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Go Hyun-jung,’mouth is open’ in an unprecedented pictorial wearing only a jacket… “Attempts to dress and hair that I did not do”


Actor Ko Hyun-jung (50) showed a fresh attempt through a pictorial.

On the 18th, the fashion magazine’Double U Korea’ released an official Instagram account on the 18th, saying, “Actor Go Hyun-jung, who announced the loss of his comeback in preparation for the next work, appeared on the photo shoot after a long time.”

In the video, Go Hyun-jung caught the eye with an unconventional appearance that was not seen until now by exposing her chest with only a jacket on her upper body without wearing anything. Go Hyun-jung said, “I took a pictorial for the November issue of W. W. I tried a lot of clothes and hair that I had never done before.”

Meanwhile, Go Hyun-jeong, from the 33rd Miss Korea Line in 1989, made his debut in the KBS drama’A Jujube Tree Loved’. Since then, acting skills in MBC’Eyes of Dawn’,’Mother’s Sea’,’Queen Seondeok’, SBS’Fearless Love’,’Spring Day’,’Daemul’, KBS2’Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho 2: Sin and Punishment’ Showed off. As his next work, he is planning to return to his home with his new work’Nobody Loved’ by Bora Yoo, who wrote’The Secret’.

Kang So-young, online news reporter [email protected]

Photo =’Double U Korea’ official Instagram capture

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‘Cassiopeia’, a guide in the northern sky – Sciencetimes


Mars, which became brightest in two years and two months, has led many people to look up at the night sky. Mars is brightest because the distance between Earth and Mars is getting closer. The Earth, which was closest to Mars on the 6th, passed exactly between the Sun and Mars on the morning of the 14th, and is now gradually moving away from Mars behind it. But by the end of this month, you can see Mars shining brighter than Jupiter in the evening sky.

The protagonist of this week’s constellation tour is Cassiopeia, an important guide to the northern sky along with the Big Dipper. The W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia becomes an important milestone in the northern sky in autumn when the Big Dipper descends near the horizon and is hard to see.

Orion meteor shower maximal

One of the coolest scenes you can see in the night sky is a shooting star breaking through the sky. Shooting stars, which are usually difficult to see one or two per hour, sometimes look like a bunch, and this phenomenon is called a meteor shower.

Meteor showers appear when the Earth passes through the orbit of the comet. A meteor shower is a phenomenon in which debris from a comet’s tail is sucked into the atmosphere due to the Earth’s gravity and collides with the air and burns. This week is the time when the meteor shower in the constellation Orion falls the most. The meteor shower in the constellation Orion is named because the Earth meets the orbit of a comet in the direction of the constellation Orion. The point where Earth meets the orbit of a comet is called the radiation point of a meteor shower.

Meteor showers in the constellation Orion appear for about a month from early October to early November every year, and up to 20 to 30 shooting stars are expected to fall at dawn on October 21st or 22nd.

Comet Halley in 1986 Ⓒ NASA

The meteor shower in the constellation Orion is a shooting star created by debris from Comet Halley. The Earth meets the orbit of Comet Halley, which has a period of 76 years, twice a year, such as the Eta Aquarius meteor shower in May and the Orion meteor shower in October. Although it does not belong to the three major meteor showers (Quarter meteor shower in January, Perseus meteor shower in August, Gemini meteor shower in December), the meteor shower that sprinkles the most shooting stars per hour. Are these meteor showers.

The falling speed of a shooting star is usually about 20 to 70 km per second, but the shooting stars in the Orion meteor shower are known to move very fast at 60 to 70 km per second. Due to its high speed, it sometimes leaves traces of shooting stars along the trajectory that has passed, and sometimes causes small explosions. However, most of comet debris are small in size and consist of flammable components in the atmosphere, so they do not actually fall to the ground and leave a meteorite. Most of the bright shooting stars that leave meteorites are stones or iron debris from asteroids.

The radiation point of the meteor shower in Orion is the boundary from Orion to Gemini. The constellation Orion rises in the eastern sky late at night and rises highest in the southern sky around 4-5 o’clock before sunrise. Therefore, it is not necessary to stay up all night from early evening to see the meteor shower in Orion. If you think of the earth as a running bus, the part that corresponds to the windshield is the dawn side, so the most frequent meteor shower is around dawn. In particular, there is no moon at dawn on the 21st and 22nd, so if the weather is clear, you will be able to see more shooting stars.

