Orlando Woman being Fired in Shooting Over High Music

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando family have tried to make the second stage of a murder charge after delegates have said she mocked her neighbor who complained about her loud music.

  • Nicole Tamika Taylor says that she went into the ground for fun, the police say
  • The neighbor told Orlando Police officers that she was afraid of her life.
  • Investigators said they had passed a gun from Taylor's apartment

Nicole Tamika Taylor, 51, is also in charge of a firearms possession charge by convicted feline, according to a catch report.

The report says that a neighbor and her husband were worried just before 5 pm Sunday about high music hitting from a vehicle near their North Pine Hills Road apartment.

They told the police that they wanted to play the music down, so he did not wake up their children sleeping inside.

The couple went outside and asked Taylor, who was in the vehicle, and a group sitting on an electric box to play the music down.

Before the woman could finish her question, Taylor stood out of the vehicle and breached the woman, the affidavit said.

Then Taylor walked into her own apartment, he returned to the vehicle to park it in front of his units, stood out, and allegedly started shooting at the woman, says the affidavit.

The woman ran into an apartment and locked the door, saying that she was afraid of her life, the police said.

According to a response to Orlando Police officers in the report, Taylor acknowledged that she was drinking and said she was "releasing the manual labor into the ground for fun." She told the police that his handmate was a handgun, which she hid inside the ceiling of her apartment.

Officers also contacted Taylor's mother, who told her that her daughter told her and she admitted "she had just lit her gun and emptied her bullet from her gun," the report says. .

After a search warrant, the police said they had taken the gun from Taylor's apartment.

Taylor ran without a band.


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