“Pacquiao” prepares to return to the world championship at the age of 44: PPTVHD36

Manny Pacquiao, former eight-division boxing world champion from the Philippines Confirmed to prepare to come back to chase the world champion again at the age of 44

after losing the presidency of the Philippines After being ranked as number 3, “The Pack Man” Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer returned to the canvas arena again by fighting with DKU, a South Korean MMA fighter in Seoul And also planning a special fight in Japan on July 29 also Before the person has a goal to return to being a serious world champion and officially joins the fight again in October-November

Manny Pacquiao has officially announced his retirement.

Pacquiao stops running for president

With Pacquiao confirming he can’t box, he’s fine with a special fight. Now he wants to return to the world championship again. Because his dream has always been to return to boxing. Now, he had returned to focus on preparing his body. and training he still maintains speed and power well Despite being 44 years old, he still moves like a 20-30 year old.

For Pacquiao, the official last fight with Jordanis Augustus, Welterweight world champion, World Boxing Association (WBA), Cuba before losing points in August 2021 and announcing the suspension to turn to political welfare


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