OPS warns against eating 4 types of mushrooms after wife sacrificed at home The husband is still in a coma.

OHSO warns against eating 4 types of mushrooms because it might die after wife sacrificed at home The husband is still in a coma. revealed to show symptoms within 6-24 hours

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From the case of Ms. Soithong Kangyuka, 40, and Mr. Somwan Sukrat, 40, husband and wife of Na Sithong villagers, Village No. 16, Ban Chan Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province, gathered mushrooms for dinner. Until late at night, both of them had symptoms of drunkenness, nausea, and vomiting, so they went to buy medicines at the pharmacy to eat by themselves. But the condition did not improve, causing Ms. Soithong to die, while Mr. Samkuen was in critical condition on 18 May. According to the news already read news Wife dies at home – coma husband Invite each other to go to the forest to collect mushrooms and make curry. I didn’t know I found poisonous.

The latest progress on 19 May 65, Mr. Uthen Hakaew, Deputy Doctor of Public Health, Udon Thani Province, revealed that he had received a report from the Ban Dung District Public Health Office. It is said that the villagers are husband and wife to collect 3 types of poisonous mushrooms in the rubber plantation forest and bring them to cook for dinner on May 17. At night, they have diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication before going to buy medicine to eat by themselves. but the symptoms did not improve kill his wife The husband is in serious condition. brought for treatment Somdej Phra Yuparat Ban Dung Hospital and then sent for treatment Udon Thani Center Hospital but the symptoms did not improve still unconscious

Mr Uthen went on to say that the main reason was because the two of them entered the treatment process late. Since eating since the evening of May 17, symptoms began at 2:00 AM, but both did not go to the hospital, and on May 18, they went to buy medicines to take by themselves. kill his wife and her husband is in serious condition If both of them eat poisonous mushrooms and have symptoms To rush to see a doctor at the hospital to wash the stomach to get the poison out. will increase the chance of survival If you come late, your chances of survival are quite difficult.

“Warning people’s brothers and sisters. In the matter of bringing mushrooms to eat during the rainy season, there are 4 types of mushrooms that are common and should not be eaten because they are poisonous, namely the first type, the stingray, poisonous black lobe mushroom, white snapper, and mummified egg mushroom. The second type, mushroom. Chinese hat, type 3, blood charcoal mushroom and type 4, green cream pebble mushroom. If eaten You should see a doctor at the hospital. to immediately wash the stomach,” Mr Uthen said.

Mr. Uthen added that This will manifest within 6-24 hours, with diarrhea, vomiting, or intoxication. After a day, there will be severe hepatitis. It will cause death. the unknown mushroom or never eaten It should not be used for cooking is the best. for the past Villagers bring these mushrooms to eat, there are Ban Dung District, Nam Som District, Nam Yung District and Wang Sam Mo District since the 4 districts have mostly rubber plantation forest floor. because it is a humid area Mushrooms will like to come up with such sightings.

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