OPPO restores color to the legendary image of tennis. Celebrating the return of Wimbledon

OPPO, as Wimbledon’s smartphone maker partner, hosted the “Courting the Color” event that redefines the legendary moments on the tennis courts. by using more than one billion colors

On June 24, 2021 in London, England. Today, as a smartphone manufacturer partner of WimbledonOPPO has celebrated the return of tennis by starting a new campaign called “Courting the Color”. together with state-of-the-art technology And the collaboration with Getty Images brings the color of legendary images to life. to re-tell the story behind the images and make the most beautiful moments. come back alive in a way that no one has ever seen before which was inspired by the belief that technology with heart It can be an inspiration to feel bright. by this collection will focus on the story in the powerful tennis court. which is still popular to this day

The workshop was held in London, England in an online format. This was the first place that the campaign was revealed, with Kevin Cho, Managing Director of OPPO UK, along with special guest from The All England Tennis Club, Mick Desmond Commercial & Media Director, and many other attendees. From tennis legend Greg Rusedski to The Voice of Tennis Andrew Cotter, to fashion leader Caroline Issa, join in the excitement of the tournament’s return. It also revealed the theme of the event. which consists of a collection deep coverage Ethnic turning point in tennis history and real experience from OPPO Find X3 Pro Product of the Year

Images: Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors
A photograph of Arthur Ashe, the first African-American man to win a race at Wimbledon, was taken in 1957 with his compatriot Jimmy Connors, from black and white to colorful. Using more than a billion colors It revives a photograph that depicts his indomitable struggle against social inequality during his time.

Getting to Know Tennis’s Most Iconic Moments

Through the combination of OPPO’s photo advantages, each photo is restored by a wireless process by Getty Images experts, so the collection in the “Courting the Color” project includes all of them. 7 photos, including the first African-American tennis player to win at Wimbledon, and of Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe who refused to succumb to the injustice and inequality of the society of the time. There are also pictures of Suzanne Lenglen, Helen Jacobs and Fred Perry famous for their on-field enhancements. show cultural highlights and the fight for identity and their own beliefs

All of these pictures show the changes both inside and out. and on the tennis court as well as changing views on female athletes The path was paved by these three athletes, as tennis legend Greg Rusedski once said. “The return of tennis is something that deserves to be celebrated. And what’s even better is discovering unique moments. That has made tennis the sport it is today. The craftsmanship of the “Courting the Color” collection makes photos that are 80+ years old as if they were taken yesterday. It is transmitted through an invisible lens and can rekindle important conversations.”

Pictured: All England Croquet Club
Members of the All England Croquet Club were photographed outside Wimbledon Pavilion in 1877 after the first tennis match. The club was renamed The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club and after the use of billions of colours. Thus it can bring new life to past black and white photographs. It is a picture that represents one of the beginnings of this beloved sport.

Gregor Almassy, ​​OPPO’s Overseas CMO, commented: “As a Wimbledon partner for the past three years, OPPO has been impressed by the spirit of sport. and acknowledge the importance of competition, athletes and tennis enthusiasts Which has been affected by the epidemic, OPPO will return to focus on the essence of tennis. And I hope it can make tennis enthusiasts feel a deeper connection to the sport. through pushing for enthusiasts around the world to use the heart to play Where better to do that than the cornerstone of the sport like Wimbledon.”

Mick Desmond, AELTC Commercial & Media Director, added: “Tennis as a sport It has long been regarded as the forefront of technology. By crossing over and evolving to facilitate dialogue and improve competition, Wimbledon is extremely proud to partner with innovation leader OPPO in the Courting the Color campaign.”

Image: Althea Gibson
First African-American woman to win a tournament at Wimbledon From Althea Gibson’s black and white photo to a colorful one with more than a billion colors, the shot shows off the track with her compatriot Darlene Hard after a heated race on the track. which brings new life to true examples and leaders. Who has never accepted the word “no” as the answer in life. and continually strives to show that she is worthy of standing on the field. No matter what skin color you have

These colorful art can complement OPPO’s new phone, Find X3 Pro, OPPO’s most advanced mobile phone with a screen capable of displaying more than a billion colors. which allows users to experience and see different colors in completely different ways.

With a reputation for innovating and innovating technology That includes night mode (Night-Mode) and anti-shake system. OPPO currently aims to be a leader in mobile phone camera technology. and lead to a new era of color that is superior to the general color system with preservation and color deviation which has improved accuracy. OPPO is also more ambitious. which is to develop to a level that can have a Full Path Color Management System or a full color management system. Which will be used for the first time on the OPPO Find X3 Pro and is also the smartphone industry’s first management system. Featuring a full DCI-P3 wide color gamut and 10-bit color depth from capture to storage and display, Find X3 Pro also features customizable color. which is suitable for the variety of colors in people’s eyes. including users who have problems with blurred vision

Courting the Color is part of the Play With Heart campaign to help bring tennis lovers closer to the sport. And express it by using your heart to play, or Play With Heart, to overcome obstacles. and difficult times as well as supporting diversity

This season, OPPO is committed to helping fans of this sport see tennis in a new way. from building a wall for practice use To encourage viewers to challenge their point of view and shoot creatively through the #ShotOnOPPO series, as well as giving fans exclusive behind-the-scenes access. So the Courting the Color project will definitely be able to bring color to history for the first time.


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