Overwatch 2: Map Is Lijiang Tower “Night Market” Unfair? Asymmetric map is a hot topic that “wins and loses left and right”

A control map that will appear in Overwatch 2 during the Overwatch Contenders match on May 31, 2023.Lijiang Tower “Night Market”ohAsymmetry determines the outcome of the gameIt gets a lot of attention.


The control map is basically symmetrical, but…


The control map has two teams on the offensive side, and due to the nature of attacking at the same time aiming at the target, part of the design is excludedMost of the map is symmetrical for both teams around the objectiveis made to

However, on May 31, 2023, on Day 2 of Round 2 of the North American Contenders Spring Series, “Trick Room vs. WISP,” thatSome of the design aspects affected the outcome of the gamehas become a hot topic.

Small objects determine victory or defeat

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The problem this time is the map “Lijiang Tower” “Night Marketnear the spawning groundA cylinder object on top of the standin.

In the game above, MagicM8Ball (Lucio) Trick Room slipped in with a “wall ride” using this cylinder and was able to generate a timeout just before WISP secured the target. From there, Winston’s “Primal Rage” bought time while waiting for allies to join, and Trick Room scored points in the same flow.

As a result, Trick Room, who also won the first game “Control Center”, won the first map Lijiang Tower.

The cylinder object used at this time has a squid sign (squid grill shop)On the red side, on the side of the target pointbut there is a pig sign (meat bun shop)On the other side of the blue sideexists inBattles are rare here, and some heroes ignore the difference, but in this caseCylinders determine the outcome of a gameIt has become a result.

The overall result of the game ended in a win for Trick Room, but with a close score of 3-2, it seems that there are many viewers who are thinking, “If only overtime hadn’t happened right now.”

MagicM8Ball player view

Overwatch 2: Map Is Lijiang Tower's “Night Market” Unfair?  Asymmetric map is a hot topic that

James ‘MagicM8Ball’ Macpherson from Trick Room is at the partyStream with confidenceexplains that “this move can only be done on the red side”,I want development to acknowledge it in order to maintain game balanceatalk.

For us general players, cylindrical objects and billboards are just objects that express the opinion of the world, but from a competitive point of view, especiallyA player whose career is at stakeFrom my perspective it seems like a big difference.

There are unfair designs on other maps

These differences exist not only in the “Night Market” of Lijiang Tower but also in the “Ruins” of Ilios.ThisHot topic on Reddit over 5 years agoHe was asked to fix it, but still no change.

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Compared to this case, this case has a higher level of influence and attention on the game, but I wonder what kind of response will be made.

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  • Publication date: October 5, 2022
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