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Sam Hammington “One month profit? I lived on a monthly rent and went to a charter two years ago


William (left), Sam Hammington (center), and Bentley. [사진 일간스포츠]

Sam Hammington, an Australian broadcaster, appeared on a radio program and confessed the reasons for losing weight from a recent diet and profits for a month.

Sam Hammington replied, “Isn’t this an excuse?” to the fixed corner question, “How much do you earn a month?” on KBS Cool FM’Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ on the 19th.

So, when the host Park Myung-soo said, “I am not asking for the amount, I am asking how much money I have.”

When asked again, “How is it compared to the past?” Park Myung-soo said, “I lived on monthly rent and then went to jeonse two years ago.” When asked if the two sons’ profits were also of great help, they replied “enough.”

Sam Hamington’s sons William and Bentley, who made their faces known through KBS entertainment’Superman Return’, have appeared in advertisements for kids brands, cosmetics, and electronics.

However, Sam Hammington added, “I don’t think it will be helpful in terms of profits, but rather it will help them in their future lives,” he added. “I manage children’s profits separately, but if they grow up later, they will be surprised.”

Sam Hammington’s diet news also hit the spot on that day.

Myung-soo Park, “It became the face of a second grader in high school. He said, “It’s like a teenager.” “I calculated it, and William and Bentley went out of my body. Together, they weigh about 30kg.”

“I lost 30kg in 4 months,” Sam Hammington said. I had a hard time while I was on a diet, but it was okay because I endure mentally well.”

Regarding the opportunity to lose weight, he answered, “I want to live a long time.” Sam Hammington said, “I have to make a lot of effort because I have children late. If I lose weight, my chances of getting adult diseases are low, and my cholesterol levels have improved a lot after diet.”

When Park Myeong-soo laughed, “It looks a little bit weak,” Sam Hammington said, “I am still on a diet, so I hear a lot of such stories.” “I want to challenge my body in high school.”

Reporter Jeong Hye-jeong [email protected]

Ole Henriksen Exfoliating and Moisturizing Mud Mask has received more than 40,000 praises, keeping skin moisturized and bright at all times!


Was up in the morning, but his face was dull? Entering autumn and winter, different skin problems followed one after another, such as dryness, sensitivity, blackheads… the skin condition is always unsatisfactory when looking in the mirror. But with this bottle of mask from Ole Henriksen, your skin may become plump and smooth!

PHAT Glow Facial Mask is an anti-aging mask. It contains powerful chemical exfoliating ingredients PHAs and Nordic birch sap, which can moisturize and brighten skin tone. Pink volcanic clay helps clean pores and achieve a gentle peeling effect.

The mask also does not contain the two major stimulating ingredients of SLS and SLES. It is also a vegan and animal-free product. This alone is a big plus. After washing your face thoroughly, apply a pink mask and massage slowly until it turns white. After the ingredients are completely absorbed by the skin, you can wash it off after 15 minutes. The user describes the incredible radiance on the face after use, which can calm sensitive skin. No wonder more than 40,000 people have liked it, and 91% of the users recommend it. If you want to try this mask, you can go to the Sephora website to buy it.

Further reading:
>A light spray can clean your face? Not only is the simple packaging attractive, its moisturizing and cleanliness is the key!
>Not only by celebrity effect: Elaluz, a vegan brand founded by a Brazilian supermodel, has received rave reviews for every product!
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Department of International Trade Promotion prepares BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition


Department of International Trade Promotion prepares BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition

On 19 October 2020 at 16:15

Digital platform launched, virtual trade show Pushing the jewelry and jewelry industry to the online world

Department of International Trade Promotion The Ministry of Commerce will host the Bangkok Gems and jewelry (BGJF) Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition, a special gems and jewelry fair. Held online It will be held between 2-4 November 2020 through the website. www.bkkgems-vts.com

Mr. Somdet Suchomboon, Director-General, Department of International Trade Promotion Mentioning this event that “Gems and accessories including gold It has the third export value, generating income into the country in 2019, approximately 15.6 billion US dollars or 486,000 million baht, accounting for 6.37 percent of total exports. Creating a complete industry Make contributions to the Thai economy in many dimensions The gems and jewelry industry creates jobs and increases local income, with a total of 1.2 million workers in this industry nationwide.

Today the world economy is facing challenges. The situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects trade and investment in a wide range. International exhibits have a number of limitations due to the inconvenience of international buyers’ international travel. As well as changes in consumer behavior. Under the new normal or New Normal to meet the changes that occur. Ministry of Commerce The Department of International Trade Promotion has therefore organized BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition during 2 – 4 November 2020.

It is the first time to bring together more than 600 gems and jewelry exhibitors to an online platform. Which increases the chances of reaching buyers from all over the world It offers a combination of Virtual Trade Fair and Online Business Matching (Online Business Matching) where interested parties can trade immediately via live chat or video call. And can also arrange a trade negotiation in advance

The main objective of the BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition is to support Thai entrepreneurs to develop their capabilities to “set, adapt and find opportunities” in entering the global market. Through the creation of a special display of jewelry and accessories in the online format. Which is a trend for exhibiting a new era This will be the mission of the Department of International Trade Promotion in the future after the situation of the epidemic has reduced or stopped.

