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As the domestic egg shortage continues to spread, the price of eggs has repeatedly hit new highs. Not only has there been a wave of people scrambling for eggs, but the rise in egg prices has also had a serious impact on the production of such egg-based products. such as bread, cakes, and salad dressing. Li Huiren, a well-known documentary director, expressed his feelings. The outbreak of bird flu caused people to rush for eggs. “The bureaucracy and the virus have not changed, but the behavior of the people has.”

Li Huiren pointed out in a post on the evening of the 21st, “In the past, officials were kicked out for covering up bird flu, and people dared not to eat eggs; now, officials admit that bird flu has started, and it people are grabbing wildly. “He said the bureaucracy and the virus have not changed. However, public behavior has changed dramatically.

Director Li Huiren once filmed the documentary “Secrets That Can’t Be Poked”, tracking and investigating the mutation of a strain of bird flu in Taiwan between 2006 and 2011, as well as issues such as official cover-ups of the epidemic and gaps in the epidemic. prevention network. Recently, the price of eggs has soared again, and Li Huiren’s Facebook post has also sparked heated discussions among netizens.

Some netizens said, “I still remember the documentary made by the director!” Some people said, “It’s penetrating, it broke through the cecum!” Some people said helplessly, “Being treated by the media, there is no way…”

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Well-known documentary director Li Huiren.  Photo: Taken from Li Huiren's Facebook (data photo)


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