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Experience LG’s newest commercial display technology anytime, anywhere. With the LG DIGITAL CONNECT 2020 virtual showroom


Bangkok – 21 Oct – LG Electronics (Thailand)

With the epidemic this year, both B2B or B2C businesses are increasingly turning to online showrooms. Online showrooms have become essential tools to help brands easily showcase their products and services. And also help customers find information to help them make their purchasing decisions more efficiently. LG thus launched the LG Digital Connect (DC) 2020 platform, a virtual showroom for commercial display products. That combines information about commercial screen innovation with virtual reality technology fully Let consumers experience the same as walking through the showroom. With specifying product requirements and desired budget To wait to contact you back from LG conveniently without having to travel to the showroom

The LG Digital Connect (DC) 2020 platform offers a lineup of commercial display products from LG through virtual reality technology. Which brings together marketing and sales data Customers can choose to view solutions in the interactive virtual showroom. Comes in a design user-friendly It is easy to use and find information. Users can select the Product Showroom Tour feature to learn about a commercial display in the form of a virtual exhibition as if they were walking in a showroom. Or choose to use in various places From the Vertical Showroom Tour feature, which simulates commercial screen product installations in a variety of environments. Including office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, theaters, classrooms, halls and outdoor areas You can easily view product details in just a few clicks.

LG’s commercial display line-up covers a wide variety of applications including Micro LED, Wireless LED, LED Cinema, and customers can find information on all models on the 2020 LG Digital Connect (DC) platform. Which in addition to presenting products in the form of a virtual showroom It also collects case studies from LG’s commercial display installations. As well as a wide range of information on the commercial display industry to support customer decision making.

Experience the next generation of commercial displays anytime, anywhere from LG’s virtual showroom today at https://lg-informationdisplay.com/dc2020.

About LG Electronics in Thailand

LG Electronics Thailand (Limited), one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of electric appliances and home appliances products under the LG brand with the vision to become Thailand’s leading brand that will fill the lives of Thai consumers with world-class innovation in Thailand consists of 3 key business units: home entertainment products business. Home appliance business Air Conditioning Business and Energy Solutions LG is a leading manufacturer of flat screen TVs. Audio-visual equipment Air conditioners Washing machine And world class quality refrigerators In addition to products that are outstanding in both design. Technology and quality you can trust LG is also committed to building its brand through a variety of exciting marketing activities in line with the slogan “Life’s Good”

You can follow news about LG at www.LGnewsroom.com And learn more about LG Thailand at www.lg.com/th


Bitcoin ranked 22nd in the market capitalization ranking of major investment assets… “Disney, beyond Netflix”


Bitcoin (BTC) ranked 22nd in the market cap of major investment assets.

On the 21st (local time), Cointelegraph, a cryptocurrency-specialized medium, quoted AssetDash’s statistics and said that BTC ranked 22nd in the’Top 100 Stocks and Asset Rankings such as ETFs’.

Currently, Bitcoin’s market cap is at $240 billion. This is larger than Disney and Netflix.

Apple, which has a market capitalization of $2 trillion, was ranked first. Microsoft and Amazon followed in second and third places, respectively.

Bitcoin’s highest market capitalization was $320.5 billion, which was recorded on December 17, 2017.

Cointelegraph said, “Bitcoin has risen in market cap with the news of the payment company PayPal’s bitcoin service.” Told.

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Here is India’s Nag to attack and destroy tanks Nag anti-tank missile


Pokhran ങ്ക Tanks will soon be handed over to the Army after the final test of a locally developed Nag missile capable of attacking and destroying. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) said that the final test of the Pormuna was successfully completed at 6.45 am in Pokhran, Rajasthan.

All three previous experiments in Pokhran were successful. The missile, which is capable of destroying state-of-the-art tanks and armored vehicles, will become part of the Army’s missile capabilities.

Nag is a state-of-the-art anti-tank missile of the third generation developed entirely locally by India. The successful test of the Nag missile, which is capable of attacking and destroying enemy tanks both day and night, is considered a major leap in the defense sector.

The Nag missile has a range of 4–7 km and can be fired from both land and air. With the help of thermal imaging radar, the target can be determined before and after the launch.

Shortly after the Chinese invasion of Ladakh, India had to procure 200 spike anti-tank missiles from Israel. With the success of the Nag missile, India will also be self-sufficient in anti-tank missiles.

English Summary: Nag anti-tank missile ready to be inducted, SANT missile test-firedfrom Balasore


“If you don’t take Trump, I’ll follow you” blackmail email… US intelligence chief “Iran”


John Ratcliffe, Director of the National Intelligence Service (DNI), testified at a Senate approval hearing in May. [AP=연합뉴스]

The U.S. National Intelligence Service (DNI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on the 21st (local time) that Iran and Russia’s involvement in the US presidential election was caught. Concerns have been raised that the same situation as Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 could be reenacted.

