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(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) Over 3,000 new infections in Beijing in one day, emphasizing normalized prevention and social control measures

China News Agency, Beijing, December 4 (Reporter Du Yan) The Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission said on the 4th that the epidemic situation in Beijing is still at a high level, and the prevention and control situation is still serious and is complicated. is necessary to improve the prevention and control work according to the time and the situation. It is necessary to fully implement the “quartet responsibilities” of territories, departments, units, and individuals, strengthen investigation and risk management, and unceasingly implement prevention and normalization social control measures.

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission reported on the 4th, between 0:00 and 24:00 on December 3, Beijing added 708 locally confirmed cases and 2,486 asymptomatic infections (including 15 asymptomatic infections transmitted to confirmed cases); From 0:00 to 15:00 on the same day, there were 1695 new cases of local infection in Beijing, 2 cases of critical type, 34 cases of common type, 380 cases of mild type, and 1279 cases of asymptomatic infection .

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission said that territorial responsibilities must be implemented. Strategies are drawn up through zoning, distribution and grading to ensure that the disposal relations such as sun chase, confidential opinion, control, and isolation are accelerated, their quality improves, and the legal requirements of the jurisdiction’s residents are responded to. timely. mode. Organizing mutual aid in the neighborhood and voluntary services, and providing temporary life care for unsupervised children, the disabled elderly, people with mental disabilities and other special groups; implement departmental responsibilities. Strict implementation of various prevention and control measures such as screening and placement of risk personnel, and implementation of industry management responsibilities. In particular, there is a need to strengthen the supervision of factories, enterprises, construction sites, transport centres, hotels, shopping centres, supermarkets, farmers. ‘ markets, quick takeaway delivery, catering establishments, schools and hospitals. , nursing homes, child welfare institutions, “small seven” shops and other key industries; to strengthen the responsibility of the unit. Check in detail the epidemic risks of returnees, improve the control methods for external third party personnel, strengthen the access control of social personnel, disinfection of the site environment, and sanitation and cleaning; personal prevention and control responsibilities must be fulfilled. Citizens adhere strictly to various epidemic prevention regulations, and consciously do a good job of health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, and antigen self-testing. If they feel sick, they should seek medical treatment in a timely manner and standard.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce said on the 4th that the supply of commodities such as vegetables in Beijing is sufficient and the supply is stable. In the past week, the average daily market volume of vegetables in major agricultural produce wholesale markets in Beijing has remained around 21,000 tons, the average daily market volume of pork has been around 300 tons, and the average daily egg volume of the market has been. over 400 tonnes. At the same time, government reserves of daily necessities such as winter vegetables, grain, oil, meat and eggs in Beijing are fully in place to ensure a stable market supply of daily necessities. (finish)

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