Over 2 hundred thousand people, gold patents, hurry, you must choose a new treatment

Due to the fact that the National Health Security Office (NHSO) has canceled the contract for public health services in 9 private hospitals in the National Health Security System, namely Mahesak Hospital, Bangna 1 Hospital, Prachapat Hospital, Nawa Min Hospital, Petchwet, Kluaynamthai 2 Elderly Hospital, Phaet Panya Hospital, Bangmod Hospital and Kluaynamthai Hospital This will come into force from 1 October, 2022 onwards.

On September 19, 2022, at Chaloem Phrakiat Government Complex, Chaeng Watthana Road, Bangkok, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) held a press conference, “NHSO. Clarifying readiness to support After the contract ended, 9 private hospitals said,” said DD Attporn Limpanyalert, Deputy Secretary General of the NHSO, as a spokesperson for the NHSO, that the termination of the contract is in accordance with the decision of the Safety Board National Health. (NHSO) NHSO Board and sub-committee on health insurance at Bangkok district level (BMA) to file a complaint with the investigating officer, request a refund, notify the Professional Council. Terminate the contracts for the 9 private service units mentioned above.

Due to the results of the sub-committee’s investigation into the fact that the service unit charges expenses for health services, documentary evidence was found that nine non-governmental organizations were inconsistent with the facts of reimbursement of metabolic screening fees. This is why the contract is terminated as a primary care unit / office paper. and the referral service unit in the National Health Security System

These nine hospitals look after the primary care population of 220,313. Data from 2021 for the whole year showed that in 2022 (9 months) the population used the service 99,947 or 45.36% looked after the population referral of 696,103 people, with 6 of them from the data, found last month 18,200 people use the service, or about 2.61 per cent At the same time, there are 22,246 people with chronic diseases. NHSO has prepared for the following:

1. The group of inpatients who are still receiving treatment in all 9 hospitals continue with treatment as before. Until the end of treatment, the hospital will continue to receive medical costs from the NHSO.

2. Groups of patients with treatment appointments after October 1, 2022, including appointments for various surgeries of pregnant women who are about to give birth Cancer patients scheduled for radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patients scheduled for an ultrasound examination Make an appointment for a CT scan Make an appointment for an MRI examination This group of patients is an urgent group. Tomorrow (September 20, 2022) NHSO is organizing a meeting with each of the 9 private hospitals to continue the treatment according to the schedule. including cases where patients are referred from these 9 hospitals to be treated elsewhere

For example, making an appointment for an examination and hearing the results of an ultrasound at another hospital, you can use the same rights as before until December 31, 2022 by reimbursing the treatment fee from the NHSO in accordance with a reasonable basis publication. so as not to affect the patient. and in the meantime If there is a next appointment NHSO has coordinated a new hospital for patients to receive ongoing treatment and will liaise with patients directly

3. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, etc. who have a follow-up appointment and receive continuous medication after October 1, 2022, go to the community clinic warm for treatment. medical clinic and public health centers close to your home anywhere NHSO provides a list of service units so you know where to go. Patients can contact the said service themselves or call the NHSO helpline 1330 press 6 to inquire about a list of nearby services that can be treated and the 1330 helpline can co-ordinate further treatment.

4. HIV infected and tuberculosis patients who need to continue taking medication to treat anywhere Whether in the 69 public health centers or government hospitals close to your home. In the case of HIV-infection You can pick up your medication and have your symptoms checked at a service facility, such as a health centre. Bangrak Medical Center (Bangrak Clinic), Urban Disease Prevention and Control Organization (OCC), and Bripta Tangerine Saha Clinic, etc.

5. Kidney patients who have dialysis appointments with each of the 9 private hospitals and patients with heart surgery appointments Cardiac catheterization, balloon placement, tent placement We can continue to receive services according to the schedule. Because the termination of the contract does not include hemodialysis services. and services for coronary artery disease via catheter

Over 2 hundred thousand people, gold patents, hurry, you must choose a new treatment

In the case of a person who is not sick or who is not a patient with ongoing treatment, Dr Attaporn said that during this time he asked you to check the right to treatment. which will be divided into 2 forms:

1. People receiving primary medical care (primary care/full time) and referral hospitals (General Referral Service Unit) in one of 9 private hospitals. Register to choose a new service center in your area or near your home, whether 69 from healthcare centres, 214 warm community clinics, and primary care services from various hospitals You can register and choose through the NHSO application.

If there is no service unit in the area or close to your home, choose to register. Don’t worry because NHSO is currently in the process of expediting the procurement of additional service units. From 1 October 2022 onwards, if there is an illness, you can still use the gold patent for treatment. by receiving services in all primary care units in the gold card system free of charge

2. Those who receive initial treatment in a hospital The primary care unit (primary care unit) is a private clinic or public health service center that is not 9 this hospital and has a referral facility. (General referral service unit) said that it is 1 in private hospitals in 9. When you are sick, you can continue to receive treatment according to the list of hospitals that receive basic treatment according to the rights as before. in the case of being referred to other hospitals NHSO has coordinated to refer to additional hospitals that have been provided.

NHSO has a new alternative service to support that will start from 1 October 2022, be it a remote medical treatment system. Screening diseases and care for minor diseases with a pharmacy medical clinic nursing clinic that can treat patients with gold patents that will open part-time to serve patients On September 21, 2022, NHSO is holding a meeting with 214 warm community clinics and units specialist service in the Bangkok area, such as 40 in medicine, 9 in physiotherapy. 9 nurses and midwives, 29 dental offices and 517 drug stores to discuss further care for these patients. After this, the procedure for going to the hospital will be advertised for further information.

“To facilitate the 9 golden patent patients, NHSO has opened a 1330 press 6 helpline for patients to contact and coordinate for further action. Ask people who are registered to use medical treatment rights in all 9 private hospitals not to worry. NHSO has prepared so that it does not affect patients,” said Dr. Attaporn.

Check the treatment rights on the NHSO website https://eservices.nhso.go.th/eServices/mobile/login.xhtml or in Line NHSO, Line ID @nhso or click on the link. https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6 Select the Authentication menu. or the NHSO application, select the menu for self-examination

See a list of services in the National Health Security System.

• NHSO website https://www.nhso.go.th/page/hospital

• Nostra map website https://map.nostramap.com/NostraMap/ or Map Nostra application. List of hospitals in the NHSO system

(Select the type of registration that says General medical examination services or regular service unit)

For more information, please get in touch

1. NHSO helpline 1330 press 6

2. Online channels

• LINE NHSO Type ID Line @nhso or click https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6

• Facebook : National Health Security Office https://www.facebook.com/NHSO.Thailand

• Line Traffy Fondue Type ID LINE @traffyfondue or click https://lin.ee/nwxfnHw

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