In the meantime To strengthen Thailand as a perfect center for the production and trade of gems and jewelry of the world Department of International Trade Promotion Still still organizing an exhibition of gems and jewelry Which is an area platform for more than 65 consecutive times. The 66th event will be held from 23-27 February 2021 at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. “

The BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition will be held between 2-4 November 2020 through the website. www.bkkgems-vts.com


People’s Power to Submit Special Prosecution Law for’Lime and Optimus’… “與, must be accepted immediately”

Kim Jong-in “Investigation Objectivity Will the People Believe” Joo Ho-young “Submitted Special Prosecution Bill”
Yoo Sang-beom “Somewhat suspicious of the scenario” Kim Ki-hyun “Operation of water riding and water ghost”
“Minister Chu, who abolished the acquisition, causes insolvent investigation”, “Mr. Ki-jeong Kang, self-sufficiency”

On the 19th, the power of the people was asked to pursue a special prosecution for a clear investigation regardless of the opposition party in the counterattack of the Democratic Party, which raised suspicion of involvement by opposition politicians in the Lime-Optimus case.

The party leadership announced that it would submit a special prosecution bill as soon as the Democratic Party issued a letter from former Star Mobility Chairman Kim Bong-hyun’s imprisonment to carry out the legitimacy for the investigation of the airlift. As the Lime-Optimus incident arising out of suspicion of misconduct by passport officials has been abused in the political conflict and spread to the Air Defense Forces vs. Special Prosecutors’ Workshop, the essence of the matter is being warned.

“There seems to be an unimaginable debate between the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Justice with a letter written by one of the suspects of the Lime incident in prison,” said Kim Jong-in, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee. The Ministry of Justice looks like that, but can the people believe the objectivity of the investigation?”

Chairman Kim said, “In order to deal with this situation most objectively and neatly, I propose to conduct a special prosecution.” “If the government and the ruling party are also willing to cooperate in conducting an objective investigation into this case, the special prosecutor proposed by our party must be followed. I ask you to accept it.” Ho-young Joo said, “The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office and the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office are Chin Chu Mi-ae, a person from the pro-government. The only choice is a special swordsman.”

“The special prosecutor’s office should be left to conduct a thorough investigation, and Yeo-Ya must immediately stop the political dispute over this matter,” said Joo. “The power of the people will submit a special prosecution bill for the implementation of the special prosecution in this case as soon as possible.” Revealed.

Lee Jong-bae, chairman of the Policy Committee, said, “Minister Chu Mi-ae is only obstructing the investigation by using the investigation command as an excuse rather than a strict investigation.” Said.

Seong Il-jong, an emergency countermeasure committee member of the Democratic Party, said, “This is a very good word,” as the Democratic Party’s Supreme Council member Shin Dong-geun pointed out that “it is suspected of being a political maneuver through the prosecution-opposition connection.” This is why we should immediately introduce a special prosecution,” he suggested to the Democratic Party, saying, “Let’s get a special prosecution in front of the people as both the political parties and the prosecution are subject to investigation.”

While referring to the Buma’s Democratic Uprising, he warned of national resistance if the Democratic Party does not accept a special prosecution.

House spokesman Choi Hyung-du said in a commentary, “The ruling party should realize the rigorous lesson of history that if the ruling party pushes it with the power of the majority, it can eventually face the people’s resistance, such as anger.” He urged, “We must immediately stop bulletproof operations such as the appointment of a legislator or the prosecution of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, and accept the unconditional special prosecution.”

It also raised the day for Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, who launched an offensive over the controversy over the investigation and command of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

Spokesman Kim Ye-ryeong commented, “The appearance of the Ministry of Justice on one word of the suspect seems to be seeing another version of the’Shake Yun Seok-yeol’ that started with the suspicion of’verbion adhesion’.” “Abolished the joint securities crime investigation team, He argued that it was none other than Minister Chu’s Ministry of Justice that caused insolvency investigations by changing the personnel of the investigation team from time to time because there was not enough aestheticity when requesting more prosecutors.”

Rep. Kim Woong introduced a letter with acquaintances, saying, “The prosecution’s rider, the words of righteous Kim Bong-hyun,” he said, “I Deung-ga, the person who saves money when his older brother does things.” Kang Ki-jeong, who dismissed the righteous as a scammer, said, “Be self-sufficient.”

Some of the party questioned the possibility that some kind of transaction had been made between Kim Bong-hyun and the authority in power, or questioned the credibility of the content Kim revealed.

Rep. Yoo Sang-beom from the prosecutor’s office said in an interview on MBC Radio’s’Kim Jong-bae’s attention’ on the day, “A part of the suspicion that he suddenly neglected the investigation of the opposition politician in this case with a statement full of loopholes. He said, “There would be enough suspicion that there are some scenarios at this point,” he said. “We moved from the suspicion of receiving money and goods by the politics to the reform of the prosecution and the inadequacy of the investigation and command of President Yoon Suk-yeol.”