Radiation Point of Meteor Shower Orion Ⓒ The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)

Guide constellation in the northern sky in autumn Cassiopeia

North sky at night on October 19th. Ⓒ Stellarium, Astronomical Space Project

One of the easiest constellations to find in autumn is the W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia in the northern sky. The constellation Cassiopeia, which can be seen on the opposite side of the Big Dipper from Polaris, can be found high in the northern sky on the autumn evening when the Big Dipper descends near the horizon. The constellation Cassiopeia can be found in a cluster of tiny stars, because it is located at the corner of the Milky Way.

Cassiopeia photo taken with a smartphone. Ⓒ Taehyung Lee

According to Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the queen of Ethiopia, a very vanity woman. She boasted that her daughter, Princess Andromeda, was more beautiful than the sea fairies, and she suffered the bad luck of offering her daughter for wealth to the monster whale sent by Poseidon, the god of the sea. However, it turned into a phone call and took the hero Perseus as son-in-law, and both he and his family were honored to become a constellation in the sky. Of course, Cassiopeia himself is said to have been hanging upside down while sitting on a chair for half a day as punishment for vanity.

Cassiopeia is one of the most famous constellations, but it is also the most difficult to imagine. It would be better to think of it as a mountain with two peaks or a camel with two humps on its back.

This constellation can be used as a guide for finding the North Star when the Big Dipper is difficult to see. By connecting the two stars of the W-shape inward and connecting the point where they meet and the second star in the middle, you can find a polar star of similar brightness by going five times.

How to find Polaris using Cassiopeia. Ⓒ Astronomical Space Planning

Jupiter and Saturn, And the moon

Mars is the brightest star in the evening sky, but Jupiter and Saturn are also the prettiest stars in the telescope. Of course, the biggest and most colorful thing is the moon. Although Jupiter and Saturn, which handed over the throne of the evening sky to Mars during the month of October, it is expected to show a wonderful scene with the moon this week.

Southern sky at night on October 22nd and 23rd. Ⓒ Stellarium, Astronomical Space Project

On the evening of Thursday (22nd), Jupiter can be seen just above the moon, and on the evening of Friday (23rd), the moon can be seen just behind Jupiter and Saturn. The moon and the two planets are already set in the western sky around 10 o’clock, so the time to see a wonderful scene is about 2-3 hours.

The moon passing by the planet occurs once a month. This is because the way the moon passes in the sky and the way planets pass are almost the same. The planets of the solar system orbit the sun in orbits similar to the ecliptic, the orbit of the Earth due to the sun’s strong gravity. The angle between the orbits of planets and the ecliptic is called the inclination of the ecliptic, and Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all about 2 degrees. Baekdo, the orbit of the moon in the sky, is only about 5 degrees apart from the ecliptic at its maximum distance, so the moon passes by each planet once a month.


Shivshankar may seek anticipatory bail; Customs with a tough move | M Sivasankar


Thiruvananthapuram: Former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister M.S. Shivshankar may approach the high court today seeking anticipatory bail. Customs is also preparing to file a report in court against Sivashankar for further offenses. The crucial medical board meeting to decide whether to continue treatment for Sivashankar will be held at 3 pm today.

Shivashankar, who said he had pain in his lower back and neck, underwent various tests but could not be discharged as he did not show any serious problems. So if arrest is the goal of customs, it will not be an obstacle. Therefore, Shivshankar may file an anticipatory bail application before the Medical Board to prevent his arrest.

It is the practice of investigative teams to avoid harsh action if the bail application is accepted on file. Another question is what the customs will do to stop these moves of Shiva Shankar. One of the possible ways is to file a report to the court before the bail application is filed, either by adding Shivshankar or by showing that his role is clear.

But that alone will make it clear what strong evidence is available. Customs will have to answer the question of why the dramatic moves were made, including in the hospital, for three days, without a report or arrest.

English Summary: M Sivasankar seeks anticipatory bail


[SNS세상]7-year-old cousin sexual assault during online classes in the U.S. classmates witnessed


The local community was shocked when a 7-year-old child who was taking online classes in the United States was being raped by a web camera to classmates.

Chicago prosecutors announced this week that they had arrested Curtrell Wells, 18, for sexual assault on a 7-year-old child who was taking online classes.

The victim was Walls’ cousin’s younger brother, who was the target of the crime while staying at his grandmother’s house. The child’s laptop was muted, but it was reported that a teacher and some classmates who were teaching online with the camera turned on witnessed a man’s crime.

