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[사회]Spread of group infections in nursing hospitals…



The outbreak of the corona19 group, linked to nursing hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, continues to spread.

A total survey of workers and users has begun in nursing hospitals and nursing facilities in the metropolitan area, and the number of patients is expected to increase in the future.

Reporter Han Young-gyu reports.


The outbreak of the corona19 group, centered on nursing hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, continues.

In relation to the SRC Rehabilitation Hospital in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi-do, 8 additional confirmed cases resulted in 59 cases.

In connection with Dana Hospital in Dobong-gu, Seoul, two additional people were infected, and a total of 67 people were infected.

[박능후 / 중앙재난안전대책본부 1차장 : 기저 질환을 가지신 고령층을 보호하고 있는 요양병원과 재활병원, 요양원 등에서 집단감염 사례가 보고되면서 감염에 취약한 분들의 피해가 우려되는 상황입니다.]

The average number of confirmed cases per day has been increasing again in the last week.

Domestic inflows increased from 61.4 to 62.1, and overseas inflows increased from 13 to 18.

The quarantine authorities have identified three risk factors in the recent outbreak of Corona 19.

[정은경 / 중앙방역대책본부장 : 재활병원, 요양병원 등 감염의 취약시설에서 집단감염이 지속 보고되고 있는 상황입니다. 두 번째로는 유럽 등 해외에서의 발생이 증가함에 따라 해외유입 사례가 증가하고 있고, 사회적 거리두기를 1단계로 조정하면서 이 부분에 대한 위험요인도 증가한 상황입니다.]

A total inspection of workers and users of nursing hospitals, mental hospitals, and nursing facilities in the metropolitan area has begun.

The number of subjects is about 160,000.

The quarantine authorities have strengthened quarantine at airports and ports, and urged foreign visitors to strictly follow quarantine rules when self-isolation.

As a result of the first stage of social distancing, school classes, face-to-face worship at religious facilities, and reopening of multi-use facilities are on the rise.

This is YTN Han Young-gyu.

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“What money crap?”… A man who was drunk and sprinkled 30 million won on the balcony

Weibo video capture

In China, a man took drugs and sprinkled a bundle of cash on the 30th floor of an apartment.

According to local Chinese media, on the 17th at around 1:30 pm, China’s Chongqing public security (police) announced through official Weibo that Baek Mo (29), who lives in Chongqing’s Tensingqiao Street, was arrested for taking drugs.

At home, according to the police, he took methamphetamine and fell into a trance, spraying about 200,000 yuan (about 34 million won) in cash out of the window several times from the balcony on the 30th floor of the apartment.

In a video posted on Weibo, cash sprinkled by a man dressed in black on the high floor of an apartment was captured flying in the sky. Some residents filmed this’money thunderbolt’ or shouted, “The renminbi (Chinese money) has fallen from the sky.”

As the video was shared, it was speculated that the amount of cash he gave would be about 1 to 2 million yuan (340 million yuan), but afterwards, Baek’s mother said that the amount he provided was only 200,000 yuan.

Bills are flying in the air in the wind. -Save Weibo video

“I saw a man throwing money out of the window,” said a nearby store owner in an interview with a local media. It lasted more than 10 minutes,” he said.

The apartment security team searched the area and recovered the scattered cash, and it is known that the sum of the cash found by some residents was about 3,000 to 4,000 yuan (approximately 510 to 680,000 won) as of the afternoon of the 18th.

Baek’s lawyer, Ri San-san, said, “Because I became mentally weak after taking the drug, I have the right to return the cash that others have picked up.” “Paek and his family can file a civil lawsuit against unfair gains.” said.

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From legendary players to new challenges “Super Mario” Head Coach Muang Thong


Back in time to 8 years ago or in 2012, a degree player for the Macedonian national team. Was pulled to join the army, “Kylen arrogant” SCG Muang Thong United

He is Mario Yurovsky Who later received the nickname “Super Mario” Or what fans call so cute and cute as “Cropped Oh”

Feb. 5, 2012 is the first day that Mario Walk into the eaves “Kylen arrogant” The last team before the decision to come to play the Thai League is Metalurk Donets of the Ukrainian League itself.

