‘Our Kane has changed’ Do you dream of ‘winning’ with SON+Conte?

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Kane (left) and manager Antonio Conte. yunhap news
Son Heung-min (30)’s best friend and Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane (29) has changed.

Kane recently revealed that he would like to join manager Antonio Conte at Tottenham next season. In an interview with Evening Standard on the 16th, Kane said, “After Conte took over, we have definitely improved.

It is completely different from a year ago.

In the transfer window last summer, Kane was determined to change his jersey. He recorded the English Premier League (EPL) top scorer and assist king last season, but no trophy was decisive. Tottenham Hotspur could not play in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League for the 2021-2022 season, and Kane wanted to transfer.

The most likely transfer destination was Manchester City. Manchester City, who sent Sergio Aguero to FC Barcelona (Spain) at the time, needed a goalkeeper. However, the transfer was canceled due to opposition from the Tottenham club, and Kane expressed dissatisfaction, such as not attending pre-season training.

Kane, who was sluggish at the beginning of the league, recovered his condition in the middle and continued his perfect duo with Son Heung-min. During his time at Chelsea, he also broke the Frank Lampard-Didier Drogba duo’s record for most goals (36). Kane and Son Heung-min are writing a new history in the Premier League with 41 goals.

Tottenham Hotspur Harry Kane (left) and Son Heung-min.  yunhap newsTottenham Hotspur Harry Kane (left) and Son Heung-min. yunhap news

Tottenham Hotspur (68 points), fourth in the league, have their final match against the bottom-placed Norwich City on the 23rd. If they finish fourth, they will qualify for the UEFA Champions League for the 2022-2023 season. Even a minimum draw ahead of 15 goals in goal difference can overtake Arsenal in fifth place (66 points) and secure fourth place. This is the perfect carrot book for Kane who is thirsty for trophies.

The options are gone. Manchester City recently signed German Bundesliga Dortmund goalkeeper Elling Haalan. There are rumors of a transfer to Manchester United, but there is no attraction. Manchester United, who are in 6th place this season, could fall to 7th place if they make a mistake and could not even play in the Europa League.

In the end, it is ideal for Kane to lift multiple trophies at Tottenham in the 2022-2023 season with Heung-Min Son, who is running high in his career.

The variable is the whereabouts of the winning contract manager, Conte. Before taking up the helm of Tottenham Hotspur, Conte won trophies at Inter Milan (Italy), Chelsea (England) and Juventus (Italy). His stay is as important as Kane wants to be with Conte.

The atmosphere is also good. If Tottenham secures fourth place in the last game and advances to the UCL next season, it is expected that Conte will accompany them.

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