U.S. DNI·FBI emergency press conference
“Iran and Russia get voter information”
“Induce confusion by pretending to be a far-right group”
“There are no signs of changing the register.”

DNI Director John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Ray held an emergency press conference today at Washington FBI headquarters to obtain US voter registration information for the purpose of influencing elections by Iran and Russia. Announced that they had sent a threatening email.

However, it said there were no indications that Iran and Russia have altered the results of the votes that have been held so far or have revised the voter register. The presidential election day is November 3, but early and mail voting by state have already begun and are in progress.

Recently, supporters of resident Democrats in Florida and Alaska received threatening e-mails saying “you should vote for Trump.” The threatening e-mail was sent in the name of “Proud Boys,” a far-right group supporting President Trump. It is an organization that became famous when President Trump told them to “stand back and wait” during the first TV debate of the presidential candidate.

This fact was known through the US media the day before. It is unusual for the US intelligence agency to announce it as “Iranian action” in one day. The New York Times (NYT) reported that it appears to have responded quickly to prevent further damage.

In the email with the recipient’s name, he said, “We have all the information about you. You are registered as a Democrat,” and then “You have to vote for Trump on Election Day, otherwise we will follow you.” The Washington Post (WP) and CNN reported.

The email also urged the party to change to the Republican Party, saying, “We know which candidate you voted for. If I were you, I would take this matter seriously.”

So far, supporters of Democrats in Florida, Alaska, Arizona and Pennsylvania have received emails. The remaining three states, excluding Alaska, are considered to be the deciding races for the presidential election this year. The threatening email was sent via the website of a Saudi Arabian insurance company, an Estonia textbook company, and a server in the Singapore and United Arab Emirates (UAE), NYT said.

It is unclear whether Iran and Russia hacked into the voter registration system to steal voter information, or if information was obtained by other means, NYT said. Some voter information is said to be public for commercial use.

“Iran has done something like this to steal its identity, intimidate voters, promote social unrest, and harm President Trump,” said Ratcliffe. It is said that foreign forces are trying to disseminate fake information using US voter information, causing confusion and confusion, and undermining trust in US democracy.

US media reports that the “vote for Trump” threat did not hurt Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but rather as harming President Trump.

In August, US intelligence officials warned of the possibility that Iran could interfere with the US presidential election, predicting that “Iran will see and act as pressure to replace the infamous Iranian regime will continue if President Trump is re-elected.”

Senate Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer told NBC, “I was briefed on the impression that I was trying to lessen my confidence in the election rather than targeting a specific person.”

The Democratic Party immediately opposed the announcement of the authorities. Democrats from the House Homeland Security Committee tweeted, “Don’t listen to Ratcliffe. You’re a biased person.”

Ratcliffe, a former Republican Congressman, is an aide to President Trump. The nomination was withdrawn five days after the nomination due to the political faction controversy, but President Trump was reappointed to take the seat. In August, he caused controversy by telling Congress that he would not give an election-related security briefing or testimony until the end of the presidential election.

US intelligence authorities have warned several times that countries hostile to the US, such as China, Russia, and Iran, are trying to interfere with the presidential election.

Washington = Correspondent Park Hyun-young [email protected]

‘You Quiz’ Park Seung-hee, former short track national representative, “The reason for the transformation of a bag designer…”


[매일경제 스타투데이 이해정 인턴기자]

Park Seung-hee, who became a bag designer, recalled his days as a former short track, speed skating national team.
The tvN entertainment program’You Quiz on the Block’, broadcast on the 21st, was decorated with a’unique resume special feature’, and the life stories of them with diverse careers beyond imagination were introduced.
On this day, Park Seung-hee, a former short track national team member, announced that he quit his career as a bag designer.
Park Seung-hee said, “I had a fashion-related dream since elementary school, but I happened to be exercising and I was so good that I continued to exercise,” he said. “Since I was a child, my dream was to retire after winning the Olympic gold medal.
He added, “Because I started the movement, it should be achieved, and in the end, I aimed for the Olympic gold medal,” he added. “I thought that if I win the gold medal, I will be able to do what I want to do quickly.”
Park Seung-hee confessed, “I first competed in the Olympics when I was 19 years old, and if I had won the gold medal at that time, I would have retired.” Park Seung-hee won two bronze medals in the short track at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, her first Olympic appearance, and two gold medals and one bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, he turned to speed skating and competed.
Following that, Park Seung-hee expressed his conviction that although there was pressure around him in his transition to becoming a bag designer, he was walking boldly toward his dream.
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Photo| tvN broadcast screen capture

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Sunye from Wonder Girls, transformed into a fresh, medium-sized foot…


[매일경제 스타투데이 이해정 인턴기자]

Sunye, from the girl group Wonder Girls, has transformed into a fresh, medium-sized foot.