Rep. Kim Ki-hyun said on Facebook, “In the beginning, Mr. Kim was a person who showed off that he was receiving the protection of the current regime, saying,’He is on the line of the chief executive officer of the government and the government’, and’Mr. Kim is the opposition party. It is difficult to change the target of the attack with the prosecution and the prosecution. “The prosecution reform must be done,” he said.

Rep. Kim said, “The letter was written in September, but in mid-October, the testimony of ’50 million won related to chief Kang Ki-jeong’ was revealed, and an internal document that’the government and passport officials participated as beneficiaries’ in the Optimus fraud case was revealed. He pointed out that the letter was suddenly released when the current regime was in a corner,” he said. “It smells like the mobilization of the water and ghost operations.”

Although the leadership of the people’s strength is taking a cautious stance regarding future over-the-counter struggles, it has been argued that a special prosecutor must be carried out with a representative position.

In a statement, 3rd Rep. Taeheum Kim said in a statement, “A scammer of the next financial fund is driving the entire country into chaos.” “I hope the Democratic Party will accept a special prosecutor and the power of the Korean people, Ho-young Joo, put the office to pass the special prosecutor.” .

In a statement on the day, Rep. Cho Kyung-tae of the 5th line said, “As the circumstances in which the power to protect the people’s morale was involved were revealed, the special prosecutor was an irresistible choice.” “Even in order to uncover this situation without any doubt It is necessary to hold a plenary session of the National Assembly and decide on a special prosecution.”


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Summary of 10 demands for Hong Kong-Thai youth After holding hands via 2 hashtags


Is a story that is constantly being discussed For the claims of the people Whether in Thailand Or in Hong Kong With the gathering of many young people with the same ideology today Live news online Will summarize the event of calling for democracy of Hong Kong people Before there was a handshake between the youth of the two countries. Under hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance และ #save12hkyouths

1. The incident occurred from the murder of a Hong Kong woman that happened in Taiwan. On March 14, 2018, Hong Kong media reported that Chan-Tung-Kai A 19-year-old Hong Kong man was arrested by police after being told he had murdered his 20-year-old girlfriend while on vacation in Taiwan. He further confessed that he had the body stuffed in a bag and took it to a deserted forest.

Hong Kong suitcase murderer suspected his girlfriend was pregnant with another man's child | Taiwan News
The couple had been in a relationship for a year, but when they returned to Hong Kong, it turned out that you Chan-Tung-Kai Only come back By telling the woman’s father that they had broken up But her father didn’t believe it. Therefore went to report

An examination of CCTV cameras in Taiwan found that Mr. Chan-Tung-Kai Dragged pink suitcase out of the room Before returning to the hotel in the evening But there is no such bag And later Police found the body of his girlfriend was dumped in the overgrown forest. Initially expected to be strangled for death

FInal images of woman allegedly murdered by boyfirend and stuffed into a suitcase | Daily Mail Online

2. The loophole of extradition law From such events according to the law Hong Kong could not be charged with the murder due to Chan-Tung-Kai. Cause in Taiwan Taiwan officials have asked the Hong Kong authorities to send the man to prosecute in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong officials said They cannot follow Because there is no extradition agreement with Taiwan For this reason, the Hong Kong authorities drafted extradition law into the Legislative Assembly. To make extradition to Taiwan easier

3,000 Hong Kong lawyers protest against the extradition KMITL

There is also a hidden list of “China”, with Hong Kongers deeming the amendment to the law as an opportunity for the Chinese government to use it as a threat. And arrest those for democracy and human rights movements Including the anti-Chinese who have fled to Hong Kong.

3. First strike It took place on June 9, 2019, the largest gathering in Hong Kong. More than 1 million people attended the rally, with students, merchants, businessmen, lawyers and famous people supporting democracy this time.

Black shirt mob
The rally took place at key landmarks in Hong Kong, before clashes between protesters and officials in the evening of June 12 were firing of rubber bullets and tear gas for the dissolution of the rally. Seven protesters were arrested and several more injured, after which protests in Hong Kong began to escalate, for example protesters gathered at the legislature. Including the collision at the Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong protests spread to the airport, distribute flyers to 'educate' visitors - the Bangkok Insight

4. # MilkTeaAlliance #Tea, condensed milk than blood Or friendship, milk tea, hashtag, twitter that happened during the past April It is a collaboration to call for democracy in Thailand, a gathering of 3 groups: demonstrators in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Taiwan, where the group called Taiwan Alliance for Thai Democracy is a rally for democracy in Thailand. Hong Kong, Taiwan switched to the speech. To share the bitter experiences he had experienced

If said in general #MilkTeaAlliance It is the starting point for netizens who have brought out interesting political flows between Thailand and China, whether it is #StopMekongDam Hashtag that if Thailand – China are brothers, as China claims Why does China build a dam to store water on the Mekong River? Causing Thailand, Laos, Cambodia to encounter dry conditions and insufficient water as every year

5. Joshua Wong The most prominent young activists in Hong Kong protests He was a mainstay against the containment of educational courses. Because the course is believed to be propaganda from mainland China. He has been active in protest ever since. Umbrella Protest Since 57

And after a while He served as Demosisto Party Secretary in 2016, at the heart of the party that he wants the people of Hong Kong to determine their future. Not based on Chinese nationalism He insists on calling for democracy and the government belongs to the people of Hong Kong.