The teacher who was in class looked at the screen while listening to the children’s murmuring, “What’s going on?” There, a horrible picture of the victim being raped was displayed on the screen. The astonished teacher instructed the children to turn off the computer and then reported to the principal. The principal called the victim’s family, the Chicago police, and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to report the victims of child rape.

In a police investigation, the girl initially replied that she was “just hit,” but after the consultation, she explained the sexual assault process
Depicted and informed that it has been damaged since last year. The child is being transported to Komer Children’s Hospital for further examination.

High school perpetrator Walls admitted to all of his offenses. Walls’ lawyers allege that he suffers from a mental illness that lacks the ability to control impulses. But the judge denied bail, saying, “The action is a threat to individuals and the community as a whole.

Since the outbreak of Corona 19 in the United States, there are often cases where classmates and teachers witness the crime with web cameras.
In August, a teacher in Indiantown, Florida, saw a 10-year-old girl in class suffering with her ears covered.

At the time, the girl’s mother was arguing with her ex-boyfriend. The child’s mother was shot during a quarrel and was taken to the hospital, but died.

YTN PLUS Reporter Jeong Yoon-joo
([email protected])

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Valencia Lee Kang-in colon… Gubo and’Mini Korea-Japan Exhibition’


19-year-old Lee Kang-in (Valencia) and Kubo Takefusa (Villarreal)’s’Mini-Korea-Japan War’ have collapsed.

Valencia lost 1-2 in the away match between Villarreal and the Spanish professional football Primera Li held at Estadio de la Seramica in Villareal, Spain on the morning of the 19th (Korean time). Valencia, who lost their second straight victory, was in 13th place with 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses (7 points), and Villarreal is registered in second place with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (11 points).

The match between Valencia and Villarreal drew attention as the first confrontation of the season between Kang-in Lee and Gubo, a prospect representing Korea and Japan. However, Lee Kang-in and Gubo put their names on the replacement list side by side and started on the bench. And Lee Kang-in couldn’t step on the ground in the end, and Guboman played in the second half in the 19th minute, and the confrontation was missed.

Valencia tied the score with a medium-range gun by Gonzalo Gedes in the 37th minute behind by 0-1, but knocked down 2-1 after conceding against Dani Parejo in the 24th minute of the second half. Gubo was involved in the Parejo’s winning goal. Gubo got the ball from the left side of the arc, then backpassed, and the ball was slightly caught in the Valencia defense’s tackle before reaching Parejo. Parejo shook the goal with a right-footed shot and put a dagger in his home. Parejo played 9 seasons for Valencia from July 2011 to August before moving to Villareal.

Gubo, however, did not enjoy the joy of victory on the ground. Gubo was sent off after fighting for the ball in the 27th minute of the second half, raising his foot high and receiving a second yellow card for the first warning and a rough tackles in the 47th minute.

Reporter Heo Jong-ho

“It’s possible like this…?” 8K movie’Untact’ that was shot with the Galaxy


On the 16th, Samsung Electronics unveiled the 8K movie’Untact’, which was shot with a Galaxy smartphone and watched on a quantum dot light emitting diode (QLED) TV.

Untact is a short film in which director Kim Ji-woon directs and scripts, and actors Go-eun Kim and Joo-heon Kim participated in the lead role.Soo-jin (Kim Go-eun), who enjoys Vlog while running a ceramic art workshop, and Seong-hyun, who returned to Korea after three years from studying abroad. This work deals with the love story of (Kim Joo-heon). Against the backdrop of the New Normal era where non-face-to-face has become commonplace, it conveys the message that even though they are separated from each other, the feeling of love cannot be isolated.

YouTube, Samsung Korea Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is releasing this movie through various channels so that many consumers can experience content that they shoot in 8K and watch in 8K.

Based on the concept of the world’s smallest theater, the company prepared 8K cinemas in Yeonnam-dong and Seongsu-dong, Seoul, and made it possible to vividly watch movies untouched in QLED 8K high definition.

In addition to screening movies, 8K Cinema has also prepared various spaces where you can experience the latest video and mobile devices. Various lifestyle TV products such as’The Premier’, a recently released home cinema projector, and’The Frame’, which can produce artworks like frames, are on display. You can also experience new mobile products such as’Galaxy Z Fold 2’and’Galaxy Z Flip 5G’.

8K Cinema’Galaxy Film Festa Zone’ also screens winners of 8K movies created by consumers with’Galaxy Note 20′. 8K Cinema is operated in small groups with advance reservation and on-site reservation.

