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Opposing the establishment of the Prof. The front section indicates that Covid-19 can be resolved in the southern border provinces. It must rely on trust.

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Opposing the establishment of Prof. Wirot Lakkhana Adisorn, spokesman for a step forward, pointed out that there are two factors of COVID-19 in the southern border provinces. to be solved requires trust not the only stability

On October 21, reporters reported that from the case that Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha ordered the establishment of the front office to deal with the COVID-19 situation. in the southern border provinces which consists of Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Songkhla provinces on October 17

Wirot Lakkana-Adisorn, a party-list MP and spokesman for the Progressive Party Comments via private Facebook by stating that from discussions with the Progressive Party’s working group in the area make aware that Major obstacles to controlling the spread of COVID-19 In the southern border provinces at the moment, there are mainly two factors.

The first factor is the fact that people in the area refuse to vaccinate. which in this issue The government should not look at the problem superficially. and quickly concluded that People in the area did not cooperate if the government of Gen. Prayut Dare to ask yourself “Why people do not cooperate in vaccination” is not difficult to find out. That is, “People have no trust in the government. from the news of the torture and the use of violence by government officials against people that appear in the media from time to time.” When the people did not trust the government It’s very difficult. that people are willing to follow government advice to control the spread of the disease. more vaccination It is the introduction of a new biomaterial. where access to information remains at a limited level The more people who do not trust the government as the original capital. There is suspicion to inject. This problem cannot be solved by direct coercion, it requires understanding through community leaders, religious leaders, and people who people in the area trust. It is a mechanism for campaigning for people in the area to receive vaccination.

“Establishing the front office and using the power to enforce immediately It’s a very risky thing. for example Assuming that if the power is exercised or semi-compulsory for people in the area to vaccinate It is true that in the short term, it may force a large number of people to be vaccinated. But it must be admitted that the vaccination Although there are not many risks. But there are some risks. but compared to the benefit of protecting the life of both one’s own and family from the epidemic Still considered vaccination necessary. and is worth injecting If the people who have been recruited for injection do not understand this point. And when a number of people get side effects. or have any adverse reactions after vaccination State-enforced misunderstandings will become anger and will cause conflict and the distrust of the people’s government in the southern border provinces has increased.”

Wirote further stated that instead of the government setting up the Front Office of the CCP to use redundant powers The government should use the mechanism of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SAO) to control the epidemic situation of COVID-19. in the southern border provinces more with budget support and full manpower for the SAO.

The second factor that is a major obstacle to controlling the epidemic situation of COVID-19 In the southern border provinces, it is readiness of human resources, drugs and medical supplies, medical tools and equipment. especially in the part of Community Isolation Center

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