Sent back to jail
6. Youth and politics The growing number of Hong Kong teenagers who are interested in and recognizing the importance of politics continues to increase. The voting registration rate for 18-35 year olds has increased from 58 percent in 2000 to 70 percent in 2016, while in Thailand, the number of teenagers aged 18-35 has not elected since 2012- In 2017, there were more than five million, six hundred thousand people, accounting for 11 percent of the total population. While these youth groups have never experienced the democratic atmosphere

Hong Kong prepared for a new round of rallies  Students protest against friend being shot - the Bangkok Insight

Flash mob:

7.#save12hkyouths The campaign calls for the release of 12 Hong Kong teenagers who were arrested on 23 August. And lost contact since that day The Hong Kong government has deleted the contact history of the government aviation operations unit. Joshua Wong Received information from a clue and confirmed that it was a police operation for sure. The arrest took place at 04.00-08.45 hrs. On 23 August.

Joey Siu 邵嵐 #SAVE12HKYOUTHS on Twitter:

Hong Kong citizens have now signed a request for the release of 12 young people who have been deported to China. #save12hkyouths Has submitted proposals, 4 claims are 1. Ask for the right to choose a lawyer yourself. 2. Seek first aid or medication when sick or injured. 3. Return to Hong Kong and 4. Must allow young people to have contact with people at home.

The kidnapped youth were aged between 16 and 30 years old. The mother of the kidnapped youth said in an interview. My request is very simple and humble. It’s a fundamental right that I want to use my lawyer to protect my son. Not a lawyer brought from the mainland

8.The event has received the attention of many people such as women. Greta Thunberg A 17-year-old Swedish climate activist who has created a buzz for adults around the world, including famous Hong Kong actor Gregory Wong Chung-yiu. That came out to join this campaign and stuck #Whatshappenonginthailand Too, Mr. Alistair Carmichael Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom

Mr. Natiwit Chotiphat Phaisan, a 24-year-old activist, a Thai activist, has posted a message via Twitter stating thatThe people of Hong Kong have come out to help spread news of the Thai people’s struggle to the world. Including the symbolic expressions there We too have come to help Hong Kong people who have been oppressed of their freedom by following # save12hkyouths Campaigns and pressure on the Chinese and Hong Kong governments to immediately release the 12 youth held by China to return to Hong Kong

9. Date 18 Oct 2020 Joshua Wong He posted a personal Twitter about the Thai gathering on October 17, 2020 sayingEach flashlight or firefly light It represents the unwavering spirit of fighting in Thailand. For justice Better future And stolen democracy May the world please #StandWithThailand In their fight Even when the subway is closed But brave Thai people break the strict laws Parade the streets and make a loud noise Their resolve for Thai democracy cannot be suppressed.Ready to attach a hat-tack #WhatIsHappeningInThailand #MilkTeaAlliance

Joshua Wong also shared pictures of an ambulance moving through Hong Kong and Thailand demonstrations as an expression of a peaceful demonstration for democracy.


10. Mr. Natiwit Chotipat Phaisan He posted a message on Twitter this morning saying “My friend @ Joshua Wong told me that tomorrow at 4pm he will go to an anti-government rally for the Thai people. At the front of the consulate in Hong Kong #MilkTeaAlliance # save12hkyouths ” The incident is considered to be a help between the two countries to claim the democracy back to the people.

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Health – Heart valve surgery Through a small incision camera


Heart valve surgery Through a small incision camera – Heart valve disease that is most common in Thai people are Degeneration of the heart valves with age and rheumatic heart disease.

Asst. Prof. Atthaphum To Supa-at Assistant Director of Bangkok Heart Hospital said that there were also other causes. Such as congenital heart valves Heart valve infection Congenital anomalies of the heart valve tissue, the most common of which is the mitral valve, between the left ventricle and the left ventricle. If the damage is not too great and there are no other underlying diseases To do joint surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mitral Valve Repair) can now be repaired through the Mitral Valve Repair, which helps patients do not have to cut the sternum (Sternum), helping the wound to be small and painful. Not long recovery, returning to various activities As needed

Minor incision laparoscopic mitral valve repair surgery It is a heart valve repair surgery using specially designed surgical instruments and using a camera that makes detailed images inserted through four small holes in the right rib to provide clear, detailed images by using a lung and heart machine. It is implanted through a tube inserted from a blood vessel in the groin to temporarily support lung and heart function, allowing doctors to smoothly repair and replace heart valves Without needing to cut the sternum as in the past

This method, in addition to a short time of surgery, is about 3-4 hours, it also allows the wound to be small, 4-5 cm. Sternum saw It takes a while to recuperate and return to life and perform normal activities.

