPPO Reno9 series. It is very similar to the IMX766 in terms of specifications, and can also be considered as an upgraded version of the latter. The biggest difference is that it supports 30 frames of full resolution. output. At present, this lens is apparently monopolized by OPPO, and other manufacturers are not allowed to adopt it in a short time. Therefore, it is now also used in the Find X6 series flagship mobile phones, and he should be able to get good. imaging effects.

The above is just the configuration of the standard version. OPPO Find X6 has at least three versions. The main rear camera lens of the high-end version can be upgraded to a Sony IMX989 sensor. Only in this way can it compete with the flagship new version of competitors. Another big advantage of OPPO is Mariana X, which can bring more powerful image computing power. The previous generation only played 30% of the performance of this chip, and this generation has played at least 50%.

In terms of comprehensive hardware configuration, OPPO Find X6 series has a dual platform version of MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and Snapdragon 8Gen2. The price may start at 4K or more, and the price of the top version will be more than 7K. At this time, more information is yet to be confirmed. As time approaches, it should be revealed gradually. The new phone is tentatively scheduled to be officially unveiled in the first quarter of next year.

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