Ouch! Phitha noted that in the year 2023 there was a big election, why did the Election Commission not receive the budget for the election?

Ouch! Phitha noted that there was a big election in 2023. Why did the Election Commission not receive the election budget?

On May 30, 2022 Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat List of MPs and party leader posted a note on the ’66 budget stating that

[ข้อสังเกตเบื้องต้นจากเอกสารงบประมาณ: ปี 66 มีเลือกตั้งใหญ่ ไฉน กกต. ไม่ได้รับงบจัดเลือกตั้ง?]

last weekend The Progressive Party has organized activities for people to join the budget hackathon, which has received a lot of attention from the people and the media. From the activities, there are many interesting findings and observations on the budget.

One of the interesting observations from the people’s brothers and sisters. What I have provided the Czech team with the budget documents from the Budget Bureau is the Election Election’s budget that has not been allocated for the general elections in this fiscal year 2023.

In this fiscal year 2023, no matter what The Prayut government had to step down from power. will go down like the dissolution of the parliament or post the end of term and re-election But despite knowing that there must be elections according to the agenda Instead, the government cut the budget of the Election Commission of 9,000 million baht for the general election. Only 1,700 million baht left, the same as last year without elections.

Especially when looking back at the budget documents in the past. Compared to the year 2019 with the previous election, the Election Commission had a budget of 8,228 million baht. Back in 2011, the Election Commission forecasted an advance budget for the election of 5,385 million baht, but when the parliament was dissolved. In 2011, the Election Election Commission had to make matters of the central budget to be used for elections instead. It can be seen that the Election Commission will set a very special budget for the year that there will be big elections. which the government will approve as appropriate

But the budget cut in the year that will have a major election of the government this time. Even more shows the unreasonability of budgeting. So it’s not strange at all. If the people’s brothers and sisters see this budget, the question arises, “In 2023, will Thai people be able to vote or not?”

I understand that in the end, the government will have to find a budget to organize elections. (If they are not signaling that there will be no elections), they may need to be taken from the central budget. But if in the end, the government has to transfer the central budget to the Election Commission in order to hold elections according to the agenda. It is not correct.

Especially when in the Constitution, Article 141 states that “The State shall allocate sufficient budget for the independent performance of the National Assembly, the courts, the independent body and the public prosecution.”

In accordance with the Constitution, Chapter 12, Section 215 on Independent Organizations states that “Independent organizations are organizations established to have independence in the performance of duties … The exercise of power by an independent body must be honest, fair, courageous and free from all prejudice.”

Therefore, independent organizations Therefore, there should be a regular budget sufficient to carry out the mission. Not for independent organizations like Election Commission, responsible for holding elections Must request money from the administrative government during the fiscal year. to hold elections according to the agenda as democratic as it should be

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