This method requires a doctor’s experience and expertise. The heart surgeon will consider small incision laparoscopic mitral valve repair from the symptoms and abnormalities of the patient and the results of the diagnosis of the function of the heart valve with a high frequency resonator. That clearly show abnormalities of the heart valves

If surgery is to be performed, the cardiologist will consider age. The physical condition of patients with underlying diseases or diseases, including the location of the heart valves that have problems In the event that the patient is unable to undergo a standard heart valve replacement surgery Repair surgery Microscopic incision mitral valve is another option to help patients return to their quality of life.

The advantages of this method of surgery are 1. Do not cut the sternum. 2. Small wound, less pain Less blood loss 3. Reduce the risk of infection. 4. Reduce the recovery time. 5. Do activities as usual 6. Do not worry about the unattractive from the surgical wound.

However, microscopic mitral valve repair is largely dependent on a diagnosis by a cardiologist. If the patient has other concomitant diseases That requires surgery for many diseases may not be able to operate with this method In which the doctor will consider the appropriate surgical treatment in the future

I want three points! Calvert-Lewin Not satisfied with the Liverpool draw.

Everton v Liverpool – Premier League | Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Levin Stryker was upset with the draw. Liverpool 2-2 in the game Premier League Latest match at Goodison Park

“At the end of the game I was fine (with a draw) if I still felt disappointed because in fact we could have done more when the 1-1 draw,” Calvert Levin said.

“We did quite well and brought ourselves back to the game and felt we could have shot again. However, it didn’t happen today. “

“I am disappointed because I want to be the winner of this game as well as the fans. But even so, if you look at the big picture, we still get the score. We have not lost and want to keep the record without losing continuously. “

“We showed our determination to come back to Gae and there was an unfortunate moment when Richie’s (Richard Lison) shot hit the post, we had a chance to win, but couldn’t hold it.”

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Muraleedharan not to act in 800; Vijay Sethupathi withdrew


ShriVijay Sethupathi has pulled out of the upcoming 800 film based on the life of Sri Lankan spinning legend Muttiah Muraleedharan. Muraleedharan had requested Vijay Sethupathi to withdraw from the film in the face of strong protests. Vijay Sethupathi has announced his withdrawal from the film shortly after Muraleedharan’s reaction was discussed.

Soon after the announcement of 800, hashtag campaigns were active on social media to boycott Vijay Sethupathi. Hashtags like ‘Shame on you’ and ‘Boycott Vijay Sethupathi’ became popular on social media. Critics have accused Vijay Sethupathi of insulting the Tamil people and of playing a Tamil Nadu actor in a film about a Sri Lankan cricketer who killed Tamils. Muttiah Muralitharan is considered a supporter of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who played a key role in the 30 – year – long civil war.

While the controversy was raging, Muttiah Muralitharan came out with a response on the issue. Is it my fault that I was born a Sri Lankan Tamil? Those who do not know about my life clearly label me as working against the Tamil community for political purposes. It hurts me. My reasons do not appease my opponents but on the other hand, they spread false news about me, ”said Muttiah Muralitharan.

” At first I was reluctant when the producers approached me to make a film about my life. But then, I thought it was the right opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of my parents, teachers, coaches and teammates to my success. I thought my story would inspire young people. But I have to make sure that no actor suffers in my name. That is why I am appealing to Vijay Sethupathi to withdraw from the film, ”said Muttiah Muralitharan.

Content Highlights: Vijay Sethupathi to opt out of 800 after Muthiah Muralidaran requests


NZXT appearance, ASROCK board NZXT N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK motherboard-computer field HKEPC Hardware


NZXT N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK motherboard

▲ NZXT N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK motherboard

NZXT has launched a new “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard. It cooperates with ASROCK, one of the four major motherboard manufacturers in the world, to provide high-quality, high-stability product quality. It uses Intel Z490 chipset and supports the latest 10th generation Intel Core processor, with 8 + 2 phase 50A digital power supply, Intel 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 module, and also supports NZXT’s own RGB LED plug. With NZXT CAM control tool, it can easily control the system’s fan speed and lighting effects. It can be used with NZXT The best support for the product is definitely the choice of faith.


The NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard adopts the ATX Form Factor specification, the size is 30.5cm x 24.4cm, and the full-frame matte black metal armored shell is added. The lines are square and neat, showing only the commonly used interfaces. The appearance design is consistent with the market. The mainstream e-sports style has completely different charms. Players who want to create a simple and fashionable style console should definitely not miss it.



▲ General view of full-frame housing

After disassembling the full-width metal armor shell, the upper shell is a metal shell, and the lower layer is a plastic shell.

