owner of glutathione To sue for 50 million, the mother and son of the pharmacist who claims to eat and pee purple

The owner of Glutathione has confirmed their products are safe without harmful or addictive substances. Prepare to sue the mother-daughter couple for 50 million baht for defamation

Today (May 30, 2023) at 4:00 pm in the office of the lawyer to relieve suffering, Mr. Decha Kittiwittayanan or Attorney Decha, president of the network of lawyers to relieve suffering, together with Ms. Apirom Suksita 27-year-old Director, Thanrada 59 Co ., Ltd. Owner of Glutathione products news Press release to explain the facts to the press of the case that grade 6 students found narcotic substances in the body It is expected that such drugs It may come from one of r famous glutathione products sold on social media.

Ms Apirom said she was informed by the child’s mother on May 27 that her daughter had consumed her own company’s glutathione. and finding drugs When informed, he urgently inquired about the facts and showed his sincerity that he would quickly examine the product himself. who said exactly the way Their children are good people and have never been involved in drugs. They also enter the university, but the results of the physical examination are before reporting so they cannot attend the school. So I asked him what kind of healing help would be given.

He then confirmed that He has been selling glutathione for over a year now. I have never come across a contaminated foreign substance problem like this case. Therefore, they will ask to check their glutathione first to find a way to help further recovery. and the mother said she was going to check again too, she was glad, it turns out the next day Their glutathione was reported to have addictive substances by giving this mother and son news. Even after talking about going to check first In addition, the news presented without checking the facts. causing many people to have doubts As a result, more than 50 customers canceled their own orders, which caused them a great deal of unfairness and damaged their business.

However, their glutathione products have been confirmed by the Department of Medical Sciences and factory certificates that no addictive substances or contaminants have been found. In addition, after being in the news, it was delivered to the Department of Medical Sciences again on May 29 for the sake of transparency, however, now it has asked to slow down production.

Ms Apiram admits she panicked when she heard the news. greatly affect the business itself. I confirm that my product is safe and honest, but after this, I must use my legal rights to defend myself. Their business is growing. But the news that came out caused the business to collapse. but also gives an opportunity to discuss Ask the mother and the child to connect and talk back. Because so far there has been no contact back.

At Lawyer Decha, he said he was assigned to prepare a legal case against this pair of mothers and children. On the charge of telling or spreading news that breaks the truth Damage to the reputation of the company itself. disrespect for various business marketing plans AND claims of defamation through advertising and under the Computer Act, as well as suing for civil damages of 50 million against this mother and son

By going to prove the truth in court. If not contacted back immediately, he would immediately sue the Buriram Provincial Court. Then there is the demonstration of consuming glutathione for purity and safety. by giving a sample to a user who has been eating regularly for 3 months and who last ate 2 tablets last night at midnight today, this user ate 2 tablets again in front of the media

After that, the powder in the pill capsule was examined. By bringing a drug testing kit from the Khok Kram police station to show that by taking a sample of dissolved glutathione water, the testing kit increased by 2 lines, showing the result that No amphetamine was found. Regarding the urine test results of this user sample It was found that the test kit went up 2 lines and did not find any of the above drugs. After this, the results will be recorded in the daily record at the next Khok Kram police Station


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