Untact packages including masks and hand sanitizers are provided to reserved visitors, and additional movie packages containing special goods from the movie Untact such as eco bags, posters, postcards, and pin buttons will be provided to on-site event participants.

The movie Untact can also be viewed on Samsung Electronics’ official YouTube channel. Online, the full HD version will be released first, and the 8K version video will be released later.

Untact is a project designed to allow more consumers to experience the 8K ecosystem led by Samsung Electronics, and most of the scenes were shot with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20.

Director Kim said, “It’s a new way of trying, so it’s a burden, but we’re excited to show a work that will take a full-fledged 8K era with Samsung Electronics,” he said. “With 8K ultra-high quality, you will be able to feel the emotional love story of two men and women in more depth. “He said.

Actor Kim Go-eun said, “Please pay attention to the unique visual beauty and in-depth acting that 8K quality shows,” and actor Kim Joo-heon said, “The way people who cannot meet each other communicate across the wall will arouse sympathy for many audiences.” He said.


The economy version has arrived! OnePlus Nord, a new series of smartphones, a punch hole camera, 2 lenses and may cost less than 15,000 baht.


Introducing a new mobile phone that is worth buying in the price range of 3,000 – 7,000 baht Do not have to pay expensive October 2020, let’s find out which models are interesting.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

realme C12 price 3,999 baht

realme C12 The battery comes as long as 6000mAh and can be used as a power bank to charge other models as well. Beautiful, geometric design Play shades beautifully in 3 levels, a large 6.57 inch display screen, ready to use, clear HD +, with a 3-lens rear camera, 13 million pixels, full features. The device comes with 3 Slot, can insert 2 SIMs and a MicroSD Card, no need to complicated choices.

Shop realme C12 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

realme C17 price 4,999 baht

realme C17, a smart phone, small brother, AI rear camera, full of features, all 4 lenses, a 5000mAh large battery, supports 18W fast charging, a 6.5-inch wide display screen, ready to use, flowing with 90Hz Ultra Smooth, with an economy mode Advanced Power Super Power Saving Mode for emergency use. And the machine can prevent water spray

Shop realme C17 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

OPPO A53 price 5,499 baht

OPPO A53 comes with a 90Hz screen, a 5000mAh battery, can be used all day long. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with 18W fast charging, the device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage capacity.Sounding sound with dual stereo speakers and Dirac 2.0 is more realistic.

Shop OPPO A53 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Samsung Galaxy M31 price 6,900 baht (promotion)

Samsung Galaxy M31, although it has been launched for a while But the specification and features still resonate It uses the Exynos 9611 processor with 6GB + 128GB UFS 2.1 RAM with a 6000mAh battery capacity, supports Fast Charge 15W and runs on the Android 10 operating system, plus 4 rear cameras, full resolution up to 64 million pixels and a 32 million front camera. Pixels using Live Focus, taking selfies with a little background blur. To make the image look better and stand out

Shop the Galaxy M31 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Samsung Galaxy M21 price 5,690 baht (promotion)

The Samsung Galaxy M21 comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display, FHD + resolution, uses the Exynos 9611 Octa-core chipset with a powerful 6000mAh battery, Fast Charge 15W and runs on the Android 10 operating system. One UI 2.0 on the back of the rear camera has 3 lenses, a resolution of 48 + 8 (Ultra-Wide 119 degrees) + 5 (Depth) megapixels, and the front camera has a resolution of 20 million pixels.

Shop the Galaxy M21 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Vivo Y50 price 5,999 baht (promotion)

Vivo Y50, a smartphone with a 4-lens rear camera, complete with all the features you need, including Super Wide Angle, Macro Lenses, plus Super Night Mode for both front and rear cameras, Ultra O Screen, 6.53 inches wide, coupled with FullHD + clarity. Watch videos Has a sharp standard for sure It uses the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. But has the strength to use without interruption, and also has 6GB + 128GB of RAM. 5000mAh battery is definitely ready to use all day.

Shop Vivo Y50 here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Huawei Y7p Price 4,999 baht

Huawei Y7p smartphone, Kirin 710F chipset, comes with 4GB + 64GB of RAM, 3 rear cameras, including a 48MP main camera that can capture photos with resolutions up to more than 8K, an 8MP wide-angle camera covering 120 degrees and a 2MP camera to create depth. Virtual reality It also has an 8MP punch FullView display front camera that works with Huawei’s AI system, which can take beautiful selfies naturally. Supports shooting still images with a maximum resolution of more than 4K.

