Ouch.. Dad made it for you! Kanchai holds his temples, has to show a brutal dance step, saying “Pee Yut” is unlikely (clip)

Ouch.. Dad made it for you! Kanchai, even holding his temples, had to show a brutal dance step, saying ‘Pee Yut’ is unlikely, Muay Arisara also arranged it hard. The midday news caught fire.

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Have fun at the end of the year on the screen of the story this morning. The family of Channel 3 news after the end of the program on December 31, 64, on the last day of the year, Bright Phichayathan, a famous announcer. Get up to lead the dance, leave the lance to make fun before P’Yut Sorayut Suthatsanachinda gets up to dance at the end of the year. Create laughter with step gods

This event is hot to young Kanchai, an announcer at noon in time for the events of Channel 3, who had to post a clip to tease his brother. with the caption, “Pee Yut, with your most brutal steps. causing trouble for other Channel 3 broadcasters because a lot of people have asked Will the announcer show the next step after you? @sorrayuth9111 #Step like this, I invite you to go to the chicken dance with me.”

Until the midday news arrived, Muay Arisara Kamthoncharoen and Num Kanchai, famous news anchors Don’t miss out on some steps

When Muay Arisara rose to show dance in the middle of the screen It can be called the step of Dr. Muay. not very common Cut the picture to the young man, Kanchai also went out of the dance steps equally. Before the young man, Kanchai spoke to the announcer of the senior such as Sorayut Suthatsanajinda, saying, “Pee Yuttana, Brother Yut, shouldn’t be at all”.


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