Osstem Implant employee admits to accusation of “exclusive crime” in ’embezzlement 221.5 billion’

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A 45-year-old employee, who was arrested on charges of embezzling 221.5 billion won of Osstem Implant’s company money, was sent to the prosecution on the 14th. During the police investigation, Lee admitted to the charge, saying it was “a crime committed alone.”

The Gangseo Police Station in Seoul applied charges such as violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (business embezzlement) and violating the Act on the Concealment of Crime Proceeds and sent it to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office on the same day.

It is reported that he admitted to the charge during the police investigation as “a crime committed solely to obtain money personally.” Previously, Mr. Lee’s side claimed that it was ‘an order from a superior’, but it seems that he overturned his statement before sending it to the prosecution.

Lee, who left the Gangseo Police Station detention center at around 7:40 am on the same day, did not answer reporters’ questions such as “Do you admit the charges?”, “Is it true that the crime was committed alone”, “Did you not know about the complicity of the family”, “Is there anything you want to say to the victims?” without hesitation, he got into the convoy.

Mr. Lee is accused of extorting 221.5 billion won from the company while working as a financial management employee and using it to invest in personal stocks. As part of the embezzlement, Mr. Lee bought 855 kg of gold bars (equivalent to 68.1 billion won). The police could not find 100 kg of the gold bars that Mr. Lee had hidden, but when he heard the news that his father had died, Mr.

However, he was unable to recover the 76.1 billion won that Mr. Lee lost through stock trading.

The police have also booked Lee’s wife, sister and brother-in-law and are investigating. Among them, Lee’s wife and sister-in-law are judged to be accomplices and are charged with embezzlement and concealment of criminal proceeds. The police said, “After analyzing the confiscated material secured by the company, we plan to continue the investigation into whether there is an accomplice.”

Correspondent Jo Hye-sun, [email protected]


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