Shop the Huawei Y7p here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Xiaomi Redmi 9C Price 3,099 baht

Xiaomi Redmi 9C is a budget smartphone Owning each other more easily, 6.53-inch large screen, DotDrop, can see content vividly, 3 rear cameras, AI, easy to take beautiful pictures. And the selfie front camera has AI Beauty, automatic face adjustment, Helio G35 CPU, easy to use. Or play beautiful pictures like ROV and 5000mAh battery, can be used all day long and fast charging 10W

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10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC price 6,999 baht (promotion)

Poco X3 NFC The Smartphone for Gamers Can be used smoothly with Refresh Rate 120Hz screen, coupled with Snapdragon 732G power, 5160mAh battery and LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus cooling technology with 4 rear cameras, 64 megapixel resolution, f / 1.89 aperture, Sony IMX682 sensor

Shop the Poco X3 NFC here.

10 Smartphones 3000 - 7000 baht in October 2020

Infinix Hot 10 price 3,590 baht

The Infinix Hot 10 has a 6.78-inch screen with Helio G70 Octa-Core processor and 4 GB of RAM with a 5200mAh battery.It also has 4 rear cameras with Super Night Shot feature, 16 megapixel resolution and 8 resolution wide-angle front camera. Megapixel

Shop the Infinix Hot 10 here.

How are you doing for inexpensive mobile phones in the range of 3,000 – 7,000 baht, interesting for all models Get all the functional features Whether it is a big screen Beautiful camera Pleasing to every lifestyle You don’t have to pay expensive, you have a good mobile phone to use and don’t forget to share with your friends Who are looking for new mobile phones as well

[New Stock IPO]KJ Youhuo 3913 Same-day IPO, the entrance fee is RMB 8212, and the proportion of third-party revenue will rise to 40% in the future-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance


KJ Youhuo (new listing code: 03913) is offering shares from Monday (19th) to Thursday (22nd). The offer price ranges from RMB 7 to RMB 8.13, and the admission fee for one lot (1000 shares) is RMB 8212. KWG Youhuo plans to sell 383 million shares, equivalent to 19% of the enlarged shares, and raise a maximum of approximately 3.11 billion yuan. KJ Youhuo is expected to be listed on October 30.

Illustrate the key points of BJ Youhuo’s IPO

KWG Youhuo passed the listing hearing. KWG Pacific shareholders received 1 share of KWG Youhuo for every 2 shares. For details, please refer to[Next Page]

Hejing YouhuoThe proportion of third-party business revenue expanded to 40%

Kong Jiannan, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of KWG Youhuo, emphasized at the press conference that KWG (01813), the parent company, is a complementary and mutually beneficial partnership. The parent company has abundant land reserves and high-quality properties, which provide a foundation for the company’s development. The company will expand third-party business through acquisitions, bidding and other channels, and increase the type and market share of the company’s managed properties. It is expected that the proportion of third-party properties will increase to 40% in the next 3 to 5 years.

In addition, Kong Jiannan pointed out that China’s property management industry is developing rapidly and industry competition is intensifying. He still believes that the industry still has a lot of room for development. He emphasized that the company has unparalleled advantages, mid-to-high-end positioning, focusing on the Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta and the Southwest region. As the mainland’s economic development drives up demand, the future development is expected to accelerate.

Executive Director and General Manager of the Financial Management Center Yang Jingbo revealed that the company is seeking high-quality M&A targets, mainly considering the target company’s profitability, team management experience, whether it is in the company’s business development area, and whether it can have synergy with the company’s business.

She continued that the company’s business in the Greater Bay Area accounted for about 40% of the overall business, hoping to expand business in other regions in the future, including the Yangtze River Delta, the Midwest and the Yellow and Bohai Sea and other fast-developing first- and second-tier cities, so as to reduce the economic impact on certain regions. Dependence and risk of market fluctuations.

KWG Youhuo invites 8 cornerstone investors to participate

KWG Youhuo introduced 8 cornerstone investors: Hillhouse Capital Fund (subscribed for US$50 million), Orchid China and LMA SPC (subscribed for US$10 million), Harvest Global Capital Investment (subscribed for US$10 million), Snow Lake Capital ( Subscription 10 million USD), Valliance (10 million USD subscription), China Lesso (10 million USD subscription), OP Capital (10 million USD subscription), Aspex (10 million USD subscription), a total of 120 million USD (about 936 million HKD) ).

