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Orca also participated in the development of “Dragon Quest 12”. Ability group domestic development companies gather for new super popular games –AUTOMATON

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Game company Orca said, “Dragon Quest XII Chosen Fateful Flame』(Hereafter, Dragon Quest 12) seems to be participating in the development. The company revealed on the recruitment page that it is participating in the development of “Dragon Quest 12” and is looking for production members. The development will proceed in cooperation with Square Enix. This is the second company to announce the development of “Dragon Quest 12”.

“Dragon Quest 12” is the latest in the series released in May this year. According to Yuji Horii, it is under development aiming for a dark and adult “Dragon Quest”. It is said that a scenario will be developed that will renew the conventional command battle and force the player to make a choice. It was revealed that Unreal Engine 5 will be used for development.

It was revealed on September 13 that Osaka game company HexaDrive is participating in the development of this work. And two days later, on September 15, Orca seems to have started recruiting development staff as well. We are looking for development staff for unpublished Unreal Engine projects as well as “Dragon Quest 12”. In any case, we’re looking for development staff using Unreal Engine 5. Artists are the main occupations. Not only career hiring, but also freelance hiring is being carried out.

Orca is a studio launched in 2011 by former Namco and former caviar Takuya Iwasaki. Shortly after the studio was launched, he participated in the development of “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Online”. After that, in addition to making efforts to develop update contents and tools for “Dragon Quest 10”, he also participated in the production of “Dragon Quest XI In Search of the Passing Time”. It is a studio that carried the main wing of the highly acclaimed “Dragon Quest 11” with SQUARE ENIX. He has an understanding of “Dragon Quest” and knowledge of Unreal Engine.

There is a dolphin as a company that is very similar to Orca, but this is also a company launched by Mr. Takuya Iwasaki. Dolphin and Orca are affiliated companies that were launched at about the same time. Famicare! According to 2015, Orca was a company that was strong in the foundation of games, and dolphins have a good reputation for CG and movie production. Dolphin is a company participating in the development of “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl”. Although their strengths are different, they are currently both talented studios involved in comprehensive game production.

It has been announced that the director of “Dragon Quest 12” will be Mr. Takeshi Uchikawa, who worked on “Dragon Quest XI In Search of the Passing Time”. If Orca is added there, it will be close to the development system of the previous work. HexaDrive etc. are added to the lineup. In recent large-scale game development, more than a few studios are exclusively involved in the development. It seems likely that more studios will participate in the development. It is also interesting that major domestic game development companies are gathering for the development of “Dragon Quest 12”. What kind of work will “Dragon Quest 12”, which brings together Japanese technology and ideas?

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