OR – NHSO – Clinic Launches “Ob Om Clinic” Project at PTT Station to Improve Access to Public Health Services

PTT Station Partners with NHSO to Launch “Ob Om Clinic” Project

In a bid to enhance public health infrastructure and expand its range of services, PTT Oil Business and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) has teamed up with NHSO – Clinic to introduce the “Ob Om Clinic” project. This nursing and midwifery clinic, located at the PTT Station in Nong Khaem, Bangkok, aims to provide new and accessible public health services. By utilizing telemedicine, the clinic can now offer remote doctor visits, improving healthcare provision and increasing access to basic health services in the country.

The collaboration between OR – NHSO – Clinic has resulted in the establishment of the first nursing and midwifery clinic at the PTT Station, Nong Khaem branch. This pioneering facility focuses on serving gold card patients, a significant demographic in the country. By combining offline and online services in an Omni-channel format, the clinic ensures that basic healthcare needs are met for those with less serious illnesses. Services offered include wound treatment, antenatal care, pregnancy tests, and the provision of birth control methods, as well as assessment and diagnosis of physical and mental health risks.

To further enhance patient care, Clicknic, a leading telemedicine service provider, is partnering with NHSO to manage payment rights and consolidate treatment expense data for gold card patients. Clicknic’s team of skilled medical professionals will be readily available to provide advice and assistance to patients. If necessary, patients can also connect with tele-doctors through the Clicknic application to receive treatment and guidance for a range of common ailments and symptoms.

The Ob Om Clinic operates from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, catering to both general and gold card patients. With professional nurses at the helm, the clinic ensures that the public has access to basic nursing services and health promotion initiatives. This includes the screening and assessment of physical and mental health risks, alongside the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses. In cases where the scope of treatment exceeds that of the nursing and midwifery clinic, the Telemedicine system will be utilized to connect patients with healthcare facilities and offer specialized medical services.

The establishment of “Ob Om Clinic” aligns with OR’s commitment to improving the quality of life and enhancing access to the public health system. By providing basic public health services, the clinic ensures that individuals receive the care they need for less severe conditions. Additionally, the partnership leverages technology to empower telemedicine visits, making healthcare more accessible to the general community.

Ultimately, this initiative embodies OR’s overarching vision of inclusive and sustainable growth by placing emphasis on caring for people, communities, and society as a whole.

OR – NHSO – Clinic joins to open a pilot project “Ob Om Clinic”, a nursing and midwifery clinic at PTT Station, strengthens the strengths of the lifestyle business, increasing opportunities to access public health services.

OR Continue the business game Health and Wellbeing Join hands with NHSO – Clinic to launch the “Ob Om Clinic” project, a nursing and midwifery clinic at PTT Station, answering the concept of providing new public health services. Providing a remote doctor visit service (Telemedicine) being used to improve health service provision. and increasing opportunities to access basic health services in the country The first pilot in the PTT Station area, Nong Khaem branch.

Mr. Disthat Panyacun, Chief Executive Officer, PTT Oil Business and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) Mr. Revealed that “OR wants to be part of the country’s public health infrastructure. Using the strengths of the PTT Stations network with branches across the country to raise the level of health services. This is in line with OR’s strategy to expand the scope of the lifestyle business group to businesses related to Health and Wellbeing.

OR – NHSO – Clicknic has provided joint services. “Ob Om Clinic”, the first nursing and midwifery clinic in PTT Station, Nong Khaem Branch, Bangkok that focuses on providing services to gold card patients, which is a large group in the country Be able to receive basic health services to treat basic illnesses . The illness is not serious, providing services in an Omni-channel format, combining a complete Offline and Online format.

With the collaboration of NHSO in taking care of payment rights and linking treatment expense data for gold patent patients and Clicknic, a leader in the telemedicine service business. (Telemedicine) with a quality medical team ready to give advice and provide good service to patients.”

“Ob Aom Clinic” is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, providing services to general patients and gold card patients by professional nurses in order to provide access to public health services. To be able to receive a basic nursing service and health promotion services (PP) such as wound treatment services, antenatal care services, pregnancy tests, and receive birth control pills get condoms Including screening and assessment of physical or mental health risks. and preliminary disease diagnosis

If it exceeds the potential of professional nurses, they can also connect to tele-doctor services through the Clicknic application for the treatment of 42 basic diseases or symptoms such as fever of unknown origin. muscle inflammation Red eyes from viruses, dizziness, diarrhoea, hives and strep throat, etc., as well as providing health promotion activities.

“Ob Om Clinic” emphasizes the provision of public health services for the public to be able to receive basic public health services to treat basic illnesses. The illness is not serious. Nursing services and health promotion and prevention services (PP) If it goes beyond the scope of treatment provided by the nursing and midwifery clinic, Telemedicine services in the hospital will be associated with the application of technology for telemedicine visits. (Telemedicine and Healthcare Platform) with Clicknic as a provider of medical services through the Telemedicine system, operations in healthcare facilities and drug supply.

Help raise the level of health services Increase access to the public health system for the general community This is consistent with OR’s business approach which aims to create value and focus on caring for people, communities and society. It is also consistent with OR’s vision, which is “Empowering Everyone towards Inclusive Growth” or “Achieving opportunities. For all growth together” to improve the quality of life. and growing strong and sustainable

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