90% of the new shares issued by KWG Youhuo are for international placement and 10% are for the Hong Kong public offering. Among the shares of the international placement, approximately 70.62 million shares are reserved for subscription by shareholders of KWG Pacific. Of the proceeds from the company’s fund-raising, 60% is used for acquisition and investment; 25% is used to update the intelligent service system; 10% is used for diversified value-added services; 5% is used for general working capital.

ABCI and Huatai International are the joint sponsors; the joint global coordinators are CICC, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley; the joint bookrunners are BOC, Galaxy, CITIC Securities, Crane and HeungKong Financial.

To track IPO news, you can browse[IPO IPO]or use the gadget of IPO IPO

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[New Stock IPO]Neifang Jinhuikong 9993 IPO will start today with a first-hand admission fee of RMB 4,545

[IPO IPO]Ernst & Young: The Hong Kong Stock Exchange ranks third in IPO funds raised in the third quarter and may continue to attract technology companies and new economic stocks to list in Hong Kong

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Reporter: Xie Zhuorong

City Center for Disease Control and Prevention released instructions on new crown vaccination


City Center for Disease Control and Prevention released instructions on new crown vaccination

Citizens with urgent vaccination needs can go to the community vaccination clinic for consultation

Release date: 2020-10-19 08:43
Information source: Jiaxing Daily

Recently, citizens have successively inquired about the vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine (hereinafter referred to as the new crown vaccine). In response to several issues that everyone is concerned about, the Municipal Center for Disease Control has issued relevant instructions on the new crown vaccination.

According to the instructions, the new crown vaccine used for emergency vaccination in our city is currently solicited by the provincial department from Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and distributed to designated vaccination units level by level. The vaccine has not yet been officially registered for marketing, and has been approved for emergency vaccination in accordance with the law. According to the relevant requirements of higher authorities, emergency vaccination of the new crown vaccine is carried out in accordance with the principles of priority populations, epidemic areas, safe vaccination, and informed voluntariness.

Vaccine emergency vaccination objects are divided into key guarantee objects, key recommendation objects and general objects. The key guarantee objects include medical personnel, health and anti-epidemic personnel, port quarantine and border inspection personnel, and centralized isolation medical observation personnel. The key recommendation targets include guaranteeing urban basic operations personnel, public service personnel, personnel in special places, and personnel who go to high-risk countries and regions to engage in official duties, etc. The general target refers to other people who voluntarily vaccinate. In the early stage, our city has successively carried out new crown vaccination among key guarantee targets, and will gradually carry out general target vaccination in the future. Citizens who need urgent vaccination can go to the community vaccination clinic for consultation with the premise of voluntary and informed consent.

The age range for vaccination is for susceptible people aged 18 to 59 years old. Two doses are given at intervals of 14 to 28 days (28 days is recommended). The price of each vaccine (bottle) is 200 yuan, and the total of 2 doses is 400 yuan. City-level citizens who need to be vaccinated can go to the community vaccination clinic for consultation if they need to be vaccinated. If they need to be vaccinated, please read the vaccination instructions in detail. After fully understanding and weighing the pros and cons of emergency vaccination, they can voluntarily make a choice. Sign before vaccination Informed consent.

[국제]Qingdao, China “All 11 million citizens have corona tests… all negative”


As a result of a thorough investigation of residents of Qingdao City in Shandong Province, Chinese health authorities announced that all citizens had been tested negative for Corona 19.

On the 12th, about 10 corona19 confirmed cases occurred at Qingdao Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital. There were 13 infected patients, including 3 asymptomatic patients, patients, nursing staff, and family members.

The Chinese government, which in effect declared an end to the coronavirus a month ago, said it had conducted corona tests on 100.9 million people, including Qingdao citizens and residents, for five days to prevent further spread.

Local media said, “We organized more than 20,000 volunteers coming to Qingdao to test the nucleic acid of citizens and performed the test service. Through the efforts of medical staff and local public officials, we tested the nucleic acid of all citizens at educational institutions such as kindergartens, elementary schools, universities, Finished” he reported. According to this, a total of 1,0899,000 people in Qingdao were tested for nucleic acid, and all of them were negative.

Qingdao municipal authorities self-addressed, “Now the possibility of spreading Corona 19 to the community in Qingdao can be almost excluded.”

YTN PLUS Reporter Jeong Yoon-joo
([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]