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P4G Seoul Declaration “Strengthening International Cooperation in Green Technology to Achieve the Goals of the Paris Agreement”

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President Moon Jae-in is giving an opening speech at the opening ceremony of the ‘2021 P4G Seoul Green Future Summit’ held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul on the afternoon of the 30th. 2021.5.30/News1 © News1 Reporter Lee Kwang-ho

Top-level personnel and heads of international organizations who attended the’P4G Seoul Green Future Summit’ announced on the 31st that “We will strengthen international cooperation to develop, enhance, and spread green technologies and investments necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

They said in the Seoul Declaration adopted after the summit discussion session on the second day of the P4G summit, “We recognize that developing new green technologies or spreading existing green technologies will accelerate progress toward achieving net emission zero.” .

The Seoul Declaration is a document that recognizes the seriousness of the climate crisis of participating countries and international organizations in the P4G summit and the international community’s actions to overcome it.

First of all, they said, “The level of implementation of green recovery will be a turning point in our journey toward achieving our Paris Agreement goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while reshaping our economy and society.” “Government, business and civil society should participate in inclusive partnerships that are part of a common solution.”

“We welcome the commitments to respond to climate change announced at the Climate Goals Summit in December 2020, the Climate Adaptation Summit in January this year, and the Climate Summit in April. In anticipation of this continuing, we decided to make every effort for the success of the 26th General Assembly of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention to be held in November 2021, while further strengthening cooperation to realize the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

“I believe that the green recovery will influence efforts to curb economic reconstruction and global temperature rise from Corona 19 with a target of 1.5 degrees, which is significantly lower than the pre-industrial level, according to the Paris Agreement. “We will try to make green recovery an inclusive process that contains a fair transition, taking into account the socially and environmentally vulnerable groups.”

In addition, they expressed their welcome to the National Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target (NDC) submitted by the countries through the Paris Agreement, and encouraged them to announce their long-term low-carbon development strategy before the 26th General Assembly of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention in November.

In addition, he cited climate change, desertification and soil deterioration, and biodiversity loss as the biggest environmental problems, and emphasized the need for a nature-based solution (NBS).

Regarding the marine pollution problem, “I agree that international solidarity is needed to solve the marine plastic problem,” and said, “Noting that the ocean is an important natural carbon sink, strengthening the sustainability of the ocean through decarbonization of shipping, and “We will work to prevent further contamination of the country.”

At the same time, a plan for continuing international public-private cooperation was suggested in the discussions held at the P4G Green Future Week and the basic session.

They said they plan to invest in innovative solutions for sustainable water management through efficient use of water resources. In addition, by increasing the proportion of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind energy, strengthening international cooperation to promote energy conversion, encouraging the search for ways to stop public financing for the construction of coal de-coal and overseas coal power plants, while promoting the use of clean hydrogen. I decided to do it.

With regard to food security, it plans to build a sustainable and resilient agriculture and food system centering on the’water-energy-food’ link. In addition, it plans to pursue a smart and resilient green city that coexists in harmony with nature through the expansion of the city’s digital infrastructure.

In addition, △Strengthening international cooperation to establish and spread a circular economy model △Supporting green transition in developing countries by expanding public and private funding △Supporting financial resources for socially vulnerable workers groups △Encouraging solidarity among local governments, etc. Collected.

They also said, “We welcome the active role of civil society in raising public awareness and emphasize the importance of civil society’s holistic and effective participation in climate action.” “I consider this to be of utmost importance. We will support and promote community involvement towards this goal.”

Regarding companies, they ordered the reinforcement of ESG activities of companies, saying, “The value of’Environment, Society, Governance’ (ESG) has become an important criterion for leading corporate evaluation.” They added that the P4G cooperation project respects ESG standards and pursues science-based pathways that are compatible with the Paris Agreement as much as possible.

“The role of private investors and financial institutions through financial support is key in the solution for realizing the future with a net emission zero,” he said. “We are committed to activities such as P4G in connection with the global climate agenda and the sustainable development goal agenda. “We urge you to invest in market-based solutions that have been systematically developed for developing countries.”

“Achieving the goal of sustainable development and building a low-carbon economy and society are essential for the survival of future generations.” “We will actively share the P4G cooperation project in general, and actively develop a youth-led council such as the Global Youth Climate Challenge (GYCC), which is currently underway.”

Finally, they express their appreciation for their contribution to the uniting of the international community’s collective will to’realize a carbon-neutral vision through inclusive green recovery’ in Korea, the host country of the P4G Seoul Summit. Expressed expectations for the meeting.

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