Orlando Magic play appearance changed plans for Mohamed Bamba

Orlando Magic play appearance changed plans for Mohamed Bamba

The Magic Orlando pressed the reset button on Nikola Vucevic after a stress break ended the season Mohamed Bamba in his left tibia, his move could pay off in the long run.

The Orlando Magic prioritized Nikola Vucevic in a free agency this summer.

It was a clever thing for an organization that didn't have an All-Star player from Dwight Howard left Central Florida seven years ago.

Last year, the career center was 7 years old, 28 years old on average across the board – points (20.8), rebounds (12.0) and helps with every game ( 3.8) – put himself in the conversation of the most talented attack centers in the NBA. And look All-Star Game to earn.

Don't forget, the Magic, a rebound and the help of Nikola Vucevic were all in need of help to end six consecutive seasons without a Playoff hedge. Now the organization aims to build on its success and continue to progress in Eastern Congress going through seismic shifts and an uncertain list of competitors.

Vucevic is productive and can be said to be the best player on the Magic rotation for all its tenure. Despite its 2019 season a more issue was started. The Magic might not have predicted.

Why would the organization draw up a venue for first pick in 2018?

Vucevic was certainly an All-Star and the offense was undoubtedly a great success. Magic can be a victim of its own success.

And the decision to return Vucevic could be a product of the triumph of the team and the team who face the fact that Mohamed Bamba is not just a raw prospect but that she is coming back from a short-term injury. short rookie.

One way of looking at things is that Vucevic is a high-level insurance policy for an uncompressed vehicle.

Mohamed Bamba played in 47 game in 2019 and an average point of 6.2 points per game and 5.0 rebounds per game, pretty pretty for the sixth overall pick.

But this was his first year and short cut season due to stress break in his left tibia. Who knows what or who could this guy be a rocket year if he was not injured? Or how long it would progress if it were playing the final 31 games.

It certainly has created a different perspective for this season and the prospects for Bamba. Instead, it feels that Bamba finds the second season of rookie style. One in which he will fight Khem Birch for a moment in the rotation again.

While the Magic Bamba chose high in the draft, they did not want to enter and save the franchise. The Magic drafted it as a project and knew that they still had a talented center on the roster in Vucevic.

Orlando was willing to be patient and develop it behind the great old man.

This is the perfect case for Bamba, not a glossy project is clearly a rookie year. He needs somebody to show him the ropes.

Vucevic took that role and welcomed the young man, taking him under his wing. Bamba was also very grateful for Vucevic digging in his rookie year. He wants to work with him, as he told Josh Robbins from Athletic at the start of the Halloween League.

Partnership is a happy one. But it is not difficult to see writing on the wall yet.

The Magic Bamba drafted to go up to the front line at some point. This plan has certainly not changed – although the Magic does not appear to be ready to implement it.

Last year Vucevic took Magic into Playoffs. But he was struggling to double his rebel season against Toronto chickens. They forced the ball out of their hands several times in the series.

Vucevic led the team in scoring during the regular season. But he was fifth in the scoring of the Playoffs behind Aaron Gordon, Terrence Ross, D.J. Augustin and Evan Fournier. Something that was not expected was something most fans had in Central Florida.

Prospects in Orlando are now higher. And Draíocht will rely on Bamba to step up and continue to make progress. Certainly not make their plan.

But he will have to earn everything.

Whatever the plan, the Magic decided to hit the reset button on their roster. They were not going back to success in 2019 nor would they put their faith in rookie without testing. Bamba will have to wait in turn.

This raises many questions.

Did Magic Vucevic change if Bamba stayed healthy and he was well off to be in a Rookie conversation of the Year? What if Bamba could play in the Playoff and was far better than Vucevic athletically and defensively, would he have stopped Vucevic?

Would Magic stay on this course if the team had lost their play?

These questions will never be answered. Overall, because the Magic made the plays and Bamba it showed that it was much more of a project than others thought. It's not ready to start today.

But at the very least, the organization has created the All-Star player whose future venue can learn from it. They are also in a good position going forward in 2020 as the centralized center is filled and they can overcome two staff centers.

It is a good thing for both parties involved.

On the one hand, Bamba can get the extra rehabilitation time without the pressure coming back from injury like Kevin Durant or DeMarcus Cousins. He will have the opportunity to learn from a vintage center and will work with the Magic training team, earning his minutes and his role with each stage.

On the other hand, Vucevic is the required scoring leader for this team. And the team will not make minutes on Bamba. HI developments will occur behind the scenes maybe more than in the eyes of the public.

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Orlando is not losing his investment in Bamba even if he has to fight his right in games.

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