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Pach Anon realizes that the singer is addicted to the COVID party, Bael says, not Copter sure !!

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Director Phachar Anon, who knows? The 23-year-old boy-band singer is addicted to the coronavirus, and not the copter, according to netizens. The stars are not abhisit people.

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Pach Anon realizes that singer is addicted to Covid Party Bael / It is still a matter of great interest to many. After the news that the 23-year-old singer was infected with coronavirus from his birthday party. DJ Bael Do not disclose the timeline. Create dissatisfaction with the people who know the news It was stated that the singer was the one holding the cake at the famous DJ’s birthday party. Before the netizens took many speculations

Later, netizens came to comment and gave a hint that The singer who is said to have names about airplanes. Causing many people to focus on young singers SBFIVE Copter Which is exactly 23 years old, but the relationship of the agency has confirmed that it is definitely not a young singer

Latest on 27 Jan 64 “Live entertainment news online” Has been directly connected to Phachar Anon Famous director Which had previously come out fierce posts about the said incident By saying not to be selfish by hiding information about friends Including the challenge to turn on the hotel camera to see which celebrities are attending the party So that everyone can be careful

Shortly after Celebrity director Has posted a picture message stating “I realized it and saw him saying it was a boy band. But not famous, no acquaintance at all Even the people in the industry do not know yet. Will be cured. “

And wrote in the caption that “She said it came from a news party Social detective works urgently. Abbreviations ….. but don’t go to much with your younger brother. Nong contacted again once more and treatment was released immediately. No need to be afraid, the more dodge the more people condemn Anuthin said that if he didn’t come out, he would be condemned by society. This is definitely dead. “

by Phachar Anon Revealed to the way “Live entertainment news online” “The reason that the IG post came out was fierce because I read this news for many days. I wonder why I can’t conclude So I went down and asked for a CCTV camera to see which celebrities were going. And if there are any celebrities who have gone, they can go to test for COVID and get treatment. Better than shutting down the news quietly “

“And if suddenly One day, the stars who went to that event came to work. Go to the society, go walk to the mall, it will spread next to each other Therefore have to have some common sense Regardless of whether it’s a friend or a sister In any case, you have to warn your friends to reveal all the timeline. “

“So we can’t feel it anymore. Need to help each other find Because we are afraid too Including them where they are at home Those who spent the night were also afraid of COVID. More importantly, if it runs out quickly, he will continue to make a living. It’s not that I don’t know anything like this. “

“And the fact that he was infected with COVID saw where he got it. Because he goes to a party, right? Which they forbid to organize events during this period, so people lean towards more than Well, if he went to work and one day he got infected with COVID, people would be passive, but here they go to a party, and the news is out a lot. So the people he followed the government measures got angry and gathered. “

Recently another post about who I was aware of. In conclusion, I know? “Oh … We called and asked the ex-manager of this guy before, he said yes, because this guy went to Bael’s fair. To have Bael blow the cake on January 8 “

Isn’t it Jan. 9 that it’s Bael’s birthday?? “No, he gave the blow one day earlier, January 8, and then Jan. 9 to be Bael’s birthday, which Jan 10 is actually our birthday. We haven’t organized a birthday party yet because we know it isn’t. It doesn’t deserve to be done at this time, we just have to work together for COVID so it will go away quickly. “

And asked the manager of the younger person who was addicted Why is his brother hiding the information and refusing to tell him earlier?? “Actually, younger, it didn’t want to close it. Is it young, it’s a kid, it’s afraid As far as we talked, she didn’t want to close and didn’t think that she would be addicted. But she didn’t want to reveal it because she was afraid of being a kid. But we said, let’s reveal it. That is, we don’t talk to the younger ones Talking to the hoof with his former manager “

“Honestly, we understand. No one wants to be Covid. But since you are and you have to help society, because there are still many people who have lost their jobs and no jobs, if they hide anything, when will the COVID disappear from our country? “

Now, is he still healing?? “Should be keeping himself Because I just talked to his former manager But the bands are not popular, boy bands are not popular. (Not a group known to whom?) Not at all, the name of the group has not been known yet, but the name is familiar, so I called to ask his old henchman if it is his boy band. He said yes E-tap, gag, boyband (laughs) We don’t get Bully. Is that it is not a popular boy band Conclude, if revealed, people must be like … who ?? Do not know “

The netizens were looking for each other. In which someone gave a hint that the name was about the plane So people were targeting Bas, Kim, Mon and Copter. SBFive? “No, I just said that the name about the plane is not great at all. Because that younger person is not named about the plane As for Basketball, he was still filming with us. While in the pile, he always wears protective masks. In addition to the action and eating to take off Kim Mon is not. “

And the copter is not related Copter didn’t go to the Bael party, isn’t it? He’s only been in a drama together for a long time, isn’t he? Let’s just cut these 3 people. As I said, that is, if it comes out, it must be like … who is it, who is it, what band, what is the name of this song ?? “

Now that COVID is back close again.? “Are you afraid, aren’t you afraid of coming out? And here I saw his friends like who went out of trouble and made a curse Which is not Friends are friends. If your friend does not do it right, you must warn, not defend or encourage wrong. As I said before, what is the reason for his COVIDNIA infection? People have come out and talk a lot “

“Why, when Matthew and Lydia were not pessimistic? Everyone encouraged both of them. Because the reasons for sticking it are different Matthew is stuck from going to work. Therefore, it is wrong for his friend to excuse and curse this person. “

DJ Bael’s Case Have you gone to encourage him or not?? “No, no, no, we are not.…. (Are you not that close??) Is close, he can enter the industry because of us We took him to play the first movie. TaePeeng, a short-legged gangster, and Ho Tae Taeng 5, then began to jump into the entertainment industry. We really understand that the DJ he didn’t want to be. But do you have to tell me all the timelines? “

Many people focussed on what the party was on that birthday.? “This one we do not know. Netizens are better than us because we are not close to him even to party together. And he never invites us We were close, only that we met each other in interviews. I have to ask Black Ant (Kachapa), the black ant completely “

Don’t try to get information from the Black Ant.? “Ouch! Black Ant refuses to tell. It’s already cursed (laughs). The story we know that the boyband is infected with COVID knows. Black Ant did not tell. Black Ant is really hiding it. We have nothing to do with Bael. But I want everything in Thai society is that there is nothing to say Not a lie I have to say People will find a way to prevent and fix it “

From this case, many people see whether the star is the privilege or not.? “Actually, celebrities are not angels. Coming to these two standards, it cannot be liked. The star is wrong, must say that it is wrong. Not that Bael. Referring to common stars At that time, there was news that the children were riding their cars to go to any party in Ayutthaya or where, not sure. Saw arrested in prison And they still didn’t get caught with COVID. Why is this one so quiet? “

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