On the 22nd, Sunye posted a photo on her Instagram with a post saying, “Scarred hair is too refreshing.”

In the released photo, Sunye transformed into an alluring autumn woman wearing a trench coat with romantic short legs. It looks like she covered her face with a mask, but her beautiful beauty still catches the eye. The recent situation of Sunye, who has returned to the beauty of Leeds through a hairstyle change, is only admiring.

Meanwhile, Sunye married a Korean-American missionary in 2013 and embraced three daughters.

[email protected]

Photo| Sunye SNS

[ⓒ 매일경제 & mk.co.kr, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

Japanese YouTuber produced mobile phone RPG “Different World Minute Impact” today launched the film meme incarnation of the game character debut “Different World ミニマムクラッシュ”

Otaku no Yadokari Proclamation, Yuyu-uta production, Yuyu-uta supervision, Amiji Manabuya Yashiro Azuki Ryo-made wisdom-type handicraft play << Different World Micro-Illustration (Temporary, Different World Minimum Crash) >> (iOS / Android) Officially launched today.

※ This work has not yet been launched in Taiwan.

The description of the story of “Small Impact in Another World” ゆゆうた, もこう, and やしろあずき were summoned by the mystery goddess “Hirata (ヒラタ)” to another world. This world is dominated by powerful black fans. Evil deeds can even spread to the real world. To prevent the real world from being swallowed by black fans, the three decided to stand up against the black fans.

  • image
According to the official statement, “Small Impact in Another World” is played based on boxing, players need to bring three characters of scissors, rock, and cloth, and manipulate them to take turns in real-time battles, and win after defeating all the other characters. . When a character attacks, the amount of damage is determined according to the winning or losing of the guessing. Even the side that wins the guessing will be injured. Therefore, it is extremely important to balance the winning of the guessing and the blood volume of the character.

Most of the characters in the game are derived from the animations and comics of the three creators, and the skill performance animation also uses the three-person new realistic film for this work. In addition, the game also adds elements that are common in current games such as customization, equipment enhancement system, hut, etc., hoping to make players feel that this game is not just for speculation.

※ This work has not yet been launched in Taiwan.


AIS joins PTT to lay out 5G network in Wang Chan Valley It’s an innovation testing ground


AIS expands 5G network service area in Wang Chan Valley area. Under the cooperation with PTT to promote the use of Unmanned technology to create new target industries (New S-Curve).

Mr. Thanaphong Itthisakulchai Chief Executive Officer Corporate Customers, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS said that working together with PTT as a Strategic Partner that has worked continuously. Both in the part that PTT relies on using AIS service And joint testing to apply IoT in gas pipeline management Which was a great success

“This 5G x UAV Sandbox project, in addition to AIS will expand its 5G network to cover the use cases in the industry that will occur in the future. We have also put into practice our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies. ”

Both unmanned aerial vehicles or engineered drones and 360-degree surveillance cameras that will assist in the management of factory security systems. Including the 5G Self Control patrol robot that meets the needs of working in risky areas

Mr. Athapon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), revealed that the Wang Chan Valley Development Project for the Eastern Economic Corridor Innovation Zone is located at T. Collapsed forest in Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, on an area of ​​3,454 rai, is a project that PTT aims to build cooperation in all sectors. Helping to drive research And develop innovation To happen and achieve levels that can lead to new businesses.

According to the concept of Powering Thailand’s Transformation To raise the level of competitiveness and drive the country through change Ready to develop society and improve the quality of life of Thai people

Therefore, PTT has cooperated with partners both in the public and private sectors including the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), the Office of the Broadcasting Commission. Television business And National Telecommunications Business (NBTC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Witthayasirimedhi Institute (VISTEC) and all three mobile camps by leveraging the key features of technology. 5G in further business development and innovation

PTT opened the Wang Chan Valley area for interested parties to test various innovations and jointly use the ecosystem in infrastructure and technology to maximize the benefits of new business development.

Project participants Will receive privileges from the Office of the Board of Investment for long-term business development: exemption of corporate income tax up to 13 years, exemption of import duty on machinery and raw materials, income tax of 17%, which is lowest in Asia A visa card for professionals and families, a Regulatory Sandbox and a One Stop Service Center to facilitate investors.