Socket LGA 1200 interface


▲ Socket LGA 1200

The new generation of “Z490” chipset motherboard adopts a new LGA 1200 processor interface, which is similar in appearance to the old Socket 1151 but not the same. Not only has the slot used for foolproofness changed, and the pin definition has also been made. Changed, adding more VCCCORE power supply and pins to meet more core power supply requirements, and adding VCCSTG pins for the first time, which should be added to support the next generation of Rocket Lake. It supports the new “Comet Lake” micro-architecture and Intel 10th generation Intel Core processors, which can achieve up to 10 cores and 20-thread configurations, but it is not compatible with the old Coffee Lake micro-architecture products.

10th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors

Intel Core i9-10900KF 14nm 10/20 2.5MB 20MB 3.7GHz 5.3GHz 125W DDR4-2933
Intel Core i9-10900K 10/20 2.5MB 20MB 3.7GHz 5.3GHz 125W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i9-10900F 10/20 2.5MB 20MB 2.8GHz 5.2GHz 65W
Intel Core i9-10900 10/20 2.5MB 20MB 2.8GHz 5.2GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i7-10700KF 8/16 2MB 16MB 3.8GHz 5.1GHz 125W
Intel Core i7-10700K 8/16 2MB 16MB 3.8GHz 5.1GHz 125W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i7-10700F 8/16 2MB 16MB 2.9GHz 4.8GHz 65W
Intel Core i7-10700 8/16 2MB 16MB 2.9GHz 4.8GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i5-10600KF 6/12 1.5MB 12MB 4.1GHz 4.8GHz 125W DDR4-2666
Intel Core i5-10600K 6/12 1.5MB 12MB 4.1GHz 4.8GHz 125W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i5-10600 6/12 1.5MB 12MB 3.3GHz 4.8GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.2GHz
Intel Core i5-10500 6/12 1.5MB 12MB 3.1GHz 4.5GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.15GHz
Intel Core i5-10400F 6/12 1.5MB 12MB 2.9GHz 4.3GHz 65W
Intel Core i5-10400 6/12 1.5MB 12MB


4.3GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.1GHz
Intel Core i3-10320 4/8 1MB 8MB 3.8GHz 4.6GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.15GHz
Intel Core i3-10300 4/8 1MB 8MB 3.7GHz 4.4GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.15GHz
Intel Core i3-10100 4/8 1MB 6MB 3.6GHz 4.3GHz 65W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.1GHz

Intel Pentium Gold Series Desktop Processors

Intel Pentium Gold G6600 14nm 2/4 512KB 4MB 4.2GHz 58W UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.1GHz DDR4-2666
Intel Pentium Gold G6500 4.1GHz UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) 1.1GHz
Intel Pentium Gold G6400 4.0GHz UHD Graphics 610 (GT2) 1.05GHz

Intel Celeron G Series Desktop Processors

Intel Celeron G4920 14nm 2/2 512KB 2MB 3.4GHz 58W UHD Graphics 610 (GT2) 1.05GHz DDR4-2666
Intel Celeron G4900 3.5GHz

Intel’s 10th generation Core processors have completed the entire generation alternation, except for K series models without multiplier lock, F series models without IGP graphics core, and KF models without multiplier lock and without IGP graphics core.

Intel Z490 system chip


▲ Intel Z490 system chip

Intel 400 Series Chipset Comparsion

CPU OC Support Yes No No No
CPU PCIe Configuration




1×16 1×16 1×16
IGP Output Ports/Pipes 3/3 3/3 3/3 3/2
Memory Channels / DIMMs Support 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/2
Memory OC Support Yes No No No
Optane Support Yes Yes Yes No
CNVi Integrated WiFi AX201 AX201
SDXC SDA 3.0 Support Yes
Max HSIO Lanes 30 30 24 14
Total USB Port 14 14 12 10
USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 6 4 0 0
USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 power supply part, “Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3” motherboard adopts 8-phase power supply design, of which 6-phase processing CPU Vcore power supply, 2-phase processing VCCGT power supply, each phase power supply equally divides the current load, each phase power supply Evenly share the current load, with the dual-fan active giant aluminum alloy radiator, it can effectively take away the heat of the entire VRM, and add additional tantalum polymer capacitors as a buffer to improve the transient response of the processor to strengthen the system Stability and processor overclocking ability. 10 8 8 4
Max PCIe Lanes 24 Lanes
20 Lanes
12 Lanes
6 Lanes
Rapid Storage Support Yes
RST for PCIe Storage 3 2 1 0
Total SATA Ports 6 6 6 4
RST RAID Support Yes Yes Yes No
vPro Support No

Compared with the old Z390 chipset, the new Intel Z490 system chip continues to use the 14nm process, and the functions and specifications have not changed much. Switch to Wi-Fi 6 AX201 CNVi WiFi MAC, which can provide lower cost Wi-Fi 6 wireless Network features.

