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Madrid: Spanish Copa del Rey Champion of Nilvi in ​​Tball Royal Barcelona Pre-Quarter Out of the ri. Athletic Co. Bil Bao is a Don’t go for too long Take on Barcelona in the final Blood, 3-2. Raya in another match Madrid beat El Che 2-1 Entered the Tucky Quarter ചു.

Goalless magic fixed More after May He scored three goals. Real Nai e Esco (108 ‘), Aidan Target Hazard (115 ‘) ണ്ടു.

Icarus Muni in the second minute Yani Lu Te Bil Ba Wo Munni In. However, Manchester City Ferranto, who arrived from With Barcelona in the 20th minute മെത്തി ചെയ്തു.

Inigo Marty in the 86th minute Ne si lu te b l ba wo again before In n. Pedri (90 + 3 ‘) Barcelona in injury time The competition with which the target was found For extra time. 105 + 1st Minute Iver Munia Bao Yu’s victory in NB Richa scored the goal.



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