He moved to the nest “Swagger” Continue from Anan Barakat and Kone Mohammed To the goal is to help the team reclaim greatness After missing the highest league title for the third consecutive time with Buriram United In the Thai League for the 15th time in 2011 after before that In the 13th Thai League, 14 SCG Muangthong won the Thai League for 2 times in 2010 and 2009.

That time Mario Yurovsky The 26-year-old holds two nationalities, both Serbia, the place of birth and Macedonia, with 12 games serving for the Macedonian national team and scoring 2 goals.

First year “Super Mario” Can take SCG Muang Thong I can ascend to the throne in the Thai League No. 16 in 2012, which is the third title of the “Kylin Prong” and has been without defeat as well.

He joined the first campaign with SCG Muang Thong In 4 seasons from 2012-2015 in the Thai League No. 16-19

He is also a player who made 100 appearances for him. SCG Muang Thong Was the seventh after Kavintham Sajjanan , Dinho Siaga, Teerasil Daengda, Phichitpong Chaeqiu, Kasorn Thong Hao, Piyaphon Phanitchakun Done in the Thai League for the last 19 years playing for SCG Muang Thong in the first round

Thai League No. 20 Yurovsky moved to join the army. Bangkok United In 2 seasons in the Thai League No. 20, 21 in 2016, 2017

Thai League No. 22 2018 season “Super Mario” moved to join the army. Bangkok Glass FC 1 season

Season 2019, or the 23rd Thai League Yurovsky returned to the place, “Kylen swagger” again, accompanied by “Coach Bae” Pairoj Bowonwattanadilok But referred to only one leg And left with Lee Ho To open the way for two new footballers to strengthen the army in two legs Wonderley Dias Marillo or “Dairley” with Bruno Gallo

Season 2020 on February. “Super Mario” Farewell to the field Close the legend as a player Especially in Thailand football for a total of 8 years between 2012-2020

Look like “Cropped Oh” Will love Thailand and “Swagger” Actually, as he described in his mind on the day of the 34-year-old retiring after the stud. He took a coaching course seriously. And arranging for the youth team of Muang Thong in U17 and U-19 models

Until last He got his dream job, a chair in a full-size SCG manager, Muang Thong, after having accumulated some experience. Including showing the connection in their own social live by connecting with the world famous players such as Bruno Fernand, Nemanja Matich, Juan Mata, Dejan Lovren, Genie Wijnaldum and Cesc Fabregas

New role of “Super Mario” with SCG Muang Thong How can you do as a coach? It is very interesting to follow. Fans “arrogant Kylen” who have been impressed with his style as a player. Must help the beloved former footballer to do the best work

Atmosphere of Mario Eurovski, the new head coach, Kirin arrogantly led the team to practice on the first day.

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Panasonic Introduces New Android TV TH-HX650 Series


Panasonic (Panasonic) is ready to send a new lineup of TV 2020 for you to experience a more realistic entertainment experience, both picture and sound with a smart TV from Panasonic.

Launched with “Panasonic android TV: TH-HX650 Series, the new 4K HDR standard Android smart TV with Borderless Design.

