Overall Han Hye-jin’s ex-boyfriend’s eyes change over time… Gives you a lot of skinship Yeoncham 3

Photo = KBS Joy’s ‘Intervention in Love 3’ broadcast screen.

Model Han Hye-jin mentioned her ex-boyfriend.

On the 107th episode of KBS Joy’s ‘Love Interference 3’, which aired on the 18th, the story of a man Ko Min-nam, who has been in a relationship with his 28-year-old girlfriend for 10 months, was introduced.

The two first met through guitar lessons that Ko Min-nam started to earn a living. Thanks to the active dashing of the trainees, the two soon got to know each other and loved passionately more than anyone else. However, 10 months later, the girlfriend reacted bitterly to the troubled man as if his affection had cooled, and the troubled man tried to turn the relationship around.

The performers were so used to this that they talked about a situation in which their excitement was gone. When Seo Jang-hoon asked, “At the moment when you feel that your lover has changed, what are the clues?” Han Hye-jin answered, “I give you skinship. It definitely gives it a go,” he said. Kwak Jung-eun added, “Skinship is the second step, and the eyes seem to be more delicate than that.”

Han Hye-jin said, “I think that’s right. I was eating salad alone in the living room. I thought the other person was watching TV while sitting on the sofa, but I felt a stinging gaze. When our eyes met, he didn’t lie and looked at me with heart eyes and said it was strange. It was the eyes that looked at me with pity. But later, it changed.”

Photo = KBS Joy's 'Intervention in Love 3' broadcast screen.
Photo = KBS Joy’s ‘Intervention in Love 3’ broadcast screen.

He told the troubled man that he liked his girlfriend as he was, and that he didn’t need a gift, and he thought that he was thinking of him after hearing this. However, one day, the girlfriend shocked everyone with a bombshell declaration that she was going to see the line. He said that he would marry the troubled man he loved, but the troubled man would not be able to have a stable family, so he decided to marry someone else.

To the angry, troubled man, the girlfriend insisted that nothing would change, and that all she had to do was be happy as she is now. Here, the girlfriend asked why it was bad to get married on condition, and was rather upset that she couldn’t understand if she loved her. At this, Kim Sook was furious, saying, “What do you want me to understand?” and Kwak Jeong-eun, “a kind of gaslighting”.

Although he knew he was pathetic, he eventually gave up music and prepared for the entrance exam in order to find a stable job that his girlfriend wanted, and his girlfriend still went out against each other while cheering him saying that he was studying thanks to him.

Kim Sook questioned, “If I get married like that, would I be happy?” Seo Jang-hoon speculated, “Even if Min-nam passes, he cannot get married. At that time, other conditions can be added.” Kwak Jeong-eun said, “The meaning of marriage that the current generation thinks is closer to M&A. They meet people out of necessity. This is not human. It was not possible for a girlfriend who was troubled from the beginning. I hope you don’t give up on this dream.”

Joo Woo-jae said, “Today, I can be called a Kkondae. No matter how much the times have changed, you shouldn’t go this far. Who can say that you will do good in front of your lover. It’s embarrassing to say that you’re doing it. It’s going to be really hard, but it will naturally get better with time. So, even if it’s hard right now, please break up.”

Meanwhile, ‘Love Interference 3’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 PM.

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