“Overwatch 2” Season 3 Announces Collaboration Event “One Punch Man” Dating Simulation Gameplay – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

Overwatch 2 Season 3 will kick off on February 8 with a host of new in-game content, including a new Antarctic Command map, an Asian Mythology-themed Battle Pass, Mythic Mist skins, and Ultimate Lover Events and browser-based dating sims for Overwatch : Love Overwatch and more.

“Overwatch 2” also confirmed that it will cooperate with the Japanese animation “One Punch Man” to launch “One Punch Man” related models and items, including Saitama’s shape that destroyed the boxing champion. The event is scheduled to take place from March 8th to 4th on the 7th.

From February 14th to March 1st for Valentine’s Day, the Love Streaks dating sim will be available, and you’ll be able to interact with Mercy or Genji to complete a special ending and get an event-themed close-up. The Ultimate Valentine’s Day event also runs from February 15th to March 1st, featuring a limited-time Hanzo 4v4 mode and side-themed challenges.

From March 22 to April 5, the limited-time Mochi Mochi event will return, bringing a new kill confirmation game mode and a large number of rewards, including 1 epic outfit, 6 Mochi Mochi player portraits, and a weapon charm with a famous brand! During the event period, log into the game to get a Taozi Mochi Highway Pig player avatar.

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