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West Virginia Team of Forestry Staff K-9 Don Kelley with Raisy and John Bird with Boone.

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CHARLESTON – West Virginia Division, Forest Investigation Unit, uses special tools that are effective in tracing criminals, missing children and lost pedestrians.

The dogs are fighting with crime team K-9 of Forestry.

The Assistant State Forester, Don Kelley, began working with search dogs shortly after joining Forestry in 1993. For the past six years, he has partnered with Raisy, whom he has trained since a few weeks. Age.

In 2017, Kelley and Raisy were named as the K-9 Team of the Year during the annual West Virginia Police Canine Association training / retrieval conference. Fighting dogs are required to carry out rigorous tests to verify their tracking skills. Annual certificates are a valuable factor in the evidence of dogs being held in courts of law.

Kelley and his colleague John Bird Forestry help train and certify dogs and handlers for forestry and other organizations. Kelley estimates that he has trained 20 canines for a career in tracking and law enforcement.

West Virginia teams traveled to assist law enforcement agencies in other states. Kelley and Raisy have tackled tasks around the country, including California, Arizona and North Dakota.

During 2016, Kelley and Raisy helped a missing man who had medical problems. Raisy traced the smell of the man from his house to a drainage ditch over a mile away. The man managed to rescue and transport him to a nearby hospital.

The Investigating Unit K-9 teams are tracking arsonists, reducing the problem of fire in fire protection in rural areas where there are many eyewitnesses.

In relation to tracing crime, Raisy and her partner have a nose.

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