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As reports of criticism of the 3rd lease law followed, the government “stimulates anxiety psychology”


[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Seong-Bong Lim = After the introduction of the 3rd Lease Act, the government has stepped up to media reports that side effects such as accelerating the conversion of jeonse to monthly rent are becoming a reality. The government refuted that the conversion of jeonse to monthly rent had no direct causal relationship with the 3rd Lease Act and there was no factor to induce it.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport released a press release on the 19th, “Recently, some media reported that side effects such as accelerating the transition from jeonse to monthly rent, increasing disputes between landlords and tenants, rising jeonse prices and sharp decline in jeonse transactions have been realized by the introduction of the 3rd Lease Act. “There was,” he explained, “This claim is not true, and the low interest rate trend has been affected rather than the 3rd lease law.”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Hyung-Seok Lee = Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kim Hyun-mi is preparing for a general meeting of the National Territory Committee held at the National Assembly on the morning of September 23. 2020.09.23 [email protected]

“With the enforcement of the 3rd Lease Act, rather, when the existing contract is renewed, it is not possible to convert to monthly rent with only the unilateral intention of the lessor without the consent of the lessee, and even if it is converted from cheonsei to monthly rent upon renewal, the legal conversion rate of 2.5% is applied.” And the increase in monthly rent is also limited to less than 5%, so there is not much incentive for the landlord to switch from cheonsei to monthly rent.”

In addition, regarding the increase in disputes between landlords and tenants, “there are some transitional confusion and inconveniences that are inevitable until a new transaction practice is established with the introduction of the 3 Lease Act. It is a decreasing trend, and as new systems and practices are established, such complaints are expected to decrease further.”

The number of civil complaints peaked at 494 in the third week of September, but declined to 199 in the second week of October.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport expressed outright dissatisfaction by using the expression’regret’ in connection with the report that the jeonse transaction volume was abrupt.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said in a press release, “If you simply compare the transaction volume of the previous month in which the number of reports was accumulated and the current month’s transaction volume, which has not yet been completed, the current month’s transaction volume is inevitably underestimated.” We regret that we repeatedly distorted the data and presented it as evidence.”

The monthly rent transaction volume is a data that aggregates the number of contracts reported through the confirmed date, and the transaction volume is bound to fluctuate as the number of reports is added, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport explained.

Finally, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, “It is not helpful to anyone, such as aggravating the jeonse market, to provoke anxiety sentiment with some stimulating cases or the theory of supply contraction caused by the unproven 3rd lease law.” “I urge you to refrain from increasing market anxiety.”

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5022 Kovid cases in the state today; Cured 7469 people


Thiruvananthapuram: Kovid for 5022 people in the state today. 4257 people were infected through contact. The source of 647 is not clear. The disease includes 59 health workers. 21 people died of the disease. 7469 people were cured. 92,731 people are in treatment.

CM’s words

36599 samples were tested today. So far, efforts have been made to prevent the spread of the disease. In this way, the spread of the disease was prevented and the treatment system was strengthened. In this way, they learned more about the disease and life-saving techniques. Through all of this we were able to prevent Kovid deaths. Even in Italy, the disease quickly reached its peak.

We know how much the impact of the disaster was at that point. In Italy, up to 16 out of 100 cases of the disease die. The death rate in various states of our country is also shocking. In Kerala, the death rate has been low from the beginning. We find that the mortality rate is low even at this time when covid proliferation is at its peak. This epidemic engulfed the whole world. It is important to know how many lives have been saved and what has been done for it.

Kerala faced the epidemic through a scientific approach. The result is a better, lower mortality rate. The death toll fell to 0.45 in June from 0.77 in May. In August, it was 0.4. 0.38 in September. The death rate so far in October was 0.28 percent. It is a proud achievement that we are able to bring down the mortality rate even at this stage.

This is why the health sector in Kerala is internationally recognized. Besides, Kerala has not gone after any honor. No application for the award has been made anywhere. The recognition we received was the result of our hard work and tireless efforts. But many are upset by all this. Such people are insulting Kerala without understanding the facts and sometimes deliberately misleading them.

Kovid was first reported in Kerala in India after the Kovid outbreak in Wuhan, China. But in the first instance, we prevented the disease from dying and spreading to more people. Despite the spread of Kovid in China and many other parts of the world, Kerala, with its high population density, was able to cope with Kovid.