Information on the other side! Unfolded the 3-inch mob, provoking vulgar before the incident at Ramkhamhaeng University


22 Oct. ’20 – At the Royal Thai Police (Police) Miss Kananat Phathorn Suebnukul, a spokesperson, co-director to resolve the serious emergency situation (Kor. ) Stated that the overview of the situation of the past yesterday There were gatherings in two important points: Victory Monument. And at the courtyard of King Ramkhamhaeng

By the Victory Monument point Demonstrators marched ahead of the Government House. On the way, there was a slight conflict with the police. Urupong Intersection Before the procession will end at the foot of the Shamai Maruchet Bridge The demonstrators submitted a letter requesting General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister to resign from office within 3 days, including the release of the leader, to Mr. Prateep Kirati, secretary of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Prime Minister for Political Affairs and Pol. Lt. Phakphong Phongphetra, Ph.D., is the recipient. In general, the assembly was in good order.

Ms. Kanananat said that at another point at Ramkhamhaeng University Lan Pho Khun, there is a group of two groups: the Institutional Alliance. And the People’s Party 2020 Yesterday, everyone had seen a picture of what a collision had happened. Is a picture of the Coalition in honoring the institute Assaulted the body of the people’s group Today I want everyone to see another angle of what happened. Before the incident Physical assault takes place.

Then the team of Koror Kor. Opening video clips of the event for the media to watch, Ms. Kanananat explained that before it was a picture of the Foundation’s Alliance Act violent Will be the other side that the group of people There is a rude and provocative speech that I am telling you all. We are not here to tell which side is more wrong. In this event, if provocation does not occur With harsh words Cursing from the beginning Would not have continued events until it caused an angry mood And brought about controversy The starting point is right here. Everything that happens has a reason of itself. Therefore wanting every position to present both sides

Ms. Kanananat said that today the two sides are a bit more offense. Coalition for the Institute Inflicted Must proceed according to the law But we just want to remind you to receive information on both sides If we take a step back Respect each other’s rights, not provocative, as the prime minister said yesterday. This will certainly not happen.

In this regard, Kor. Ch. Would like to give this message to all groups of protesters who have expressed different positions Today, if you talk and express your opinions on a constructive basis. Not using words to create divisions, hate the direction of conclusions, solve the country’s problems, it will be easier.


VOTE mask’s first on-site campaign Obama “Trump, presidential position like a reality show”


Former US President Barack Obama visited Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is considered a key contest to support the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on the 21st. This is the first time he visited a campaign site in person, who had only provided sideline support online after the Democratic Party Congress in August.

According to CNN, former President Obama said, “President Donald Trump regards the presidency as a reality show in a drive-in campaign with 300 vehicles. “I am not interested in my responsibilities and only care about myself and my friends.” Supporters gathered in the car cheered by honking their horns or waving flags outside the car. The speech on the day was also broadcast live through the YouTube channel’Joe Biden’.

On this day, former President Obama wore a black mask with the words “Vote” (VOTE). His wife, Michelle, also attracted attention by wearing a gold necklace with the same phrase inscribed during a support speech at the convention. It can be interpreted as showing his determination to win the presidential election by encouraging voting. In particular, in the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated by President Trump despite the dominance in the polls, encouraging them to vote without being relieved of the polls superiority.

“In the presidential election four years ago, the people of Pennsylvania were relieved or cynical, so they didn’t go to the polls and stayed at home, so they gave the area to President Trump.” At the time, Trump won 20 of the 538 electoral voters who defeated Clinton by just 0.7 percentage points in Pennsylvania. In a survey on the 20th of the Quinipe Liquid University, Candidate Biden is 8 percentage points ahead of President Trump with 51% support in Pennsylvania, but it seems intended to emphasize that he should not be relieved yet. Former President Obama repeatedly urged young people to vote. “In a polarized period, your vote is more important than ever. Participate and vote. “This is how your generation will completely change the game.” Former President Obama, who is regarded as the Democratic Party’s best star, started a campaign for support about ten days before the presidential election. Candidate Biden is concentrating on preparing for the debate at his home in Delaware, with no schedule for his third day. President Trump has already visited Pennsylvania on the 20th. Some are predicting that former President Obama will go on a campaign with Biden directly before the presidential election on the 3rd of next month.

Former President Obama mentioned Korea in the process of criticizing the Trump administration’s countermeasures against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). “Korea identified the first patient in the country at the same time as the US. In addition, the death rate per population was only 1.3% of that of the United States.” He pointed out that “other countries also suffered from a pandemic (a pandemic), but they were not as bad as ours.”

Washington = Correspondent Lee Jeong-eun go to reporter page [email protected]>

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