Home Business “OR” ready to sell diesel fuel, special formula, low sulfur, reduce PM 2.5 dust, good day, 1 Nov.

“OR” ready to sell diesel fuel, special formula, low sulfur, reduce PM 2.5 dust, good day, 1 Nov.

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Mr. Boonma Phonthanakornkul, Executive Vice President of Oil Retail Business, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR), revealed that according to the Center for Resolving Air Pollution (OBEC) forecasting the dust situation Small droplets (PM 2.5) that will rise above the standard again at the end of the year especially in Bangkok and surrounding areas

The company recognizes the importance of such problems. And as the brand manager of PTT Station, OR is ready to sell UltraForce Diesel, a special formula with low sulfur equivalent to Euro 5. with an average low sulfur value of about 10 PPM, which is about 5 times lower than the legal limit (50 PPM) by collaborating with the refinery of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) in refining high-speed sulfur diesel. low and used to produce ultra-force diesel, a special formula at Phra Khanong Depot to supply to PTT Station service stations in Bangkok and its vicinity, central and eastern regions, totaling more than 400 stations since On November 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022, including payments to industrial customers and government agencies

Mr. Boonma said that when compared to the same proportion of biodiesel, the conversion from Euro-4 base diesel to low-sulfur high-speed diesel. will help reduce the amount of sulfur in the oil As a result, the amount of small dust particles (PM2.5) was reduced by 19-21% and black smoke decreased by 19-40% (according to the test results of the Institute of Innovation. PTT in the old pick-up truck (8 years old and new pick-up trucks 3 years old) where old cars can refuel with specially formulated low sulfur diesel without affecting the engine.

It invites car users to bring their cars in for free engine checks, 35 items, and get nitrogen filling and wiping services for Covid-19 disinfection at 4 touch points free of charge at 68 Fit Auto service centers across the country. country

In addition, PTT Station gas stations also sell premium grade UltraForce Premium Diesel at more than 1,000 PTT Station branches nationwide. This is an oil that meets the Euro 5 (Euro 5) standard, so it is a low sulfur oil. and also has more powerful properties And cleaner than normal diesel fuel as well

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