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Orange has announced that it will deliver Nintendo Switch “Category I-Survival on the Deadline-” on May 26th. The regular price is 980 yen, but a sale for 686 yen, which is 30% off, will be held for a limited time of 2 weeks.

This is an original adventure game sent by Orange, who produced many mystery ADVs such as the “Detective Jinguji Saburo” series and “Golden Eagle”. You can enjoy the character illustrations by Robin Kishiwada such as “LUX PAIN” and “Arc Rise Fantasia” and the suspense story involved in the life-threatening game with the motif of “werewolf game”.

◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆
In the near future, AI and VR (virtual reality) technologies have developed and are now being used in medical settings.
The hero who was involved in an explosion at a shopping mall wakes up in a VR space with nine men and women involved in the same accident.
A female medical secretary AI who appeared told them. Currently, medical resources are scarce and we cannot help everyone. Therefore, we asked everyone to play an “infected game,” which is very similar to the human wolf game, and the top-ranked people perform surgery.
In this way, the 10 people decided to play a life-threatening discussion game in order to return alive.

◆ ◇ Overview ◇ ◆
An “infected game” where the game is divided by discussion. In the options that appear in the game, we will guide the reasoning and discussion and aim for the victory of our own camp. If you are defeated and become lower, you will not be able to undergo surgery and your life will not be saved. With a simple system, you can enjoy a tense discussion.

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