Orix to a miraculous reversal V Existence “150 kg over quintuple” feared by other teams | Full Account

In the 10th inning of overtime, So released a timely farewell and won 3 straight games

■ ORIX 6-5 Softbank (19th, Kyocera Dome)

On the 19th, Orix extended the Softbank match held at their home base, Kyocera Dome, 10 times, and won the bye 6-5. After three consecutive wins in Tennozan with the leader, the game difference is finally “0”. The team seeking consecutive league titles has a “150 kg over five” that other teams fear.

If you bring him into close combat, your chances of winning will increase. In the 9th inning, chasing 1 run, Tadashi Yoshida’s timely hits to right field from 2nd and 2nd base tied the score, and in the 10th inning, the bases were loaded with 2 kills , Mune released a goodbye to Nakamae to decide the match. The batting staff held out, but the good pitching of the pitchers who pulled off the win should not be underestimated.

Tajima, the starting pitcher, gave up 5 runs in the middle of the 6th inning (1 earned run), but the 6 relievers who followed him kept clean sheets. Among them, Udagawa, Hayate Yamazaki, Abe, Wagespak, and Honda’s “quintet over 150 kilograms” from 3rd place blocked the Hawks batting line with spectacular pitching.

Director Nakajima also evaluated, “You did a very good job. No one wants to give you one point.”

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