“Opposition to private tutoring” Oh Ji-heon VS “Need for active support” Oh Ji-heon’s father, conflict over children’s education (Geumjjok Counseling Center)

Oh Ji-heon’s father and Oh Ji-heon had a conflict over the way of education.

Photo iMBC Entertainment News
Photo iMBC Entertainment News
Photo iMBC Entertainment News
Photo iMBC Entertainment News

In Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Centre’, broadcast on June 2, comedian Oh Ji-heon and her father, Oh Seung-hun, visited the studio.

On this day, Oh Seung-hun, Oh Ji-heon’s father, recommended Oh Ji-heon to become a math instructor because the income of a famous job is unstable. It’s hard to do something you don’t like.”

The two had a conflict not only over Oh Ji-heon’s job, but also the way he was educated. Oh Seung-hoon expressed his displeasure that Oh Ji-heon was not actively supporting his granddaughters to go to college, saying, “I think parents are doing half of their children these days. The eldest granddaughter is a greedy child, but if she sets a goal and studies, she will do better.”

Dr said. Oh Eun-young, who listened to the story, “It seems that my father’s criterion for success in life is academics. They seem to be achievement-oriented parents,” she said. “If you grow up with achievement-oriented parents, you lack confidence. If you don’t, you become a passive person.”

Then, referring to the incident where Oh Ji-heon quietly ran away from home in his senior year of high school and was isolated for 8 years, he said, “As a result of Ji-heon Oh’s examination, he has high protection and aggressive inhibitions.Suppressing a lot of negative emotions.I’m careful, but I don’t think I’m very jealous of my father’s life because I didn’t feel happy with the time I spent with my parents when I was young. That’s why I think the children don’t like ‘I’m afraid they’ll be like me’.” In response, Oh Ji-heon agreed, saying, “I don’t want to live like my father’s life,” and advised Dr. Oh Eun-young them to get rich and get to know each other by talking about each other.

Viewers who watched the broadcast showed reactions such as “How frustrating it must have been…”, “It’s painful to be with parents who often fight”, and “I think I know how they feel.”

Meanwhile, from 0 to 100! ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Side Counseling Centre’, a national mental care program by national mentor Oh Eun-young, who solve various problems together, is broadcast every Friday at 9:30pm.

iMBC Baek Ah-young | Screen Capture Channel A

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