OR BRIC Superbike 2021 compress the program for 2 races, the last field for the annual championship

Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, prepares to blow up the battle “OR BRIC Superbike 2021, the last field”, packed the program, 2 races to decide the annual championship, the most intense, 9-12 December this “Big Oat “Tanaisiri Chanwittayarom Big Boss encourages fans Keep an eye on the controversy of every generation, indicating that there are more turning points than every year.

The Thai motorcycle racing championship, the OR-BRIC Superbike 2021, entered the final curve to fully compete for the annual championship. With the final speed duel queue between December 9-12, this will be the first time that there will be 2 races in a single weekend. under intense regular championship wins

Mr. Tanaisiri Chanwittayarom, Managing Director of Chang International Circuit, said, “This year we have seen the difference of every racing team from last year. Obviously, the standards have risen as well. It will be from the accumulated points of all models that have to compete for the annual championship until the last 2 races.”

“As the organizer of the competition This year we adjusted to have 5 races instead of only 4 races to make the championship more intense. This is a testament to the planning readiness of each team. How to manage the season to hold the advantage until the last field This weekend will be 2 races packed into the final field. I believe that the battle of all generations will bring happiness to the fans. Thai motorsport very much.”

After the first three races of the year, the situation on the Championship table has changed dramatically. In the largest version of Thailand, such as a 1,000 cc Superbike, it appears that “Ting Note” Thitipong Warokorn, a former three-time champion from the Kawasaki Thailand Racing Team, missed out on the passing field. come Resulting in the gap before entering the last 2 races, leaving only 3 points from 2nd place like “Stamp” Apiwat Wongthananon from Yamaha Thailand Racing Team, which has a team mate like “hit” power. Samuel, who had just unlocked his first win, was only 6 points behind in 3rd place.

In the Super Stock 1000 cc class, “James” Chanon Chumjai of Yamaha PTT Bridgestone RCT holds the lead after winning three consecutive races with a total of 75 points above. Sirapop Poonsri, a rising star rider from Yamaha Charoensombat, NP Speed ​​Oil, the Bell 55, Bridgestone, ranked 2nd, up to 23 points, which if Chanon wins again, will be able to Win the annual championship immediately.

The situation in the model Supersport 600 cc. “Float” Ratthapong Wilairot, former Asian super sports champion from Yamaha Thailand Racing Team, has an advantage on the championship table before entering the final field. With a score over “Mook” Muklada Saraphut, a strong girl twisted star from Honda Racing Thailand 7 points, followed by another Honda rider like “Champion” Phaswit Thitiwararak in the rankings 3 and “Fong” Kanatat Jaiman, the winner of the first race from Yamaha High Speed, who are 16 and 17 points each behind the leader of the line, respectively.

While in the Super Sport 400 cc version, the winner of the first 3 races, “Eh” Worapong Malahuan from the High-Speed ​​Racing Team, holds the top of the crowd with 75 points, but still has to fight with Rattapong. Boonlert, who has been ranked second for three consecutive stadiums with a distance of 15 points, will also decide the annual championship in the final field.

“The championship of the 1000 cc Superbike category this season has many turning points from the Asian giants. Send a large line-up to hunt for success this year, while Thitipong is very determined to end the Kawasaki Thailand Racing Team, which will withdraw from the competition next year, resulting in 2 races. Finally, Buriram will be another weekend that fans must be closely monitored,” said Tanaisiri.

for the final race It will enter the official program of two training sessions for all classes on Thursday, December 9, before the third practice and qualifying lap times to determine the starting rankings on Friday December 10. First race on Saturday 11 December and culminating in the annual championship challenge in the final race. This Sunday, December 12

Speed ​​fans can follow live on True Sports HD 2 / True visions on channel 667 on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 15.00-18.00, Race 2 on True Sports 5 / True visions on channel 684, Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 15.00 6:00 p.m. or watch Live Streaming on the Chang Circuit Buriram page and Youtube: Chang International Circuit 9:00 a.m. onwards, including live broadcasts to 3 neighboring countries, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, or watch on the edge of the stadium 9-12 December 2021 Grandstand tickets cost 100 baht / 1 day, purchase at the ticket office in front of the Grandstand entrance (Saturday-Sunday tickets only) Chang International Circuit Buriram



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