P ‘ Doctor – Tata gathered together with warm faces to celebrate Nong Rae’s 6th birthday already !

Tata Young revealed a warm moment, Dr. Chatradul joined the celebration of Nong Rae’s birthday, his son turned 6 years old, even though they broke up. but also family

Image from Instagram tataamitayoung

is another couple that has broken up but still have good friendship Serve as father and mother to the little ones. And still coming back together on important occasions for Tata Young and her ex-husband, Doctor Chatadul

Most recently (January 12, 2022) Tata Young revealed a picture of the family reuniting with each other on the birthday of her son, Nong Rae, 6 years old, which Tata, Dr. and Nong Rae both sent. smile brightly Look very happy together with the caption that “All Smiles ! #piirayturns6 #PiiRay I can’t believe he’s 6 already! @rayandgaga”

Image from Instagram tataamitayoung

Image from Instagram tataamitayoung

In this event, there are many elders, aunts and uncles in the industry who come to throw their hearts and join HBD Nong Rae together.


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