Padmarajan’s son goes to Mannarathoti to meet Jayakrishna : Nattu Visesham

Thrissur: “Thuanathunpis” which is always taboo for Manna movie fans, the central character portrayed by Mohanlal in the movie Rathodi Jayakrishna is the inspiration for the story Son of writer and composer Padmarajan to see Nnimenon Anantapadmanabhan arrive.

Arrived at Unni Menon’s house at Puthyedath on Shankaraiyar Road, Thrissur Profile updated. Unnimenon was one of Padmarajan’s very close friends. This is when Padmarajan arrived in Thrissur Akasavani as an officer and the friendship between the two of them begins. Unnimenon and his wife Usha live here. Unnimeno for Ananthapadmanabha’s book publication two years ago Unnimenon shared his past experiences with Padmaraja.

“Thumi” is short for the relationship between the storyteller and the characters. Anantapadmanabha is the father of the picture. He came to Kanan to see the lead actor of the film, Jose Manpilly, Kalanilayam Sinu, CR Sreejith and C. Vinod Krishnan also contacted.

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