Overseas – Arrangement of Brazilian Security Guard Swarming black skin!


Arrested by the Brazilian Security Guard Swarming black skin! – On Nov. 21, the BBC reports an anti-racism uprising in Brazil. After the incident, two security guards of the Carrefour supermarket. In the southern city of Porto Alegre, a mob attacked an unarmed black man to death. This caused the dissatisfaction of many people and led to fierce protests across the country.

The tragedy happened on Nov. 19. Two white security officers were told by a female employee that they had been threatened by a man. So took out and confronted with Mr. Juve Alberto Silvera Freitas, a 40-year-old black man from the video clip that has recorded the event. It was revealed that one of the officers was strapped to the face and head of Fretus. While another officer held Mr. Fretus’s arm. And there was a female employee holding a cell phone filming the minute of Mr. Fretus’s atrocity, which was continuously beaten and blood spilled across the floor. And died later


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