Over 10 years, Manchester United spend 210 million pounds on expensive goods

According to the CIES football website analysis report, in the last 10 years, Premier League champion Manchester United has spent an additional 210 million pounds on player acquisitions, becoming the first of the five major leagues.

Since July 2012, Manchester United have spent a total of 1.4 billion pounds to buy 33 players, including the world record transfer fee of 89 million pounds in 2016, for French midfielder Paul Puba; and in recent years, 85 million pounds The captain and backbone of the team that came to vote, Haley Maguni, signed Brazilian winger Anthony Mafios from Ajax for £80 million this summer, and his value is highest. In the “Buy Expensive” rating list, four other Premier League clubs, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton, are also in the top ten; Among the 44 players signed in the last 10 years, Jens and Ryan Baini paid a total of 130 million pounds, fourth, followed by Manchester United, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. Among the 36 clubs that have joined the Premier League in the last 10 years, only 3 are below their valuations when it comes to buying players, so the Premier League is accused of being a “criminal ” in the transfer market of expensive players.

Experience horses and Barcelona become “shrewd eyes”

On the contrary, the two big teams of La Liga, Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are accused of being the five big league clubs with “sharp eyes”. Among them, Barcelona spent a total of 1.29 billion pounds in the last 10 years, but the total value of the recruits at that time should be 1.32 billion. When it comes to the Premier League, Wolves have the most unique vision and are estimated to “win” £18 million in player market value. CIES data analysis to exclude players from buying and selling out contracts, and use its scientific data analysis to get the above market value report.

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