Orioles again encourages flare in a profound adventure

Orioles again encourages flare in a profound adventure

Baltimore Orioles' feelings went to the surface again Wednesday night, as Richard Bleier, the fair reliever, and Jose David Flores, the base-based coach, were put into a bicycle ordeal in a dugout tunnel and clubhouse.

In a fifth inning incident shown live on a local broadcast 8-4 Baltimore loss to the host Washington Nationals, Bleier and Flores can be seen arguing enthusiastically about the things that were said to be argued.

"I think I let the frustration to boil," Bleier said, according to Sunshine. "Some things about some balls I thought were maybe … defensive position, I feel. I probably prefer to keep my mouth closed, and unfortunately, I could say something. You saw guys. "

Before being drawn, Bleier allowed three people to go on four goals and one was recorded.

"We all adults," Bleier said. "It's not like I'm crazy at anyone."

It was like Bleier left that he got afraid then.

"I guess there was some disagreement regarding some location during his inning," Orioles manager, Brandon Hyde, said according to The Sun. "On the mound, it left me a little too early, but I never spoke to him since then."

The incident came two weeks later Chris Davis had a dugout confrontation with Hyde when he lost New York New York, where colleagues and coaches had to restrain the first base.

This was attributed to a struggling season's frustration.

"Right now, we're not really happy with each other," Bleier said. "But I'm sure we can move around this and go back to a healthy relationship."


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