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ORI launches Origin Foods, expanding the food business line to increase business growth opportunities : InfoQuest

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Mr. Pitipong Trinurak, Chief Executive Officer of One Origin Company Limited, a subsidiary of Origin Property Public Company Limited (ORI), said that from the growth plan of the ORI group under the concept ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL has therefore expanded to launch a new business that generates regular income, namely restaurant business under Origin Food Company Limited, to increase opportunities for growth in another dimension. and fulfill the lifestyle of consumers in the consumer ecosystem in the ORI group

“The company is trying to look at what the modern consumer does in 24 hours in real estate projects. It was found that food was still the 4th factor necessary for life. And consumers want more completeness in life, so Origin Food will be a business that fulfills the lifestyle of consumers to be more complete. create more convenience and exclusivity in living.”Mr. Pitipong said

Origin Food will grow through 3 core principles: 1. Build your own restaurant brand (Owned Brand) in various styles such as international food and Japanese food 2. Joint venture with partners who specialize in restaurant business (Joint Venture) ) to create a new brand Combine the company’s location acquisition capabilities with partner restaurant knowledge. 3. Buying a famous franchise store Continuing the leap forward such as coffee shops, bakeries

Mr. Pitipong said that Origin Food will grow with the residential, hotel and mixed-use projects under Origin. property Both projects that have been completed and projects that will be completed or launched in the future to be able to fully meet the needs of consumers in the ecosystem Focus on sustainable growth In the future, the company plans to launch restaurants in locations outside of the affiliated projects as well. which will consider the location of interest and suitable

During the 4th quarter of 2021, the company has started to move forward with 3 core businesses, namely the opening of the Owned Brand under the name Gin Kitchen, a European-style international restaurant brand that creates every menu with the finest ingredients. Specially prepared by experienced chefs at 5-star hotels, opening the first branch at Park Origin Phrom Phong

Including a joint venture with Decaturing Company Limited, a food service solution operator that originated from the famous restaurant “Dee Prom” in a leading tourist area such as Bangsaen, Chonburi Province, to create a brand of All Day Dining restaurant. Open by hotel chain and bought an Amazon store franchise to open at Porto Bello Community Mall in the Origin District Laem Chabang-Sriracha project

By InfoQuest News Agency (29 Oct. 64)

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