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Origin shows strong half-year performance, reaching 1.67 billion in profit

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Origin is strong, half-year revenue exceeds target

“Origin Property” or Origin reveals its operating results. 1H/2564 sweep total income 7,671 million baht exceeded 55% of the target for the year with net profit 1,677 million after the work Q2/2564 strong, sweeping income 3,801 million and profit 852 million to maintain a net profit margin 22.4%

The transfer of ownership of the housing estateAbritania surges, builds New High Continuing to pay an interim dividend per share 0.12 baht mark XD date 24 This August, keep an eye on the country’s situation in the second half of the year.close, ready to adjust continuously, confident Q3/2564 new construction projectGradually transfer ownership according to the plan

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Public Company Limited or OR real estate developercomprehensively revealed that the results of the first half of the year 2564 or 1H/2564 (Jan.-Jun. 2564) at a satisfactory level with total income at 7,671 million baht, growing 35% from the same period of the year 2563 (%YoY), resulting in the total income now accounted for 55% of the annual revenue target 2564 At the same time, the net profit was 1,677 million baht, growing 29% from the same period of the year 2563 (%YoY)

Q2 is an important factor

especially the operating results in thequarter circle 2/2564 that plays an important role in giving the half-year overviewThe first is still growing steadily. has total income at 3,801 million baht, growing 15% compared to the same period of the yearin the past and had a net profit of 852 million baht, growing 20% compared to the same period of the yearin the past, as well as being able to maintain the level ofnet profit (Net Profit Margin) at 22.4% Above the industry average

“Despite the quasi-lockdown measuresalmost throughout the quarter 2/2564 from the epidemic COVID-19 ripple 3 But we still have the transfer of ownership.come in continuously part of the main causefrom the establishment of a foundation for spreading the risksin the past, resulting in our present projectsAllocated houses and condominiumsYom spread out to cover every set.and every potential location. At the same time, we also try to increase thenew marketing giving consumers access toThe project is ready (Ready to move) and projects that are in the process of openingmaking our sales easier, such as organizing Property Live Selling condo brand The Origin via Live fresh Consumer ProductsMr Peerapong said.

The housing estate in the Britannia groupI also received it.continually trusted by consumersOn the transfer of ownership can smash statistics. New High old 835 million baht in the quarter 1/2564 come build New High new at 924 million baht in the quarter 2/2564

Knock out an interim dividend of 0.12 baht per share.

from the performance that still receivedstable growth levelin the midst of economic pressure Board of Directors meeting resolved to propose to the meetingOrdinary shareholders pay dividends forRetained earnings and performanceCompany’s work schedule 1 Jan-30 Jun 64 at the rate 0.12 baht per share, calculated as dividends paid in cashnot more than 294 million baht by specifying the list of shareholders withRight to receive dividends (Record Date) on the day 25 August 2564 mark XD on the day 24 August 2564 and determines the payment of dividends to the holdersShares within the day 9 September 2564

Origin’s second half direction

Mr. Peerapong said that for the situation in the quarter 3/2564 overview of real estate businessunder pressure from the measuresmore intense knockdown and the closure of worker camps in Julylook at Action Plan from the government moreepidemic control measures effective vaccinationimage to build immunity and remedies for those whoeconomic impact due to both 3 The matter will affect the operationprivate sector work

However, the company will continue to adjustcontinually to be ready to deal with allthe situation while the quarter 3/2564 The company has a condominium projectMore completed 4 Project The total project value is more than 7,030 million baht according to the original plan as follows:

  1. Park Origin Phayathai (PARK ORIGIN Phayathai)
  2. Notting Hill Rayong (Notting Hill Rayong)
  3. Brixton Pet and Play Sukhumvit 107 (Brixton Pet & Play Sukhumvit 107)
  4. The Origin Ratchada Ladprao (The Origin Ratchada Ladprao)

due to both 4 The project has a relatively high construction.faster than planned from the beginning even if the camp is closedproject in Bangkok 1 month, it will still gradually deliver and startThe ownership can be transferred within the specified date.NS

forOrigin Property Public Company Limited or OR There are various business structures, including

  1. housing development businesssales (Residential Development Business) Develop condominiums and housesalready selected 86 project (at the end of the quarter 2/2564) For example, Brand Park Origin (PARK ORIGIN) The Origin (The Origin) Knightsbridge (KnightsBridge), Notting Hill (Notting Hill), Kensington (Kensington) and Britannia (BRITAIN) Total project value over 133,000 million baht
  2. business that generates continuous incomehot (Recurring Income Business) such as hotels, serviced apartments, retail
  3. service business (Service Business) such as real estate management business Agent business for buying, selling, renting real estate real estate consulting businesswealth and also have a visionTo expand new business types continuously such as logistics business Asset management business, etc., to become a real estate entrepreneur.One-stop movable property

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