Outstanding Fan “Inspector Bear” plays the role of Necessary Do hair and nails for “Pancakes” – NineEntertain No. 1 entertainment news in Thailand

Consistently sweet, must be given to the couple of the heroine of a good story “Pancake Khemanit” and “Inspector Mee-Pol.Lt.C. Saksoonthorn, the latest girl, “Pancake”” has shown a very cute moment of the person with his boyfriend via his personal Instagram.

by “Pancakes” posted a video clip showing the sweet moment as P’Mee helped her do her hair and nails on her personal Instagram @khemanito, what a necessity 🤪✌🏻💅🏻 I can stay here💖 My nails can do it all.✌🏻😋 @saksoonthorn_rise 🌼🎄🤩”, among which friends, actors and fans came to press like and threw hearts and comments on how cute they were both. Viewed from the work This event is a hairdresser and nail technician. It’s cold, but it’s sweet like this. It won’t be long before you can see them both throwing wedding cards for the fans to enjoy.-Nine Entertainment

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