Kerala was the first state in the country to develop the Kovid protocol. We did publicity and awareness before anyone else. In the second phase, the disease reached Kerala from Italy and spread to many people. We faced, and by then we had brought the Break the Chain. Kerala is the first state to declare a lockdown before the national lockdown. The news that Onam has been widely discounted in Kerala is false.

As with other celebrations, small concessions were made and strict guidelines and strict restrictions were given during Onam. It was suggested that customers should be admitted according to the size of the shop and that the number of people permitted should be displayed outside the shop. During Onam, shops were allowed to operate only till 9 pm. It was suggested that home delivery should be encouraged even though malls and hypermarkets are licensed.

Kovid has repeatedly demanded and requested at press conferences that Onam celebrations should not be held in groups in view of the spread. The DGP and the Chief Secretary appealed to the people in this regard. During the Onam season, the police kept a close watch and remained vigilant. 2603 cases were registered for violating the rules on the first Onam. 1279 arrests were also recorded. 137 vehicles were seized. On August 31, the day of Thiruvonam, 1996 cases and 1019 arrests were registered and 94 vehicles were seized.

On September 1, the same day, 1198 cases were registered. 62 vehicles were seized. 655 people were arrested that day. On September 2, 708 people were arrested for violating the regulations. 1612 cases were registered. 92 vehicles were seized. All this shows that strict control was imposed during Onam. There was great cooperation from the people.

The government took special care to provide welfare pensions and foodgrains to the common man. May had days without cases due to the positive and remarkable intervention in this way. Active cases dropped to three and the recovery rate rose to 97 percent. Instead of being proud of it, the sight of some people getting upset is amazing. There are some things we have seen with the removal of lock down control.

It was certain that there would be a situation where our brothers would return from abroad and from other states and that many of them would come from Kovid-affected areas and spread here. The Department of Health also warned that there would be a large-scale Kovid outbreak in August. In view of all this, we have done extensive preparation and awareness. This is how the death toll is reduced.

Everyone knows how Kovid spread here. The country and the natives came together to stop Kovid. At this point, some came out publicly to sabotage the defense. Its impact is what happened here. We have made the Kovid defense a success because of the vigilance of the people and the smooth running of the health care system. Local self-government representatives, officials and volunteers all made sacrifices as a result.

The opposition gave the wrong message to the people. We have seen the tragic part of what will happen in the country if one part works separately at the point where everyone stops Kovid. Despite all the other problems, we must stand united in the Kovid defense.

Preventing the spread of the disease here is something that the community does together. Everyone must play a part in it. We have seen the tragic part of what happens if we try to keep a part of it away and that false message spreads across the country. The lesson to be learned from this is that while there are other problems, everyone should adopt a stand-alone approach to Kovid defense.

The number of Kovid cases in Thiruvananthapuram district has come down significantly. The number of positive people per day decreased and the cure rate increased positively. Kovid protocol violations were found in markets, auto stands, bus stands and some shops in various parts of the district.

A special study was conducted on those undergoing home treatment in Kollam. At high risk, it became clear that only 16 percent of primary contact was Kovid positive. The study focused on Alappuzha, Azheekal, Chavara and Shakthikulangara health centers. Neendakara and Shaktikulangara harbors were partially opened.

There are 40 active clusters in Pathanamthitta. The district is trying to increase the number of inspections daily to 5,000. Kovid conducts Nilakkal test for Sabarimala pilgrims. As many as 272 pilgrims and staff were treated till 7 am today. Awareness and campaign is being conducted through WhatsApp group in Udumbanchola and Kattappana where Kovid is more in Idukki.

Palakkad 9 First Line Treatment Centers are active. In three of these, the second line treatment is provided to those in category B who are Kovid positives. The home isolation of Kovid patients was well received in Kannur. Already 10804 Kovid patients have opted for home isolation here. There are currently six active clusters in Kannur.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in Kanhangad and Kasaragod municipalities in the Kasaragod district and in the coastal panchayats of Ajanur, Uduma and Chemmanad. Awareness work in the district has been strengthened at the ward level. Two teachers in each ward were assigned as part of the mash project.