Support DDR4-4266 OC


▲ 4 DIMM up to 128GB capacity

In terms of memory, the NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard provides 4 DDR4 DIMM slots, with Dual Channel and Intel XMP 2.0 memory technology, and can be configured with ECC Un-buffered and non-ECC Un-buffered memory modules. Supports up to 128GB memory capacity.


Although the IMC of the new generation Comet Lake processor has been further improved, the official motherboard specifications support the highest DDR4-4266+ XMP memory speed, but this motherboard is not the main high-end overclocking market, and does not focus on memory circuit layout optimization. The test uses Thermaltake Toug hram DDR4 4400MHz CL19 8GB memory. After increasing the voltage and relaxing the delay value, it can overclock to DDR4-3900 and complete all load tests. The memory overclocking performance is significantly improved compared to the previous generation. I do not recommend readers to choose more than 3600MHz. Memory, I also hope that future BIOS versions can optimize memory overclocking problems.

8 + 2 phase Dr.MOS digital power supply


▲ Adopt 8 + 2 phase power supply module

In terms of power supply design, NZXT “N7 Z390 MATTE WHITE” adopts a 10-phase digital power supply design, of which 8 phases are independently responsible for CPU vCore power supply, and 2 phases are VCCGT power supply. Each phase of power supply equally distributes the CPU vCore current load, reducing the temperature of each phase. , Improve the life, with a large area aluminum alloy VRM radiator, effectively reduce the heat of the PWM components, and provide a stable power output.


▲ Renesas Intersil ISL69269 PWM control chip (left) &

Vishay Siliconix SiC632A 50A Dr. MOS chip (right)

Adopt Renesas Intersil ISL69269 digital power controller, with Smart Power Stage technology, can independently monitor and optimize each phase power, achieve more efficient and precise power regulation than before, and match 8 Vishay Siliconix SiC632A 50A Dr.MOS chips , Built-in the latest TrenchFET technology, can significantly reduce switching and conduction losses, each phase can withstand 50A current through, the maximum support 400A CPU current load.


▲ Using 60A Premium high-efficiency inductors and Nichicon 12K capacitors

The use of 60A high-efficiency inductors can effectively increase the saturation current by 3 times, and improve the stability of Vcore voltage supply under high load or large overclocking. The whole board adopts top-specification Japanese Nichicon 12K black gold capacitors, which can be used for at least 12,000 hours in an extreme environment of 105ºC Life expectancy is better than many mainstream motherboards on the market that only use Taiwanese 5K or 10K capacitors.


▲ VRM radiator and PCH radiator

Support PCIe x16 graphics interface


▲ With 2 sets of PCIe x16 graphics card interface

The motherboard has 2 sets of PCIe x16 graphics card interfaces, among which PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2 are provided by CPU LANES and support the highest PCIe 3.0 x16 transmission specification. In addition, it also provides 3 sets of PCIe 3.0 x1 slots through the Z490 chipset for convenient video capture. Take the card and sound card and other peripherals.

PCIe Slot Configurations

Integrated flexible I/O baffle

The NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard has added a flexible I/O baffle design. Compared with the general pre-installed I/O baffle, the ASRock flexible I/O baffle reserves more flexible adjustment space. It perfectly corresponds to the tolerances of different styles of chassis, can fit the chassis accurately, and also improves the problem that the screw holes of the motherboard are not aligned with the chassis.


The motherboard has 1 set of HDMI 1.4b ports, supports up to 4096×[email protected] Hz resolution, supports HDCP 2.2, HDR and 4K Ultra HD playback, and supports 2 sets of USB 2.0 ports, 2 sets of USB 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps ports, 2 sets of USB USB Gen 2×1 10Gbps interfaces, including 1 set of USB-A interface and 1 set of Type-C interface, all USB interfaces support ESD protection, and the peripheral connectivity is relatively sufficient.

2 sets of M.2 interface + 4 SATA3 ports


▲ 2 sets of M.2 ports

After opening the M.2 shell, you can see that the motherboard provides 2 sets of M.2 ports, all slots support the highest PCIe Gen 3 x 4 speed specification, the highest transmission speed is 32Gbps, the longest M.Key 2280 length specification, below The M2_2 socket is compatible with SSD products with SATA 6Gbps transfer protocol, which can meet the needs of most users.


▲ 4 sets of SATA 6Gbps ports

In addition, the motherboard has 4 sets of SATA 6Gbps ports provided by the Intel Z490 system chipset, supporting RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 modes and Intel Rapid Storage Technology storage technology.

Power and Reset Button


For some players who like to use an open case or even a “bare metal”, the NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard adds a physical “POWER” power button and a “RESET” restart button, which allows users to quickly boot or reboot, which is very convenient the design of.

2.5Gbps Gaming LAN


▲ Realtek Dragon RTL8125BG 2.5G network chip

In terms of wired network connection, NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” uses Realtek Dragon RTL8125BG 2.5G network chip, supports 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps network connection speed, can download games and transfer files at a higher speed, and has a lower The network delay value of the network brings a smooth and unparalleled connection experience.

