Oxford reveal Ben Davis asked to leave Port – insisting not good enough, not withdrawing to England

The Oxford boss revealed that Ben Davis had called to consult if he wanted to leave Singha Port to play for another team. The latter hardly had a chance to play much.

Samrit Thanakanjanasuth, president of League One side Oxford United, revealed that Thai-English midfielder Ben Davis Call to discuss if you want to move out of Port FC to play for another team. after the past There is hardly an opportunity to field much with Singha Chao Tha

The 21-year-old has made the decision to move from Oxford to Seaport on a loan deal. for more opportunities to play However, in the past He only had the opportunity to play 60 minutes and had not had the opportunity to play a single game.

By “Big Tiger” Sumrit Thanakanjanasuth #President of Oxford United Thai Club

Revealed to Page B Bangpakong – Bebangpakong about the future of football “Benjamin Davis”

currently on loan from Oxford Come trade in the Thai League with Port Authority FC

But in the past, I hardly had a chance to show my feet…that

Ben called to consult with him. to apply to move the team from the port to play for other clubs

who spoke to him saying that is not the right way of thinking for a professional footballer.

To tell the truth, his purpose was for Ben to move from England to play in Thailand.

is to give him a chance to play Don’t have to suffer being a substitute in England

However, he must fight to secure himself against the lion lord… otherwise he will be of little use.

He told Ben that if he comes to play in the Thai League and he is not good enough for the port

The future of Oxford will not bring him back to the city for sure, because that means.

His footprints have not evolved at all.

In addition, “Big Tiger” also revealed the key weakness of Ben Davis that all Oxford coaches saw the same.

Namely, the person is quite inactive. Not awake during training and competing Which is beyond the vision of a professional player that everyone has to fight for the real situation.

Which here, although it is referred to as playing techniques And how good the individual talent is, no coach would definitely choose him as a real player.

As Scott Cooper, Port Authority Manager who spoke to him he saw that he was not very active as he should have been

So it would be difficult to go into the real field. This is what he has given Ben to get himself better in a hurry. Otherwise it would be difficult to have a future.

And he believed in the advice and rushed to fix this weakness.

Until recently.. he had the opportunity to play as a substitute for half an hour at the pier to overcome Nong Bua Phichan. and make the work more satisfying

Hopefully Ben will continue to fight in the Klong Toey area. Believing that the situation will be better.

and he had an opportunity to prove himself in the English League again Because he is not very young, only 21 years old.

On Sunday, October 2nd, #Madam Pang Nuanphan Lasam, Chairman Singha Chao Tha invited him to cheer on the harbor and Ben In the opening home battle with a big game with True Bangkok United at Pat Stadium at six o’clock at night also.

I hope he gets a chance to show his feet again!!

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