Outbreak of Omicron ‘CH.1.1’ in many countries, Thailand found 9 cases, could replace BA.5 and BA.2.75

COVID-19 situation medical genome center Ramathibodi Hospital Faculty of Medicine Post a message through the Facebook page The Center for Medical Genomics reports data from the World Health Organization (WHO) that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, and Dr. Maria Y van Kerkow, WHO technical chief and head of the department for the WHO’s health emergencies programme, said, in part, emerging and zoonotic diseases:

Data from the global genetic code database of COVID-19 “Gissed” found Omicron CH.1.1 in many countries, starting with the outbreak in Austria.

• Austria, 150 cases, representing 0.209%

• England, 137 cases, which is 0.088%

• Australia, 129 cases, representing 0.246%

• US 74 cases, representing 0.011%

• Denmark, 54 cases, representing 0.060%

• Hong Kong, 27 cases, representing 0.516%

• Japan, 26 cases, representing 0.017%

• South Korea, 20 cases, representing 0.051%

• The Netherlands, 17 people, representing 0.070%

• India, 16 cases, which is 0.047%

• Liechtenstein, 13 cases, representing 3.171%

• Israel, 11 cases, representing 0.020%

• Singapore, 10 cases, representing 0.110%

• Housing 9 cases, which is 0.188%

Omicron “CH.1.1” which is a descendant of BA.2.75 because in Thailand CH.1.1 has a relative growth advantage over BA.5 about 135% and over BA.2.75 * About 150%, which makes it’ CH.1.1 is likely to spread to replace BA.5 and BA.2.75 Currently, “CH.1.1” has been found in 9 cases in Thailand.

The World Health Organization concluded that at the end of this year and next year, 2023, there is still a need for intensive PCR and new and potentially lethal pathogenic genetic sampling (genomic surveillance of COVID), while learning’ the long-term effect on people who are continuously exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus for more than 3 years will be more evident. including the effect of re-infection despite vaccination (innovative infection) called “mild”, including the effectiveness of the booster vaccination Especially the bivalent vaccine.



CR: Center for Medical Genomics

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