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Pace Wu denies that Ji Xiaobo’s debt collection will counter the rumors | Ji Xiaobo | Wu Paci | Debt Collection_Sina News

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  Although Ji Xiaobo is very rich and generous with Wu Peici, Ji Xiaobo has repeatedly fallen into the news of debt collection. Recently, there have been news reports that Ji Xiaobo was collected for a debt of 100 million. Pace Wu denied that Ji Xiaobo was collected and said that such an incident had never happened. This incident had a very negative impact on her and Ji Xiaobo, and he would go to sue this rumors Of the person.


  Pace Wu denies that Ji Xiaobo is being collected

  In fact, in May of this year, Ji Xiaobo was exposed once and said that he was in arrears with rent, and now he was exposed to 100 million loans overdue, and the other party now has to collect 100 million yuan and interest. Every time Ji Xiaobo appeared in the news, he would not respond directly. Instead, it was Wu Peici who responded and defended her boyfriend Ji Xiaobo.


  Wu Pace and Ji Xiaobo gave birth to several children, but they never waited for a wedding. The two were not married, and they were still a boyfriend and girlfriend. But Pace Wu doesn’t mind. After all, she now has the wind and the wind and the rain and the rain. She lives an enviable life as a rich wife. Moreover, Ji Xiaobo will also give her a lot of money, and Wu Pace is really unknown now. And it is said that the two people do not get married, but also to protect Wu Paci.


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  Pace Wu said that she would counter rumors

  Because at these ages, Xiaobo gave Wu Paci a lot of property, many people speculated that this was actually Ji Xiaobo transferring his property in disguise. Ji Xiaobo’s business risk factor is very high. Maybe one day, the business will fail and go bankrupt. If he gets married, then all his property will be confiscated. But if Ji Xiaobo and Wu Peici are not husband and wife, then the money Ji Xiaobo gave to Wu Peici over the years cannot be confiscated. Maybe the truth is really like this, so Ji Xiaobo always let Wu Peici have children for him, but never got married.

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