Ouch! Young Krachai left a message for the person staring at the drama. After falling off the pontoon, the status of the fern-Mr.

still have to wait for the referee to clarify the status between “Baifern-Pimchanok” and “Mr. Naphat Siangsomboon” after “Young-Kanchai Kerdploy” came out in the same way as the status of both of them. And the young man himself said that ‘In a moment, many people will come and say why come and say it, let him say it himself or not. Here and there some things have to be understood, they cannot give birth naturally. Dad had to help.

Recently, the young man spoke out to prevent people from staring at the drama of the issues mentioned above. said the father “Tell me first, don’t come at me. Why are you talking about you and Baifern? not allowing him I think I’m close enough to talk. Don’t tell me that Let’s open up about it first Why? Do you have manners? It’s fine, you and Baifern. He doesn’t care about me, I can talk, I’m confident, what’s going on, let’s ask him, I’ll catch him first, don’t say those words, your face will break.”

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