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June 1, 2023, “Overwatch 2 (Overwatch 2)”RedditA thread has been set up asking “If you had to eliminate a character, who would it be?” in this thread1,600 per daycomments overhas arrived and many players are interested.


The most hated hero in Overwatch 2


While the players gave their own opinions about the heroes they didn’t like, the one with the most comments was, as expected, a one-hit kill sniper type”A widower” and “Hanzo”. The reason for this is that no matter how skilled or lucky you are, if you get hit, you will be killed in an instant.

4/1 Hanzo

Compare the number of voters from the twoEspecially hate against WidowmakerWe received many comments, including the following:

Anti Widowmaker player comment

  • “Weary Widow”
  • “She is either strong or weak, there is no middle ground. It is very frustrating to work with her or against her, and there is no middle ground either.”
  • “Simple one shot kills are a nuisance”
  • “I can still compete with Hanzo, but I’ll have to put a Widow against a good Widow.”
  • “A bad Widow simply puts the team at a disadvantage, and a good Widow kills most heroes with one hit.Takes the fun out of playing
  • “In the case of the supporting role, it’s boring that the choice of character is very limited when she appears.”
  • “It ruins the charm of Overwatch and the whole game of ‘teamfights’.”
  • I hate Widowmaker first, then Widowmaker, and finally Widowmaker
  • “Winston will be needed”
  • “It’s hard to play against. I have to focus on her.”
  • “This game didn’t need sniper hitscan”
  • “She’s always S-rank or trash. I want to give a little more flexibility instead of a one-hit kill.”
  • “At least Hanzo needs to figure out where he’s going to hit.”
  • “If you want a shooter FPS, make CoD.”
  • “If you have a character that can kill in one hit, you’re going to be forced into a game with that character as the main character, so it’s not fun.”
  • Years of campaigning and policy fundraising to get rid of Widowmaker!
  • “Let’s eliminate the Ku* woman!”

Many of the comments that bring up Widowmaker’s name like this are that she is an unbalanced existence regardless of the skill of the player,Not a suitable hero for Overwatchevaluate it.

Nasty widower in another thread

Also, a few hours before the thread appeared “I speak for all tanks. we have a widowThere is also a thread that says, hereMore than 12,000 votesaover 600 commentshas been sent.

ULT aims only at the abominable widow

“Widowmaker (Sniper)” was considered for weakening during the original “Overwatch” period, but this time it has become an unprecedented excitement, and Ana’s skin are you similarly affected by the announcement of a significant reduction in PvE scale?

Other unpopular heroes

In the thread I submitted earlier, you can see comments that other role heroes like Wrecking Ball, Junker Queen, Symmetra and Sombra are also “annoying”. The overwhelming majority of fans voted for Mercy, who can increase damage and eliminate deaths.

Personally, I don’t really like “Fara (+ Mercy)”, which is semi-forced to choose a character, and there are similar opinions scattered here and there.

In addition, the names of many heroes are mentioned such as Junkrat, Moira, and Mei, and in this casebalanced(Except Widowmaker).

If you had to eliminate one hero, which one would you eliminate?

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  • Publication date: October 5, 2022
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