Orix Pitcher Hayao Yamazaki’s Registration Cancelled due to Injury

Orix withdraws Hayao Yamazaki’s registration due to injury

Orix Baseball Club made an announcement on the 27th that their pitcher, Soichiro Yamazaki, experienced discomfort around his left hip joint. Following a visit to the hospital, Yamazaki was diagnosed with a muscle injury to his left iliopsoas muscle. This unfortunate turn of events comes just three days after the team clinched their third consecutive league title on the 20th. Additionally, leadoff hitter and catcher Yuma Tongu was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the fourth left metatarsal on the 23rd, while pitcher Shunpei Yamashita received a diagnosis of third lumbar spondylolysis. These injuries pose significant challenges for the team as they head into the postseason.

Hayao Yamazaki’s Impressive Performance

Hayama Yamazaki has displayed remarkable skills this season, appearing in 53 games and boasting one win, one loss, and an impressive nine saves, accompanied by an ERA of 2.08. Notably, during the game against Lotte on the 20th, he showcased his talent by pitching in the ninth inning with unwavering determination.

The club has updated that Hayao Yamazaki will undergo rehabilitation and practice sessions to continually monitor the condition of his injury. However, if he is unable to participate in the highly anticipated playoff series, it would undoubtedly be a significant setback for the team.

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Orix cancels Hayao Yamazaki’s registration

Orix announced on the 27th that pitcher Soichiro Yamazaki felt discomfort around his left hip joint, so he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a muscle injury to his left iliopsoas muscle. On the 20th, they achieved their third consecutive league title, but on the 23rd, leadoff hitter, catcher Yuma Tongu, was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the fourth left metatarsal, and pitcher Shunpei Yamashita was diagnosed with third lumbar spondylolysis. difficult to play in the postseason.

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Hayama Yamazaki has played in 53 games so far, with one win, one loss, nine saves, and an ERA of 2.08. In the game against Lotte held at his home site on the 20th, he pitched with his body in the ninth inning.

As for Hayao Yamazaki, the team announced that it will continue to perform rehabilitation and practice while checking the condition of the affected area. If he can’t compete in the highlight series, it will be a big loss.

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