Over a million views! Joey paired with “Nat”, the top scene champion, The Voice, to create the song “Bualoy”, a heavy metal Isaan.

Opening the week with a surprise show in Battle Week 3 which brings famous artists back to the stage again, led by Joey-Phuwasit Ananpornsiri, an up and coming artist. Creating a total of more than 270 million views of the song and Nat-Siripong Srisukha, the champion of The Voice Kids Season 5, created the most views in the list of 90 million views, and so far, no one was able to break this record. Both of them joined the show to open the show with the song “Bualoy”, the most fun and shocking that made everyone want to get up and dance together.

If you look behind the scenes of both Both have had success from this program, starting with Joey Phuwasit, who is a contestant from season 7 of The Voice Thailand, team “Coach Pop”, the owner of the hit song “Coach Pop”. “moon” That created more than 170 million views and the latest song “Na Na Tong” created a popular trend throughout the city, while Nat Siripong became a full-time artist as well. along with the music to continually impress the fans

 Joey Phuwasit Joey Phuwasit

Coach Pop said that Joey Phuwasit’s team members were very proud. because he managed to step into an artist and said that Joey’s path as an artist is not easy and the path is not strewn with rose petals. Because for the first two years, Joey had to work behind the scenes and sleep in the music practice room every day. But with this patience, effort and determination to make dreams come true Become a singer who has already created scenes soaring.

As for Coach Kong, another voice confirmed that “Joey” and “Nat” play great music, guitar and harp, allowing them to listen to the new version of “Bualoy”, a heavy metal style of Isaan music. and “Coach Kim” praised them both. They are the most amazing artists. Listen to this song and be patient. I want to get up and get up.

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Join the fierce competition in the Battle of the contestants rounds. The source will show the power of being a real voice in the program The Voice All Stars which is broadcast every Sunday at 18.00 on Channel one31 or watch it back via https://www.youtube.com/ c/thevoicethailand

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