“Pae Arak”, good life, drama movies waiting to be released on the screen, recently released a new song “back seat”

Handsome young man, the most indie type “Pae Arak Amornsupasiri” which combines the situation of the two young protagonists And famous artists who recently joined to open a new album “That Thong Sound” oh “Young Ohm (YoungOHM)” Friends in the music industry on the rapper side, this time Kom Chad Luek Entertainment Jumped to update the story in life now

side “Pae Arak” Revealing about life during this period of being “Good, keep going. For the latest work this year, there are dramas and movies that have already been filmed. ready to prepare about 2 dramas to air on Workpoint” (How does the music update work?) “Now just released a new song. Backseat song title has come out with a new album too Follow me please.”

“Pae Arak” He can be considered as another artist with a very unique style of music. from the music label What The Duck Who last year released the song “Chern Dam, Teamwork, Ghost and Elui Chui Chaek” from the album The Back Seat And most recently, on January 24 at 7:00 pm, welcome the beginning of the year 2023 with a new single from the same album. “back seat” Transmitting love stories through music and words that contain very unique words as always Draw on the surrounding experiences and put them into the words. A secret teaser from the song by Young Ohm is also embedded in the lyrics.

Thanks for the photos and information from Whattheduck.

Thanks for the photos and information from Whattheduck.

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