Wi-Fi 6 wireless network module


▲ Intel AX200NGW wireless network module

The new Z490 chip has built-in WiFi 6 CNVi WiFi MAC. The NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard is equipped with the “AX200” wireless network module, which supports 802.11ax dual-band 2×2 160MHz Wi-Fi technology, and also supports IEEE 802.11 a downwards. /b/g/n/ac wireless network protocol, the highest wireless connection speed can be as high as 2.4Gbps, tracking the wired network speed. At the same time, it has Bluetooth 5.1 to support the connection of new generation smart phones, wearable devices and smart home products, etc., bringing higher speed, lower delay and longer distance wireless transmission.


▲ High-gain Wi-Fi antenna attached

Realtek ALC1200 audio module


▲ Use Realtek ALC1220 Codec audio chip

In terms of sound effects, NZXT “N7 Z390 MATTE WHITE” uses Realtek ALC1220 Codec chip, supports digital 10-channel audio chip, can provide including 7.1-channel theater-level surround sound, plus independent operation of 2-channel front-end audio output, built-in Two sets of analog-to-digital converters (ADC), and support microphone echo cancellation (AEC), beamforming (BF) and noise reduction (NS) technologies, up to 120dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) audio output quality and 113dB signal The recording quality of the noise ratio.


With high-quality Japanese ELNA audiophile grade audio electrolytic capacitors, it can enhance the sound analysis ability and sound extension and expansion effect, bringing precise and realistic sound effects to users.

NZXT RGB LED interface


▲ With 2 sets of NZXT RGB LED interface

NZXT N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK motherboard adds 2 sets of NZXT RGB LED interface, adopts its own 5V 4pin interface specification, compatible with NZXT HUE 2 lighting products, each channel supports up to 40 LEDs and 6 accessories, and can be used with NZXT CAM software Richer lighting modes and synchronization with the lighting effects of other NZXT products, creating a unique atmosphere lighting effect for users.

3pin 5V ARGB and 4pin 12V RGB interface


▲ Support 1 set of 12V RGB and 5V ARGB LED interface

In addition to adding its own NZXT RGB LED interface, in order to meet the needs of other users, it also provides a set of 4-pin RGB LED interface, supports standard 5050 RGB LED strips, the output is 12V 3A 36W, and a set of 3-pin programmable ARGB The interface supports 5V 3A RGB devices with a maximum power of 15W, allowing users to arrange richer RGB lighting effects for the system.

Support NZXT CAM software


NZXT “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” supports the exclusive NZXT CAM control tool, users can observe the system’s various operating data such as CPU/GPU clock, memory usage and network status in real time. It also supports real-time feedback of the noise inside the chassis through the on-board noise sensor, allowing users to adjust the fan speed according to the noise level. It also supports overclocking options for advanced users to adjust the processor and memory clocks in the system to improve the overall system computing performance, which is very practical.


The NZXT CAM control tool also supports lighting control of lighting effect connectors such as NZXT RGB LED, 5V ARGB, 12V RGGB, etc. In addition to providing multiple preset lighting effect profiles, it also provides independent lamp particle customization adjustments, which greatly increases the playability.

NZXT N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK motherboard

Price: HK$ to be confirmed

Enquiry: NZXT HQ

Plain comment:

NZXT launched the new “N7 Z490 MATTE BLACK” motherboard, which uses a full-frame matte black metal armored shell. The clean appearance design is absolutely loved by players. It also cooperates with ASROCK, one of the four major motherboards, to bring Confidence guarantee, with 10-phase 50A Dr.MOS power supply design, 60A Premium high-efficiency inductor, 2.5G Etherent, Intel 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 module, the motherboard has quite complete functions, and also supports NZXT lighting effect product control, which is absolutely suitable for NZXT faith Family barrel assembly.

Text: Richard Chow/Test Center

HTC brings a new mid-range Desire 20+ with SD720G



HTC quietly brought a new mid-to-low-end device Desire 20+ today. With the addition of U20 5G and Desire 20 Pro launched in June, there will be three new phones this year. Compared to the other two, Desire 20+ is a relatively low-end model, using the Snapdragon 720G platform, with a 6.5-inch HD+ (720 x 1,600) resolution panel, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. Its front lens is 16MP with a water drop screen design, while the rear lens is a combination of 48MP + 5MP + 5MP + 2MP. The strange thing is that although the “variable five lenses” are advertised, neither the press release nor the official website seem to explain the functions of the four lenses behind them-it can be said that it is very clear that “only the number of lenses is important. The function doesn’t matter. Finally, its battery has a large capacity of 5,000mAh, and supports dual SIM (Nano-SIM) and microSD expansion.

HTC Desire 20+ is available in two colors, “Dawn Orange” and “Twilight Black”, with a twill design. The suggested price is NT$8,490. From now on, it will be available on HTC’s network and physical stores, plus major e-commerce channels. If you buy it at HTC stores and online stores before November 30, you will get a “HTC quick-drying sunscreen raincoat”. The telecommunications channel will go on sale from November 1.