The Union Minister said that the current situation is part of the growing prevalence of the disease. That’s what I said here. It has been said many times in the same press conference that this will lead to an increase in the spread of the disease. Everyone is worried about what will happen when something that used to go very smoothly escalates to another state. The Union Health Minister has always praised Kerala.

He believed that the spread of the disease in Kerala was due to the Onam celebrations. There is also a positive side to it, there are going to be big celebrations all over the country in the coming days. At such a stage, there will be a huge increase in the number of people. He sees that the increase in the number of Kovid patients in Kerala, which is a model for the entire country in preventing the spread of Kovid, is due to the combination of violating the Kovid protocol. It’s also meant to remind you that it should not happen anywhere else.



Warning to China; Australia to join Malabar naval exercise with India


New Delhi: Australia will join India in the Malabar Naval Exercise. With this, Australia will be part of the naval exercise along with the Indian, US and Japanese navies. The Malabar Naval Exercise will be held at the end of next month.

Australia has announced its solidarity with India by announcing its participation in the Malabar Naval Exercise in the wake of Chinese provocations in Ladakh. It was earlier decided to include Australia in the Malabar Naval Exercise. It has been officially confirmed that Australia has accepted India’s invitation to participate in the naval exercise. The decision to include Australia in the quad alliance comes amid growing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean.

Australia had earlier expressed its desire to participate in the Malabar Naval Exercise. Since 2017, the four countries have officially increased cooperation. Currently, India is strengthening its quad alliance with New Zealand and South Korea. India and Australia have agreed on a logistics agreement to use each other’s military bases. India had earlier signed a similar agreement with the United States.

Rahul is a new ‘head’, says Rahul


Dubai: Kings XI Punjab, who have been reeling from a string of defeats in the IPL, are back on track to win their last two matches. In this, Mumbai defeated Punjab by two super overs in a long match yesterday. The second super over was needed to decide the winners after the tie in the allotted over and the first super over.

The match continued into the second super over when Rahul dived and ran out Decock for the last ball of the first super over. In the second super over, Mumbai scored 11 runs but Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal batted well to help Punjab reach the target easily. Rahul, who shone behind the wicket and with the bat, also excelled as a captain.

With this, fans commented that Rahul is the new ‘head’ of India (fans affectionately call MS Dhoni). When a fan named Ghazal shared a picture of Rahul falling and running out on social media and commenting that it was my head, Rahul came forward to respond directly.

Rahul’s reply was that the ghazal has only one ‘head’ and everyone knows who it is. Rahul was Punjab’s top scorer with 77 off 51 balls.


“Deep reflection”…Napla, Luffy, Blue, Oleft, Mekitrain wrapper caught inhaling hemp [공식]


According to the agency, at the time of the police investigation, all the urine test results of the artists of Mekit Lane were negative, but in this process, the artists admitted that they smoked cannabis in 2019, and were ultimately suspended in prosecution for the case in July. Regarding, Young West is currently in trial.

Mekit Lane said, “All members of Mekit Lane Records admit their faults and are sincerely regretting and reflecting deeply. We also feel heavy responsibility for the occurrence of this unpleasant situation. Again. To prevent this from happening, the agency has prepared measures to prevent recurrence and self-disciplinary measures, and will take strong measures in the future.”

“We have completely replaced the current management as well as the internal management method, and we are carefully managing and checking the personal life of each artist,” he said. “In the future, we will do our best to manage our artists.

Finally, the agency side bowed again, saying, “We apologize once again for causing concern to the fans who always love Mekitrain Records and to all those who would have treated them with sincere interest.”

Currently, the artists under Mekit Lane Records are rappers Nafla and Luffy who made their faces known through Mnet’s’Show Me the Money’, and Owen (left), including BLOO, who became the main character of the music source through MBC’What do you do when you play?’ Young West and others.