Over 280 killed in train crash in India “signal error”

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At least 288 people have been killed in a train accident in north east India.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the worst accident was caused by an error in the entry signal and the train entering another track.

This is reporter Nam Sang-ho.

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The bottom of the car is open and people are climbing on top of the fallen vehicles, and the other train next to it is unrecognizable as if the front part has been crumpled.

A train derailment collision occurred near Bazar Station in Odisha, India at around 7:20 pm on the 2nd local time.

The death toll has risen to at least 288, and more than 900 have been injured.

[프라딥 제나 / 인도 오디샤 주지사]

“Work on the last carriage has started and so far the number of deaths confirmed by the railway authority and the local police is around 288.”

Preliminary investigations revealed that the accident started when a passenger train entered a freight track instead of the main track and collided with a freight train, as the railway signals were not properly displayed.

Later, this passenger train derailed and went over onto a nearby track, and another train traveling on this track from the other side collided with the derailed vehicle.

[열차 사고 목격자]

“People on the train got stuck in the accident and ran over me, leaving me on the ground floor.”

The Indian government is conducting a rescue operation by mobilizing 1,200 rescuers and military personnel, and it is found that no Koreans are among the injured.

President Seok-Yeol Yoon and other world leaders sent messages of comfort and condolence to the accident.

In India, 12 million people use 14,000 trains every day, and accidents often occur due to old signaling equipment and poor safety management of old vehicles.

This is Nam Sang-ho from MBC News.


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